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Publication Order of Steve Martinez Books

Season's Revenge (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Venture into Murder (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cache of Corpses (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hang Fire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tracking the Beast (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Riddle of Billy Gibbs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Meet Lakota Deputy sheriff Steve Martinez; a true detective.

Deputy sheriff Steve Martinez born in Indian Lakota and white by association is a character created by author Henry Kisor in the best-selling Steve Martinez book series. Steve Martinez’s hometown, Porcupine County lies perfectly placed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula landscape. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and it is hard to successfully keep a gossip from reaching all the corners of the town. The residents of this small town enjoy a quiet life far removed from the type of hassle synonymous with bigger cities. Steve Martinez moved into Porcupine County while on the run from his own past, something he would rather let remain a secret. Here Steve Martinez met the love of his life, the beautiful and wealthy Ginny Fitzgerald and opted to settle down in this small town and try and forget about his dark past. Naturally Steve Martinez fell in love with the town and as the deputy sheriff he would stop at nothing to ensure that the peace and harmony of the town is maintained.

The author writes about Steve Martinez in a complete series containing four books all of them based in the Deputy Sheriff’s hometown of Porcupine County. The four titles mainly include; A Season’s Revenge, A Venture into Murder, Cache of Corpses and the omnibus edition of the entire series titled Porcupine County. In the third title of the series titled Cache of Corpses, Steve Martinez a well experienced detective is faced with his toughest investigation when a headless corpse is discovered in Porcupine County. Soon the trail of breadcrumbs left by the killer leads Steve to another headless corpse before he realizes that the killer is playing some sort of a twisted game. With the elections for the county Deputy Sheriff almost approaching, Steve has to solve this complex crime before the deadline to his career clocks.

In the very first book of the Steve Martinez series titled Season’s Revenge, the reader joins Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez as he investigates the recent discovery of the body of one of the town’s most prominent resident, Mr. Paul Passoja.In the third title of the series titled Cache of Corpses, Steve Martinez a well experienced detective is faced with his toughest investigation when a headless corpse is discovered in Porcupine County. Initially it appears as if Mr. Passoja was the victim of a tragic bear attack as his body is found inside his tent in a forest campsite in Porcupine County. With just a few weeks to Christmas in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula the town is filled with a buzz of activities and big events but for Lakota Deputy Sheriff there’s only one thing on his mind, to get to the bottom of things at the campsite. On arrival at the crime scene Steve Martinez immediately senses that things are not adding up to him. Still not convinced as to why such a highly skilled camper and hunter as Mr. Passoja would be reckless enough to scatter chunks of bacon grease near his own tent. Surely he would have known better. Lead by his never ending curiosity, Steve Martinez opts to do a little digging into the entire mishap, he discretely begins an off-the-books investigation into the death of Mr. Passoja and soon afterwards he discovers that this was more than a random animal attack. The initial clues point that Mr. Passoja had more than enough people in the town who would want to get rid of him, permanently. Without enough evidence to give Steve Martinez direction towards the real culprit, he decides to dig deeper only to uncover some of the town’s darkest and oldest secrets in the process. With Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez closing in on the murderer, one thing is certain now that whoever was responsible for killing Mr. Passoja is not afraid to killing again if that is what it takes to stop Deputy Steve Martinez. This is evident by the mysterious disappearance of anyone who tries to look into the death of Mr. Passoja. But the Lakota Deputy Sheriff is not one to back down under such circumstances and he vows to keep on hunting for the real murderer no matter what.

In the second book of the Steve Martinez series titled A Venture into Murder, the reader once again joins Lakota Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez in another thrilling encounter in Porcupine County. Once again the somewhat seemingly peaceful town is sent into panic when dead bodies start piling up. At first the body of a well-known mob assassin is discovered by one of the town’s residents and then not long after another body is discovered this time by one of Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez’s own men. During what is deemed a routine operation, one of Steve’s men accidentally trips over and falls on the body of a man whom they soon discover was one the listed missing persons of Porcupine County. The man who had last been spotted alive over one hundred years ago. This raises suspicion in the quiet town of Porcupine County and the Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez decides to look into it by investigating the two deaths. At first they appear to be unrelated deaths but Steve Martinez is not one to make assumptions based on relations. He soon opens Pandora’s Box with his investigations and welcomes a series of problems into his personal and professional life. Steve Martinez starts having problems at work then at home with his personal relationship with Ginny Fitzgerald, a beautiful and wealthy widow. The deeper the Deputy Sheriff probes into the investigation the more he becomes aware that even Mrs. Ginny Fitzgerald has some skeletons in her closet. The next series of events puts the Deputy Sheriff in harm’s way as he encounters shoot-outs and death-defying surveillance flights but as he is not one to fold, Steve is more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep the peace and harmony of Porcupine County, the love that he loves with all his might. Unfortunately for the Deputy Sheriff Steve Martinez he soon realizes that some secrets are best left uncovered, even if you are from one of the quietest places in the world.

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