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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Curiosity (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hummingbird (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Baker's Secret (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Universe of Two (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Glass Chateau (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Last Rights (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Authentic Patriotism (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen P. Kiernan is a reputed novelist from the United States, who is popular for writing cultural, historical fiction, war, science fiction, romance, fantasy, and nonfiction books. He has penned several mind blowing standalone books in his career. His books have reached out a large number of readers from all across the globe. They have found successes in all the places of their publication. In his latest book, Baker’s Secret, author Kiernan has described the D-Day story from the perspective of a French citizen. He has shown how people used to live in fear under the Nazi occupation and how they had lost all hopes of the Allies coming to their rescue. The story depicts a 22 year old girl named Emma in the lead, who shows the determination of helping out the fellow villagers in surviving the testing times.

Author Kiernan’s books generally describe the stories of how people’s struggles in keeping their hopes of survival alive by looking after each other. In his other popular book called Hummingbird, it is described how a woman helps her husband in healing from PTSD that he acquired during his deployment in the war-stricken Iraq. This book tells the story of patience, fierce love, and loyalty. Author Kiernan began his writing career with the novel called The Curiosity. This scientific thriller novel depicts a love story that spans 2 centuries. The grand success of this novel helped author Kiernan establish himself as a noteworthy novelist. It also brought him the much needed self-confidence to move forward and write many more exciting stories.

Following its initial success, the book was re-released in a number of foreign editions. It has also been optioned by the 20th Century Fox production company for developing it into a film. Prior to the beginning of his career in the writing field, author Kiernan used to work in the field of journalism. He worked for several decades in this field and won more than 40 awards. Author Kiernan has written on the aggressive medical care that people take during their lives’ last phase and has suggested that it is better to find ways to provide more humane care than the overly aggressive treatments. In Authentic Patriotism, Kiernan has mentioned that there is potential for the national renewal by adopting volunteerism and non-partisan civil engagement. Author Kiernan is happily married and resides in Vermont along with his 2 amazing sons. He hopes to keep writing and publishing novels for his fans and feels grateful to them for the ways they have supported him throughout.

A wonderful novel penned by author Stephen Kiernan is entitled ‘The Baker’s Secret’. It was released by the William Morrow publishing company in the year 2017. Author Kiernan has penned the storyline of this book based on the Second World War. The book provides a shimmering story of determination, human spirit’s resilience, courage, and optimism. It is set in a little village in Normandy and consists of the primary characters in the form of Emmmanuelle, Ezra Kuchen, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that the year is 1944 and a new dawn rises in a coastal town of France. As the villagers face their tough times with the invasion of the Germans, Emmanuelle bakes bread to help them sustain in their dark days.

With just twenty two years of age, Emmanuelle learned how to bake from her master named Ezra Kuchen. Ezra is the baker from the village and Emma has seen him around since her birth. He took in Emmanuelle as his apprentice when she was just 13. Whenever Ezra was forced by the cruel Germans to wear the yellow star with 6 points on his clothes, Emmanuelle would feel anger and shame. She felt powerless when her mentor was pulled out from his bakery at gunpoint and taken away. He was the first one to be stolen away like this and never seen in the village again. While the sleepy village suffers for years under the cruel enemy, Emmanuelle learns to fight back stealthily and silently.

Every day, Emmanuelle gets extra flour for baking baguettes for the German troops. She mixes the precious flour and ground straw for creating extra dough so that can bake two more loaves for the hungry villagers. Carefully avoiding the watchful and cold eyes of the armed soldiers, Emmanuelle goes on to build a clandestine barter & trade network. She uses this network with the villagers with the intention of thwarting away the occupiers and succeeds in it to a great extent. In Emma’s determination, the villagers see a ray of hope and keep believing in the arrival of the Allies for saving them. And it is this hope that keeps them going throughout their struggles.

Another successful book of author Kiernan has the title ‘The Curiosity’. It was also published by William Morrow in 2013. This novel is comprised of the central characters as Kate Philo, Erastus Carthage, Jeremiah Rice, etc. Author Kiernan has done the plot’s setting in the Arctic Ocean and Boston at the time of the year 1906 and at the present time. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that Dr Kate Philo makes an amazing discovery along with her team of scientific explorers in the Arctic. They discover a man’s body buried in the deep Arctic ice. Dr. Philo works as a scientist for a groundbreaking project headed by the paranoid and egocentric Erastus Carthage. While working for the important project, Kate Philo had previously brought some small dormant creatures back to normalcy like krill, plankton, shrimp, etc.

However, the team had never come across anything close to bringing back a human from a dormant state. When Erastus Carthage becomes aware of the breathtaking discovery by Kate and her team, he orders them to transport the body of the frozen man to their Boston lab, without worrying of the consequence in case this discovery’s news gets out in the open. Once at the lab, the team tries to reanimate the man. They succeed in helping the man get his breath back, but realize that he does not have any memory. The only thing he remembers is that his name is Jeremiah Rice and a judge by profession. He fell into Arctic in 1906 and doesn’t know what happened with after that. Soon, the news of Jeremiah Rice’s amazing discovery and the Project Lazarus breaks out and the lab gets surrounded by media firestorms. Several religious fundamentalists also ignite massive protests against the project. As the story proceeds further, Jeremiah and Kate grow closer. On one hand, Carthage things of exploiting Jeremiah as much as he can, and on the other hand Kate Philo wonders how far can she go to save the man for whom she has just developed feelings in her heart. Jeremiah feels his new life is getting slipped away as the clock is running at a fast pace. The books look to be a poignant, thoroughly original, and gripping novel and has been praised by a lot readers in numerous countries.

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