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About Stephen Wheeler

The British author Stephen Wheeler is well known and well regarded due to his intricately woven historical mystery novels. Creating richly textured narratives that draw the reader in, he really manages to create a world that the reader can fully immerse themselves within. Not just that, but he also manages to give all of his characters a very real and grounded feel, fully fleshing out each of their personalities in the process. Writing with a high degree of accuracy too, he definitely manages to make sure all of his books are well researched, playing close attention to detail. Putting some of himself in to his work too, he has a lot of experience, which is also something that has heavily influenced his work in a positive way over the years as well.

Early and Personal Life

Born in London in 1952, the writer Stephen Wheeler would grow up in the East End, whilst showing a strong passion for everything literature. Attending the local Grammar School, he would go on to pursue his love of both reading and writing from a very early age. This would evolve throughout the years, as he would eventually coming to find his voice, shaping and refining it gradually over time. He would then continue this on into higher education as well, as he would carrying on nurturing his craft and profession. Articulating himself, he would take ideas from the world around him, building upon the material which he could potentially draw from.

Attending the University of Wales, he would graduate from there in 1974, going on to work and write following this. Studying and working in England, along with Australia, Canada and South Africa, he would work a variety of different jobs. These would mostly involve positions within the retail sector, as well as working as an ambulance technician, all of which would come to influence his work too. Currently living in Norfolk with his partner, where he has resided since 1984, he continues to write regularly to this very day.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first début novel in 2014, Stephen Wheeler would come to publish not one, but two novels that year. Publishing the stand-alone title ‘The Silent and the Dead’, he would release a mystery novel that would help make his name for him. The other title would be called ‘Unholy Innocence’, and this would be the first in his series of ‘Brother Walter’ novels, of which there are eight of and counting. Focusing on historical mystery for the course of this series, he would find himself as a writer intricately weaving finely textured narratives. His sense of character development would also be extremely noteworthy too, as he would come to build a strong protagonist in the lead role.

Largely looking at historical fiction, he’s primarily focuses on mystery novels, most of which concern his lead protagonist ‘Master Walter’. This makes way for a series of investigations, mostly taking place during the 13th century, as he goes about solving various cases of the time. Working as a physician in the abbey, he brings his particular expertise to solving the many different cases that come his way. Writing with a high degree of accuracy, Stephen Wheeler really does manage to make it all feel wholly authentic in the process, something he’ll continue for some time to come.

Monk’s Curse

Originally brought out by Stephen Wheeler himself, publishing the book under his own name, this was first released in 2015 on the 30th of September. Working as the fourth title in ‘Brother Monk Mystery’ series of novels, it would provide another case for the eponymous investigator. As a piece of historical fiction, it manages to portray the era well, with a high-degree of accuracy, giving the reader a feel for the time it’s set within. The character of Brother Walter is also well developed here too, having already been established in the previous three titles that came before.

Taking place in the month of December, 1211, this sees Samson dying after serving thirty years as the abbot to Saint Edmund’s. This is when he calls upon Brother Walter in order to recite the Tale of the Green Children of Woolpit from his bedside with his last breath. Whilst this story is a local-legend taking place fifty years prior, a mysterious woman has apparently told Samson that there will be a murder soon, and it is up to Walter to sort the fact from the fiction. Although he is initially reluctant to get involved, Brother Walter soon realises that this case may go all the way to the top, with government corruption of the highest order. Will he be able to find the mysterious woman in time before it’s too late? What is the truth in the legend of the Green Children? Just who is behind the monk’s curse?

The Silent and the Dead

Operating as a stand-alone thriller title, this would be somewhat of a departure for Stephen Wheeler as an author. First published in 2014 on the 5th of January, this would also once again be brought out himself under his own name too. Writing in a more contemporary setting, it would turn away from his previous period pieces, whilst providing another solid and taut mystery.

On the surface everything seems normal about Winifred Jonah, with a seemingly ordinary life living as a housewife in Norfolk. This is all a front though, as, underneath it all, she’s covering up a far more sinister secret, with another more darker side to her nature. Previously having murdered not just her husband, but her uncle and aunt too, she is intent on carrying this secret of hers all the way to the grave. That is until Colin Brearney comes into her life looking to swindle a woman who believes to be ordinary in every way. Now it is up to Colin’s sister to find him before it’s too late, having noticed he’s gone missing, as she fears that the worst has happened to him. Will Winifred strike again? Can Colin be found before it’s too late? What will really become of the silent and the dead?

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