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Explorations: Through the Wormhole(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen Moss is an English author from Somerset Levels who is best described as a naturalist, broadcaster, and author of science fiction and thriller novels. Born in London, Moss has lived all over the place in very diverse places from Malaysia, Kenya, Belgium, Brazil, and Botswana before he ultimately settled in New York. He is still an avid traveler and uses much of his experiences as the input and inspiration for his writing. Among his many inspirations in the literary world include F Hamilton, Orson Scott Card, and Iain Banks who he believes write some of the best fantastic fiction works around. He published his first science fiction novel “Fear the Sky” in 2014 and followed it up with two more titles in the same year. He is also the author of more than thirty nonfiction books on wildlife and birds. He has also been featured on a ton of publications including “BBC Wildlife,” “The Mail,” and “The Guardian.” In 2017, he made the shortlist for the Wainwright Prize for Outdoor Writing. In his debut fiction novel, he combined his passion for travel and that for science fiction to make a realistic and solid foundation for the “Fear Saga” series.

Moss always wanted to become a writer and remembers that as a ten-year-old, he told his mother that he would one day become a leading author. However, when he went to Grammar School soon after, he did not pursue that dream and it was not until he was sixteen that the dream was reignited. As a student in the sixth form, he got his first taste of what it was to be a journalist when he was the editor of the school magazine. After graduating from the A-Levels, he went to Cambridge University where he studied English though at some point he had considered doing Biology since he loved bird watching. At Cambridge, he put himself in the position of Student Newspaper editor though he would never get into book writing until he was well into his thirties. After graduating from college, he started applying for jobs in media and was admitted to the Television Production Trainee scheme at the BBC. At the time, he was learning how to be a producer which was the first thing he found available, even though what he wanted to do was become a news journalist. The reason for this was that he preferred words given that he is not a naturally inclined person. Nonetheless, that did not prevent him from excelling as he went on to become a BAFTA Award Winning producer with credits for the likes of “Snow Watch,” “Autumn Watch,” and “Spring Watch” on BBC2 and “Birds Britannica” on BBC4. He has also worked on radio as a broadcaster and has been a Course Leader and Senior Lecturer teaching Creative Writing and Nature and Traveling Writing master classes at the Bath Spa University in the UK.

As a twenty-three-year-old, Stephen Moss met Bill Oddie, and the two discussed doing a series on birding. Thirteen years later, they produced “Birding with Bill Oddie,” which opened the doors as he was invited by the “BBC Natural History Unit” which wanted him to do several series for them. Everything ballooned from there as “SpringWatch” became a huge success and paved the way for his writing career. He was so lucky to achieve success as both a writer and TV producer at the same time, which is something very few people get to do. He wrote his first book while he was working for “BBC Education” during the 1990s when he got a contract alongside Paul Simons. The two were to write a book themed on the weather that was followed by a commission to write about Birds & Weather, this time on his own. This subsequently led to an invitation from the “Guardian” who wanted him to write a column on birds. In 2014 he wrote his first non-fiction work “Fear the Sky” the first of the “Fear Saga” series.

Stephen Moss’s “Fear the Sky” is a thrilling novel set nearly a dozen years before the arrival of an alien race on Earth. The inhabitants of the Earth have been informed that a thousand flames and flares will announce the approach of more than a million aliens, years before they come into the Earth’s orbit. Much of the flame will be from the hard burning of their engines which are almost impossible to slow down given how much energy they need to gain the momentum and speed to travel across interstellar space. These lights with all their foreboding will illuminate the night sky like new stars though these will get brighter until they outshine the biggest star in our corner of the galaxy – the sun. They will banish the night and cast ominous shadows before they are suddenly extinguished when they finally land. These aliens will be coming in with highly advanced technologies and will be very confident of victory. However, just like humans, they have not been able to tame the destructive forces in the atom. They crave the planet but they do not want to risk facing the primitive arsenal of nuclear weapons the Earth’s defenders may unleash if the “Samsonian option” is the only one left to them when under attack.

“Fear the Survivors” by Stephen Moss opens to the Earth recovering from the aftereffects of an intricate conspiracy. Some of the smartest people alive had been scouring the skies in search of alien satellites and many had died in the effort. Their success had also resulted in devastation brought upon the earth by alien Agents that now walk the earth. The only people strong enough to offers some resistance are military outcasts and a small team of exhausted scientists. The earth is on the brink of war, plague, and an invasion no one could ever have envisioned. But Shahim and John who are two Agents of the invading alien forces have forsaken their kin, families, and homes to try to stop their brothers from committing genocide on Earth. They have the knowledge to carry humanity to a marvelous age after saving it from the wrath of their brothers. But the remaining enemy agents are determined to accomplish their mission as they wreak havoc among the bereft and the diseased. By foul or fair means, Barrett, Ayala, and Neal have to band together to unite the disparate nations on Earth before the alien fleet arrives for the war of the worlds.

Stephen Moss’s “Fear the Future” opens to a predator hunting in the skies above the Earth. It is the deadliest machine ever made by a human even though it on an essential and peaceful mission. The Skalm is piloted by a six-year-old girl who is an orphan whose parents are long dead. She had been adopted by a father that is a carbon copy of an alien while she is taken care of by an artificial mind that feeds her information including the location of prey to kill. But the girl is a victim like the many millions who have been claimed by the war. A man determined to achieve a singular purpose has sacrificed her innocence as he plans to make the planet ready for the imminent conflict. The coming armada’s flares can be seen far off in the distance with their lights brighter than many of the stars illuminating the night sky. They mean to destroy every life on Earth and the inhabitants have nothing to do but brace themselves for a live or die battle for their lives.

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