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Publication Order of Paul Ryan Books

The Risk Taker (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Separtist (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Side (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
East End Closure (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen Skippen is a renowned English author of crime fiction, thriller, and mystery stories. He is particularly famous for writing the Paul Ryan Mystery series. In his books, Skippen has described Paul Ryan as a risk-taker. He is a former Para hailing from East End, London. The world around him is filled with revenge and violence. Author Skippen has written his debut series in such a way that each of its books can be read as a standalone novel. However, he says that the series can be enjoyed best if the books are read in the order of their release. Skippen is hopeful that a day will come when the thriller lovers will want to walk with Paul Ryan on the streets. He is pretty much satisfied with the amount of success he has received in his career so far.

Skippen intends to write a few more books in the Paul Ryan novel series in the years to come. He is grateful for all the support he has received from the audience all over the world. Numerous critics have reviewed his books with excellent reviews and he is grateful to them as well. After writing and publishing four mind-blowing titles, Skippen is now working on the development of the fifth book of his writing career and is expected to release it soon. Author Skippen has begun his crime thriller series featuring Paul Ryan by showing that he has just left the Para service. He would have continued to serve until he grew old enough to jump out of an aircraft if his father had not been murdered. What bothers him, even more, is that his father’s death is labeled as a suicide by the coroner.

Paul Ryan knew his father very well and is not ready to accept that he was so weak mentally to take such a drastic step. Paul decides to investigate his father’s murder on his own and punish the culprit with an equally suitable punishment. He has lots of resources to use, but has a shortage of cash. So, he takes up a job at a cash-in-transit outfit. Paul Ryan heists a wagon of his employer and sets out to take revenge for his father’s death in East End, London. As Paul takes the step of becoming a robber, he attracts other robbers. They intend to rob his money and Pau; uses this opportunity to obtain information about a killer who does not exist so far. He assisted in this work by a squad of trustworthy robbers. Paul thinks this way of investigating is less odious as compared to the investigation carried out by the attractive Detective Inspector Karen Brown, who is also his girlfriend. The two met each other for the first time at Paul’s work in financial services.

After getting to the bottom of the mystery of his father’ death, Paul Ryan goes on to take up the role of a quasi-MI-5 agent in order to find and rescue England’s Home Secretary abducted by a terrorist organization based in Europe. In the meantime, a gang leader from East End plans to steal 2 million pounds from Paul Ryan. But, Paul gets to him before he could rob him. Later, a change in the hierarchy of East End’s gangs finds Paul caught up in a deadly feud. Following the execution of a terrorist group’s leader, Paul Ryan is set on their target along with the Home Secretary. The events that follow next make Paul believe that an attempt to assassinate the minister might take place soon. He does not fear his life and starts investigating to prevent such an attack on the Home Secretary.

The Paul Ryan series written by author Stephen Skippen is comprised of a total of 4 books released between 2012 and 2019. Skippen has mentioned the central characters in this series as Paul Ryan, Alf Simmons, Karen Brown, and several others. An exciting book of this series is entitled ‘The Separatist’. It was released as a Kindle book in 2019. The book opens by showing that living a new businessman’s life appears to be working out well for Paul Ryan. After a successful deal in the United States, he is set to come back to his hometown in England and give a second chance to his relationship with ex-girlfriend and former detective of the Robbery Squad, Karen Brown. But, before Paul can fulfill this dream, a retribution act diverts his mind to complete what he had begun, that is, take down the crime boss in the East End who was the main culprit in his father’s murder. Paul Ryan does not seem to be having control over himself. He gets associated with MI5 for his previous crimes and gets tasked with the search and rescue operation of a kidnapped politician.

The main accused in the abduction of the politician belongs to a sinister group of separatists. Their leader has founded a crime network all over the UK by making it look like a religious organization. When it is learned that the Separatist has decided to kill the politician for retaliating against the British Government’s action against him, Paul Ryan and others hurry to save the politician. In the meantime, East End’s crime boss, Alf Simmmons, makes plans to destroy Paul Ryan. No one has ever tried to challenge the authority of Alf Simmons in his entire life except Paul and Alf intends to teach him a lesson for life. All of three of them, Ryan, Simmons, and the Separatist, want revenge for their own reasons. Paul Ryan has become so tough from the inside that he does not fear death anymore. He is focused on saving the politician and thinks of using his military skills for this purpose. Simmons tries to get to him first and make him pay for taking down his criminal establishment.

Another wonderful novel penned in the series is called ‘The Other Side’. It was also published as a Kindle edition in 2016. This novel opens by describing that Paul Ryan’s target has now shifted a uniform enemy to a more personal one. He gets caught up between two rival gang feud. The feud takes such a dangerous form that it is about to come out in the open streets of London. Paul Ryan decides to use the enmity between the two gangs to end their conflict with him. Paul is also on the death list of the terrorist organization for rescuing the Home Secretary from their clutches. After coming out of captivity, the Home Secretary intends to take strict actions to finish the separatist group from their roots. Due to this, she is also targeted by them. When a series of attacks take place in the city, Paul senses that the separatists might try to assassinate the Home Secretary very soon. He joins the team of MI5 again to spoil their plans and finish them once and for all.

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