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Steve Jackson is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of biography, true crime, history, and crime fiction works.

He is best known for bestselling titles such as “No Stone Unturned” and “Monster,” even as he has been a co-author with Robert K. Tanenbaum, with whom he wrote the “Butch Karp” crime fiction series.
Aside from his wild success as an author, he co-owns an Indie publishing company named “WildBlue Press.”

The company combines the best of independent and legacy publishing under one roof for its award-winning and bestselling author, in addition to serving aspiring and promising authors in the publishing scene.

Jackson was born in 1955 at the Bethesda Naval Hospital but spent much of his childhood in Colorado and Hawaii.

He went to Colorado State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Thereafter, he became a journalist working in the newspapers, which is something that he pursued for more than twenty-five years.
During this time, he received numerous regional and national awards for his exceptional investigative reporting and feature writing.

Over the years, he has published several nonfiction works that have been very popular such as “Not Lost Forever” and “Monster.”

In 2003, “Lucky Lady,” which was a dramatic narrative set in the Second World War was the winner of The Colorado Book Award from the Colorado Center for the Book.

The work also made the shortlist for the Admiral Samuel Morrison Naval History Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the genre. In addition to that, several of his titles have also been featured on bestselling lists in The New York Times.
Steve Jackson currently makes his home in the Colorado Mountains, where he pens his bestselling novels and nonfiction works.

“No Stone Unturned” by Steve Jackson has at the center of it the NecroSearch International, a nonprofit forensic investigative team that was established in 1991.
It is an organization all about homicide cases abandoned since law enforcement failed to produce a body to be used as evidence of murder.

It includes experts from a wide range of backgrounds from rank-and-file police officers, chemists, geophysicists, and cadaver experts.

All of these work together to produce some excellent work that can only be rivaled by the exploits of Sherlock Holmes.

They love cold cases and look for hidden graves in suburban backyards, rural hillsides, and at the bottom of riverbeds chocked with mud, looking for remains that may have been dumped there for up to two decades.
It is a work that has been compared to Jessica Snyder Sachs’s “Corpse” and “Dead Reckoning” by Marion Roach and Michael Baden.

Nonetheless, this novel combines rousing tales of the quarry or police out in the field, someone’s backyard, or the Rocky Mountains, as compared to the centrality of forensic methods in similar works.
The novel digs into some of the most important cases the group has worked on, written in painstaking and intricate detail.

It is a brilliant work of true crime fiction that is as fascinating in its practical applications of science as in portraying the fervor of its main characters.

Steve Jackson’s novel “All Secure” is a work in which one of the most decorated special ops soldiers to ever serve under the American flag shares his personal battles with PTSD in adition to his war stories.

As a senior non-commissioned officer of one of the most secretive and elite special operations units in the American military, Tom Satterly is a Command Sergeant Major who has been involved in battling the most fearsome enemies the country ever fought.
Over thousands of missions and about two decades, he has seen his friends killed and maimed around him, fought desperately for his life, captured and killed terrorist leaders, and rescued hostages.

This work takes you into a world so dangerous and dark that most Americans cannot contemplate its existence. It recounts what it is like to take to the battle lines with one of the best warriors that America has to offer, thus giving an insider’s perspective.
Tom Satterly the lead is a legend even among the very elite of American warriors, even though the nemesis that ruined his psychological and physical health and cost him three marriages lived in his head.

Told from first-hand experiences, it weaves in reasons for his career-long insidious enemy of Post Traumatic Stress, and substance abuse.

He also weaves in the reasons for depression, bloodshed, survivor’s guilt, intense moments of sheer terror, and the deaths among many other things.

“Smooth Talker” by Steve Jackson is an interesting work of fiction written with muscle and heart.

The novel is set in 1974, where Anita Andrews the bartender and owner at a Napa California cocktail lounge was found dead in her bar. She had been beaten, raped, and stabbed to death in what detectives believe must have been a very bloody frenzy.
Meanwhile, a month after the murder of Anita, Michelle Wallace was driving on the roads outside Crested Butte, Colorado, and rescued two stranded motorists on the side of the road who needed a ride into town. She was never seen again.
Fourteen years later, Charlotte Sauerwin is a young woman who will be married in a few months and goes to a Livingston Parish, Louisiana laundromat, where she meets a smooth-talking man.

The next day, she is found dead in the woods, where she had been tortured, raped and her throat slit. The murders would remain cold for years, eating at the lives, minds, and hearts of the victims’ communities, friends, and families.
During the 1990s, Kathy Young is a newbie sheriff’s investigator in Gunnison County who begins looking into the Wallace case. It is not long before she zeroes in on a serial rapist from Texas named Roy Melanson.
The lead results in other clues that ultimately lead the investigators to look into other rapes and murders in other states that were committed by a serial killer who struck repeatedly, seemingly with impunity.

This is all about the intrepid police work and the depredations of Melanson the serial killer in Louisiana, California, and Colorado.

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