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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Meditations in Green (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
M31: A Family Romance (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Going Native (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Amalgamation Polka (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Processed Cheese (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Avant-Pop: Fiction for a Daydream Nation(1993)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephen Wright is a published novelist.

Stephen was born on August 17, 1946 in Warren, Pennsylvania. He ended up being drafted to serve in the army. He participated in the Vietnam War and was part of those serving at the Phu Bai Combat Base. He made it through the war and when he got back decided to pursue education. He attended the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and got his Master of the Fine Arts.

Since then he has moved on from the student to the teacher. Stephen has taught literature and writing at institutions such as Brown University, Princeton University, and The New School. He has also received recognition for his work. He has been the recipient of the Whiting Award in fiction as well as a Guggenheim Fellowship. He has also received a Lannan Literary Fellowship.

The author is well known for using dark comedy and surrealistic imagery in his books. He debuted his writing to the world first with the official publication of his novel Meditations in Green in 1978. The book was an account of war with hallucinatory accounts included. Since then he has written more novels, including M31: A Family Romance, which is a drama revolving around family and UFO believers in a cult like set up in the 1988 novel. Then there was the publication of his fourth novel, Going Native, in 1994. The plot is about a serial killer and was ranked at the thirteenth spot for a list of the 20th century’s best English language fiction books by Larry McCaffery. In 2006 his next book was published, The Amalgamation Polka, set during the middle of the Civil War. His fifth novel came out in 2020 and is titled Processed Cheese. The comedic novel is the story of a couple that suddenly comes into some money without warning.

Stephen Wright lives in New York City.

Meditations in Green is the first novel to come out from talented author Stephen Wright. This is the award winning story that many see as being one of the best novels out there written regarding the Vietnam War. At times surreal, searing, and sardonic as well as seductive, the book reads like a collage with kaleidoscopic intensity, going through different characters and images and introducing them to the reader.

There is the character of Winky, who is seen as many as being as perverted. He decided to go and fight in the army just so that he could stay off welfare. Then there’s Payne, known for being eccentric. He’s making a film about the war and is largely obsessed with it and its production. Then there is Claypool, who does not yet know that he is headed for a terrible fate (and it’s probably best that he doesn’t know). These are just some of the characters that are featured in this story.

Then there’s Spec. 4 James Griffin, in many ways the central figure of this spin cycle. He’s busy working hard in this foreign country, studying the carpet bomb photos as he does everything that he can to try and stay in touch with reality. After he comes back from his tour, he is in the states and battling a nasty addiction.

There Griffin studies household plants and how green they are, all while engaged in a massive struggle, attempting to try and regain his sanity. Full of monologues and action, this is a book written by someone who was there that acknowledges the bleak darkness that can be war and how it can be channeled through artwork and the written word. Pick up a copy of this book yourself to absorb this unique story first hand!

M31: A Family Romance is the second fictional novel to come out from author Stephen Wright. This is a science fiction novel that is going to be a fun read if you are a fan of the genre and even if you are not! Check it out and see what you think.

Main characters Dash and Dot have a few things that make them the same as others and then very different. They are married and are husband and wife. They also happen to have ancestors that are aliens that hailed from the M31 galaxy.

Now they are lecturers and are very much in demand. In fact, they are the most popular lecturers in the world when it comes to talking about UFOs and that world. The couple lives in middle America in a church that’s been decommissioned. The steeple has a radar church and hidden in the sanctuary safely is their spaceship.

They also have kids, who get to run the house themselves whenever their parents are away. One day some UFO enthusiasts end up showing up on their door without warning seeking to get in touch with Dot and Dash. But what they find is a regular family whose world looks a lot like that of any other human’s.

Experience all of the zany fun of this novel for yourself by picking up a copy of M31 and reading to the end!

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