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Best known for his MEG series, Steven Alten is famous for his character development and amazing story-telling abilities. Some of the critics praised his books as the book of the period that you are going to read. The science fiction author is popular for making a perfect blend of fact and fiction. The best thriller writer of the world provides entertainment through his pen like many other renowned authors in the world. Many books of the author have been framed to transform in to movies and TV shows. But all the movies are in the development stage. Finance has been finalized. Very soon you will be seeing the books in the reel world.

Early and personal life

Steven Alten is American author. He was brought up in Philadelphia. He got his bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Penn. Then he went for his masters to university of Delaware. He had his master degree in sports medicine. Then he went for his doctorate degree in education. He had his doctorate degree from Temple University. He was born in August 21, 1959. He started his writing career to solve his financial problems. He has five family members. He was working as a general manager in a wholesale metal plant when he quit his corporate career and plunged in to writing career. When he quitted his job as general manager, he got a huge deal with a publishing press four days after that.

Writing career

Originally Steve Alten started his writing career to run his family expenses. Working day and night he completed his famous Meg novels. He had to sell his car for publishing a book named as Deep Terror. In 1996, his Meg series became famous in the Frankfurt book fair. He was able to sell books in more than twenty countries after that. He was a famous in Japan radio after that. He also grabbed a name in the list of the New York Times. His second sequel was released by Kingston publishers. This came out be a bestseller all over the world. He came with his third and fourth books of that series subsequently and those came out to be the bestsellers.

Famous character of his novel

Megalodon is a famous character fabricated by the author. The writer has given the name to his character which is a prehistoric shark. The meaning of the character is big tooth. This is a famous name in Greece. The character lived in real around 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago. Now this character is listed in the document of extinct species in the world.

Section on a series

The author is famous for his Meg series. The series has three books. The first book in the series is Deep Terror. The second book in the series is Hell’s Aquarium. The third book in the series is primal waters. In the novel named The Trench, the author describes about the marriage of Jason with Terry. In the book he describes about the last shark whose name was Angel. The shark grows big with time. A time comes when the shark escapes from the institute and kills a boy from that institute. In search of the male sharks, that angel got attracted to, Jonas goes in the sea. There he gets attacked by the male sharks. The story goes in this way. It remains a mystery how Jonas deals with the situation.

Descriptions of two early books of Meg series

Description of Deep Terror

The famous Meg series starts with adventures of deep sea diver named Jonas Taylor. The novel starts with the period named as late cretaceous. On the shoreline, Tyrannosaurus attacked Shantungosaurus. While fighting in the mud, they got entrapped in that. Now the main character of Steve Alten Megalodon came in to picture. They killed the assailers. The plot now goes back to the deep see diver James Taylor. He sees a Mehgalodon during his trip down the sea. People believed those species as the extinct ones. But he tries to make the world believe that those species exist. They are not extinct species. An old friend of the deep see diver named Masao Tanaka, helps him with a submersible from US navy. While going deep down the sea for predicting earthquake in Mariana Trench, he discovered the so called extinct species. Due to cold water barrier the species were trapped in the deep sea. While being in deep water, the son of Masao got attacked by the species. The story is about how Jonas Taylor comes for the rescue of his old friend.

Hell’s Aquarium

This is the second book of Meg series. After the end of prime waters in the series, the new series starts. Meg was believed to be the pet of Michael Maren. The author depicts about the last surviving animal named Scarface. Scarface falls in love with a metal named Leedsichthys. At the same time another giant monstrous character gets enticed by the metal. It kills the last surviving Meg. Its name was liopeurodon. Now Dani taylor works with his friends Jonas, Mac, and Terry. In this the author has described about the college research and studies regarding the species.

Books that have been made in to TV shows and movies

Since 1997, a movie on the bass of Deep terror has been in development. The movie was scheduled to be released in 2008. New line Cinema had decided to make that movie basing on this novel. The production house cancelled the product in the end. As per the recent news the Deep Terror has been optioned by Belle Avery. Independent financers have been finalized and directors have been contacted to start the movie. The Loch has same status as that of the previous book. Financers have been finalized and the directors have been contacted to make the movie. The same production company has been optioned for the movie. Another novel named ‘Domain’ has been in development for a movie. Nothing has been finalized about the movie. This novel has been optioned by 11 11 movies. The main character of the movie has been decided. Manolo Cardona has been chosen to enact the role of Michael Gabriel in the movie.

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  1. Alan Beattie: 2 years ago

    I have read “Meg” and seen the film. Not entirely unexpectedly, the novel is better. Books have more time for character developement and several subplots which a Motion Picture would require something like four hours to do.

  2. Becky Griffin: 3 years ago

    Hi , i just wanted to thank you for being such a great writer ! My son is serving some time in a Nevada prison and he ask me to send your meg books and now i cant send them fast enough so again thank you your books have helped keep him out of trouble and in a good place while hes taking care of his bad choice. Thank you Becky


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