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Publication Order of Seal Team Six Outcasts Books

with Howard E. Wasdin
SEAL Team Six Outcasts (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Easy Day for the Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Special Operations Group Books

Trident's First Gleaming (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Russia Without Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead in Damascus (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Autumn Assassins (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Assassin's Sons (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patriot Dream (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sonny Spy Down (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good, the Bad & the Sonny (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

SEAL Team Six (With: Howard E. Wasdin) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior (With: Howard E. Wasdin) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Navy Seal Training Class 144 (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen Templin is an international and New York Times bestselling American author of mystery, suspense and thriller books. He is the author of the Special Operations Group Thriller series and a coauthor of SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper. He is considered a hybrid author who contracts with best publishers such as the St. Martin’s Press and Simon & Schuster, while simultaneously publishing independently.

Templin was born with writing talent as he began writing at an early age, and in his fourth grade, he crafted a short action-adventure story about a dog that saved people from a fire. In his elementary school years, he dreamed of becoming a novelist someday, but that would never happen until after he had served in the military.

After high school, Templin joined the US Navy, where he tried Basic Underwater Demolition training but never passed the Physical Screen Test. He was then assigned to the United States Pacific Fleet, and it was during this time that he wrote some short stories in his free time while at the same time training for BUD/s and finally passing the screen test.

During his training at San Clemente Island, Templin felt that his destiny was never in the navy SEALS, which forced him to withdraw from the activity. After quitting the navy, he volunteered as a missionary and served in Japan for two years. He quit and joined Brigham Young University in Hawaii. After graduation, he returned to Japan, where he worked as a tenured professor at Meio University. He lectured at the University for nearly a decade and a half and studied martial arts. He attended Trident University International, where he graduated with PhD in education in 2011. He, however, continued to write but majored in the academic genre.

While in LA International Airport on a research trip, Templin read a book about the Blackhawk Down and discovered that his friend Wasdin was among those involved in the Battle of Mogadishu. since the book revealed little information about the SEAL involvement in the battle, he hoped that he would one day buy Wasdin’s book. Since no book was published about Wasdin’s involvement in the Battle of Mogadishu, Templin decided to connect with him on facebook and the pair decided to coauthor Wasdin’s story dubbed SEAL Team Six. The book was published in 2011, the same year the SEAL Team Six assassinated Osama Bin Laden, which boosted the publicity for Wasdin and Templin.

The book became both New York Times bestseller and an international bestseller receiving positive reviews from critics including Pulitzer and Michiko Kakutani, with some critics comparing it to Tom Clancy. The book was optioned for adaptation into the big screen by Vin Diesel and was later adapted into a YA novel by the title I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior. Templin’s work has been translated into several languages, including German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Hungarian, Chinese, Thai, Polish, Czech, Thai, Danish, and Portuguese.

After coauthoring SEAL Team Six, Easy Day for the Dead, and SEAL Team Six Outcasts, Templin wrote Trident’s First Gleaming, the first book in the Special Operations Group series. It’s a story about a SEAL team six veteran who quits work to become a pastor but is later recalled into service by the CIA. Accompanying them is Sonny Cohen, a Delta Force operator. To decide whether to publish the book series with the traditional print publisher, Templin analyzed the digital landscape, such as Tower Records, Kodak film and Blockbuster video and discovered that most traditional publishers lacked a viable strategy for the future of digital. Templin was also concerned about permanently signing e-book rights to a publisher; instead, he partnered with Trident Media Group and Scott Miller literacy agency and published the book independently. This marked Templin’s journey as a hybrid author who published books independently and with traditional print publishers.

In Trident’s First Gleaming book, former SEAL Chris Paladin quits SEAL Team Six to become a preacher. Still, CIA operative Hannah Andrade coaxes him back into Special Operations Group, the ultra-secret force under which SEAL Team Six commandos and others worked to assassinate bin, Laden. Sonny Cohen of Delta Force joins Chris and Hannah to prevent a new terrorist threat from conducting a destructive cyberattack on the United States.

Once more, Stephen Templin’s plot is based on contemporary events. Chris Paladin is the protagonist who, when confronted with immoral terrorists, attempts to maintain a balance between his SEAL handle, Reverend, and his self-image and personal identity. Drones and cyberwar are daily news topics. Chris Paladin engages in a significant soul-searching in Templin, an action adventure that blends the two. The Paladin’s personality is extraordinarily complex and contemplative. Dr Mordet, a psychotic terrorist with a mystic streak, is a contrast.
The action and thrill are swift and often violent. Characterization is adequate, with the greatest emphasis given to Paladin and Mordet. Paladin’s struggle to reconcile his duty as a SEAL and guardian of our freedom with his role as a real Reverend and his desire to preserve his and others’ souls adds a fascinating degree of depth to what would otherwise be a straightforward terrorist-focused action adventure.

In from Russia without Love, Former SEAL Chris Paladin departs SEAL Team Six to become a pastor, but CIA officer Hannah Andrade persuades him to rejoin Special OPs, the ultra-secret organization.

Chris and Hannah are accompanied by Delta Force’s Sonny Cohen in an endeavor to stop a new terrorist threat from launching a devastating hack against the United States. Once again, Stephen Templin bases his plot on current events. Chris Paladin is the protagonist who strives to keep a balance between his SEAL handle, Preacher, and his personality and personal identity when challenged by immoral terrorists.

Even though the action in this story is realistic and visceral, the real gem lies within the character development. The author does a fantastic job of portraying the main character, Chris Paladin. The relationship between Chris and Hanna is a mysterious, loyal, teammate and occasional lover.

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