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Publication Order of A Jake Finnigan Mystery Books

Final Departure (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Steve Pickens is a published author.

He was born in the United States of America. This author calls the city of Seattle home and is proud to be one of the many people that live there in addition to being a talented and popular author. He was born there and continues to call this wonderful place home.

He has spent much of his life living in a place that is known for a lot of things. One of those would be Bigfoot, which is rumored to have been sighted on this area of the West Coast. Many people claim that Bigfoot is still out there and they are big fans and many tell you that no matter what you hear– this creature or animal or person is indeed real.

There is also a lot of enjoyment to be found in Seattle. This is also the famed place where the drink that everyone loves to drink was invented. Okay, so it wasn’t really invented in this city and it came from Ethiopia where it was popularized when it spread to the Ottoman Empire. Even though the Turks may have been the second biggest fans of coffee, the rest of the world by now has caught on!

Seattle is now known by a lot of people for its coffee. It is the reason that so many people flock to this place all of the time no matter what the time of year is. This is a city where the cafes and the coffee houses and the people that live there love to drink coffee and they like to make it really strong.

This is also a city that the author loves for its other features. Seattle really does get a lot of rain and when it rains it truly pours here. This is the heavy rain that other states in the country do not get, but anyone that lives in this city can tell you– just like this author– that it really comes down cats and dogs when it does rain heavy and hard.

When he is not busy enjoying all of the things that Seattle has to offer, this author can be found enjoying himself choosing to partake in one of the many hobbies he has. This would be reading, but it can also be writing. That is how he was able to write so many great books for the readers to have a chance to pick up in the first place!

If you have been searching high and low for a great author to check out, then Pickens might just be your man! There are no slim pickings when it comes to this writer, so be sure to check out his work. Start with the first book that ever came out, which is titled Final Departure.

The debut novel is the first book in the fictional series known as the Jake Finnigan Mystery series. This awesome mystery came out in 2016 and the sequel would be released for readers to enjoy in 2018. There are two books so far but if you are looking for a great series to check out on a recent basis, then make sure that this one is it!

Final Departure is the first book in this series to feature the main character of Jake Finnigan. He is a guy that usually is pretty happy, but things are happening that are starting to cause him to be upset. That is natural but Jake really is having a tough time with it.

He is having a really bad day perhaps the worst that he has even been in. When a woman is found dead, things are about to get even worse. The body of Susan Crane was found in her own car trunk and things get much worse from there.

Jake works at the ferry and since it is his job, the reporter’s death is now starting to really make him look bad. They all think it was him and even though it was not he cannot tell them that. No one will believe him. So it is up to this guy to prove them wrong.

Jake works with Sam to figure out just what is going on in this caper. Can they get tot he bottom of what is a death that is really starting to look bad for this guy? Or are they going to come up short in the end? It’s all a matter of how you look at it but the clues are adding up.

They just have to do math well enough to get to the end of the caper and find out who the killer really is. It might not be Jake but it has to be someone. They’re doing all that they can to get to the bottom of this but in the end is it too much to handle?

You’re going to have to pick up this book to find out! A killer is on the loose and now these two are the only ones that can solve it. Read this book to the end to find out what happens!

Sinister Justice is a book set in Arrow Bay. Jake’s back and now he has a partner. Sam is his partner in crime and they do good work together. Can you pick up this book and find out what happens in the end? You have got to if you want to find out the ending!

This is yet another book from Steve that is too good to put down. If you want to read it then just go get your own copy. It is awesome and this mystery series is just too good to ignore. You must go out and see what all of the talk is about!

Get the first two books in this series. You will not be disappointed with what this writer has to deliver. Just go out and buy the first two and you will quickly see for yourself what everyone else is talking about and why they are so truly great. A good read all around guaranteed to bring you joy!

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