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Stephen Mack Jones is an excellent writer from the United States, who likes to write mystery, fiction, crime fiction, thriller, and suspense stories. In addition to being a reputed novelist, author Mack Jones is also an award winning playwright and a published poet. He is the recipient of the prestigious literary fellowship of Detroit Kresge Arts. Before starting his career in the field of writing, author Jones worked for many years in the marketing communications and advertising fields. Mack Jones hails from Lansing, Michigan. He was born and brought up in his hometown in Lansing. As of today, he resides in Farmington Hills, on the outskirts of Detroit. Mack Jones made his debut as an author with August Snow. The book opened with a great welcome by a large number of readers from across the world. They not only appreciated the exciting characters of this book, but also liked the writing style of author Jones. The numerous positive reviews and appreciation enabled the book to become a huge success. This in turn allowed author Jones to get himself included in the ranks of noteworthy upcoming novelists.

The debut book penned by author Stephen Mack Jones is entitled ‘August Snow’. It was released by the Soho Crime publication in the year 2017. Author Jones has mentioned the chief characters in this book in the form of August Snow, Eleanore Paget, and many others. He has done the book’s setting in and around Detroit. At the start of the book’s story, August Snow is introduced as a smart and tough man, who struggles to keep himself afloat with his day-to-day life. He possesses a character that looks like Detroit’s embodiment. August Snow is described as the son of a Mexican mother and an African-American father. He grew up in the Mexican town of Detroit.

At one point in his life, August Snow was employed in the police department of Detroit. He was very much dedicated and determined towards his job and used to carry out all his duties with great seriousness and sincerity. However, August Snow was forced out of the police department because of a conspiracy that involved corrupt politicians and cops from his own force. But, he did not let himself down and put up a great fight against the injustice done to him. August sued the city administration and the Detroit police department for wrongful dismissal and got himself a settlement deal worth $12 million. This successful deal resulted in the turning away of the few friends he had in the city. So, he decided to head back to his hometown and live in the house that he was brought in. Returning after a period of one year made August Snow realize that he had several scores that needed his urgent attention for settling them down.

After some time, August Snow is summoned by Eleanore Paget. Eleanore is a powerful business magnate, who owns that palatial Grosse-Pointe Estates. Her nature is similar to that of a manipulative and powerful businesswoman, who gets what she wishes at any cost. When August Snow arrives at Paget’s estate, she informs him that she wants to carry out an investigation about the unusual happenings taking place at her privately owned wealth-management bank. The happenings have been increasing at an alarming rate and Paget wants to know who is behind all the unusual happenings. She hands over the charge of the investigation to August Snow and ensures him any means of support he needs to fulfill the task. August Snow informs Eleanore Paget that he no longer possesses the qualities of a qualified detective and so, declines to take up the job.

The next day, he comes to know that Eleanore Paget has died and the reason behind her death is a suicide, which is learned from a suicide note left behind Eleanore’s dead body. August Snow does not agree that Eleanore could have committed suicide and is certain that the note is a false one. He seems pretty sure that Eleanore has been murdered and someone is trying to make it look like a suicide. So, he begins to investigate the matter and find out who is responsible for Eleanore’s death. The investigation leads August Snow into a deep web of lies and deceit, involving the most dangerous criminals of Detroit. August finds himself standing against some deadly corporate embezzlers and tattooed mercenaries of Detroit. And he knows that if he takes one wrong step, he will face serious consequences. Yet, he moves ahead with courage and determination to bring down the criminal ring in the city and help solve the murder mystery of Eleanore Paget. The book is a fast paced story of greed, economic cyber terrorism, murder, race, urban decay, and sex. Its setting in modern-day Detroit gives it the look of an exciting and intriguing murder mystery.

Mack Jones has given an excellent character description of August Snow. At the story’s beginning, it is depicted that he was a policeman, having followed the footsteps of his father. But, deciding to turn his back to a corruption scandal proved too much him and resulted in his dismissal from the department. The dismissal leaves him completely broken and all his friends leave him for his decision of standing up for what is right. All of his officer friends break all their ties with him and turn away thinking that he is disloyal. This is when August Snow heads back home and comes in touch with Eleanore Paget. From here on, a new chapter begins in his life and plays an important role in the shaping up of his future. Author Jones seems to to have done a great job by giving a local to the story. He has done the descriptions of the food and the people just the way Detroit is famous for, which enabled the readers to connect with the plot easily. The plot looks very much twisty and full of violent shoot-out and fight scenes. Overall, the story offers an intriguing read and is an excellent one for all those readers who like to read an interesting mystery novel. Author Jones gained a lot of success and became very popular with this book’s success.

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  1. MEBeasley: 1 year ago

    I am looking forward to more of August Snow. The relationship between August and Tomas remind me of Easy Rollins and Mouse. The combination of intense drama with comedic situations keep me listening. Please bring us more August.

  2. Marina Vaizey: 4 years ago

    The August Snow mini series – mini so far, two books – is absolutely outstanding combining great writing, terrific characters, and a portrait – unflattering and compelling – of life in Detroit, and by implication of the wider problems of America.


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