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Steve Feasey is a published British author of fiction.

He resides in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom along with his family. There he occasionally hears a weird howling noise that usually happens after midnight.

The author was born in the United Kingdom in 1968 in Watford, Hertfordshire. He was part of a family with a single parent, so there was not always an abundant source of income to work with. As a result, he had to find ways to occupy himself. One of the ways that he found an escape was through books from the library in town. His local library became a resource and a haven for him and he spent much time there. It was the location that really sparked his initial love for reading.

The author first started writing when he was somewhere into his late thirties. Steve had always been into reading but at last, he finally decided to try his hand at the other side of the coin, writing. Steve first tried writing fiction for teens with his Changeling series of novels, which got picked up for publication.

For Steve, stories and books have always been a central part of his life. Some of his literary influences include the authors Stephen King, Stan Lee, Charles Dickens, and Elmore Leonard. Steve first worked in the photographic industry for his career but then left to create a company of his own. It was then that he realized that when it comes to the gene for being an entrepreneur, he just didn’t have it.

Feasey went on to find inspiration regardless, though. He had seen a documentary with the subject of writing for a teen audience and thought that it was interesting enough to try himself. The result would be what would become the Changeling series. Published by Macmillan, the series has gone on to become an international best seller.

Steve would go on to diversify his reading base with a book titled Mutant City. The dystopian book was the first of a series with the same name that was set in a world of post-apocalyptic proportions. There the mutant population must live with the city dwellers, but in their shadow only. When superpower-having Mute children are found, they may end up having to take on City Four’s citizens in order to survive. The engaging first novel is followed by the sequel, Mutant Rising. Feasey is also the author of the Whispers of the Gods series.

He is married and has two children with his wife. They live in Hertfordshire where Steve continues to read avidly.

Steve Feasey is the creator and the author of the Changeling series of fictional novels. The series first got started off with the publication of the debut novel Wereling in 2009. The book also goes by the alternate title of Changeling. From there the sequel came out, titled Dark Moon. The third novel of the series was published in 2010 and is titled Blood Wolf. The fourth novel is Demon Games and the fifth novel is titled Zombie Dawn.

Wereling is the debut novel in the Changeling series by Steve Feasey. If you love books with a supernatural or paranormal element, be sure to check this series out! The regular life of a teen boy is about to come apart completely when he finds out that he is a hereditary werewolf and the last of his kind. When you add in that an evil vampire personally wants him to die, things aren’t looking too good.

Main character Trey Laporte is 14 years old and one thing that he knows is that he’s no longer a kid. He wakes up one day in horrible pain, the type that is pulling your head apart. He notices that his room is totally messed up and the clothes he was wearing are completely torn. Something had definitely gone on here. But if only Trey knew what.

That’s where the mysterious Lucien Charron comes in. He is apparently a long forgotten uncle. The only thing is that his eyes burn with fire and he can’t go out in the sun because his skin will blister. Trey is shocked when he suddenly finds that he is residing in a penthouse, the ultimate of luxury. The apartment sits at the center of an empire that is fueled by the Netherworld’s powers, which include demons, vampires, djinn and sorcerers.

That’s not all that has changed. Alexa Charron has appeared on the scene. Trey’s pretty sure they’re not related because Lucien is definitely not a blood relative. Alexa is part human and part vampire. She has her own powers, and she’s also really pretty. It doesn’t take long for Trey to develop a crush on her, and the more that he sees her, the harder he falls.

He’s training around the clock to try and manage the power that he’s discovered he has inside. But will it be enough? There are demons everywhere closing in, and a vampire is after him and won’t rest until Trey is destroyed. He has to figure out whether he is man or monster, but what if he’s both? Can Trey take on the threats that seem to come from every angle and win? Read this book to find out!

Dark Moon is the intense second novel in the Changeling series by Steve Feasey! In the first novel, readers got to meet main character Trey Laporte for the first time. Now they can follow along as the saga continues in yet another adventure.

Trey’s world changed forever when he found out the truth about himself just months ago. His whole identity is different now that he knows that he is a werewolf. More than that, he knows that Caliban the vampire is trying to kill him. When Caliban pulls off an attack on Lucien Charron, Trey’s personal mentor, it ends with Lucien struggling to recover.

The only person that can save Lucien is the evil sorceress Gwendolin. Trey must go with Alexa to the Netherworld in an attempt to defeat Gwendolin. Lucien’s life hangs in the balance and Alexa is relying on Trey to save him, which only adds to the pressure. But will Trey be able to save them when they are encircled by demons? Can they get to the sorceress and save Lucien’s life? Read this thrilling novel to find out!

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