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Steve Thayer is a New York Times bestselling author, who was born on 23 March 1952 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Currently, Steve Thayer resides in Edina Minnesota. In the year 1976, Steve Thayer graduated from the renowned American Academy of Dramatic Arts. As an author, Thayer mainly specializes in the field of suspense genres. Some of the hot topics that Thayer handles in a majority of his books include conspiracies, kidnapping, murder investigations and criminal investigations.

Steve Thayer Best Books
The Weatherman
In the Weatherman, a serial killer is out in Minnesota, snapping the necks of young women. After the first murder had been committed, Dixon Bell, a TV Weatherman, informs his viewers that a tornado was about to strike. There were no formal reports of the tornado that Dixon Bell had reported about. Furthermore, the National Weather Service had not yet released a formal briefing on the tornado. According to Weatherman Dixon Bell, he had seen in his mind that a huge tornado was going to shake the entire Minnesota to its core. Among all the original and complex characters in the Weatherman, the landscape of Minnesota and the shifting weather, completely standout; majestic, bizarre, magical and demonic. As expected, there are other eccentrics other than Dixon Bell, who works for the Chanel 7, Sky High News. Rick Beanblossom, an investigative news producer, is Dixon Bell’s alter ego.

Apart from being a Vietnam veteran, Dixon Bell is also a Pulitzer prize winner, who hides his feelings and napalmed face behind a mask. With the assistance of unnamed police source, Rick is following the tracks that the killer has left behind. Rick is given an unlikely partner, Andrea Labore an extremely ambitious ex-police officer, who later had to leave the trade to enter into the reporting world. The Weatherman and the newsman begin as bitter rivals, especially since all of them had their eyes on Andre Labore. However, the newsman and the weatherman end up being friends, when the weatherman is named as the main suspect in the serial killings, and the newsman steps up to prove his innocence.

With that said, the Weatherman has a superb setting. Apart from being patriotic, the citizens of Minnesota are God loving and peaceful. In the Weatherman, author, Steve Thayer has painted Minnesota as a unique state that has its very own characteristics, which could not be identified with any other state. The character development of the three main characters has been brilliantly done. In the Weatherman, Rick was not just a news reporter behind the mask. Hs psychology and the depth of his character was skillfully explored, which in turn makes the readers empathize with him. The Weatherman’s plot, on the other hand, is quite riveting and intriguing. Author, Steve Thayer has provided two storylines, which eventually coincide towards the conclusion of the novel.

Silent Snow
Silent Snow is a highly entertaining novel, which has been set in modern times. It involves a news reporter who is caught up at the center of kidnapping, which is much similar to the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping of 1932. In Silent Snow, we meet once again with Rick Beanblossom, a Minnesota journalist. Rick unwillingly initiates a tragedy when he penned an article about Anne Morrow’s death. Anne is the wife of Charles Lindbergh and also the mother of the kidnapped baby. Several days after publishing the story, Rick finds in his mail an obituary and a 20-dollar bill. Rick Beanblossom finds the action rather amusing and chooses to overlook it. Rick decides to set aside the 20 dollar bill aside and continues to work on other pieces. However, unable to concentrate, Rick keeps on going back to the bill. Rick notices that there was something unusual about the bill but could not point it out.

Rick decides to phone a confidential source, and after a little bit of digging, they realize that the bill was part of the gold certificate, which had been recorded as the original ransom money, which had been paid to the kidnappers. Rick could hear his stomach rumble, and he immediately heads out to his home. Upon arrival, Rick heads straight to his house to check on his newborn kid, only to realize that the nursery was open and the child missing. Author, Steve Thayer takes the readers back to the 1930’s, when the streets of St. Paul were filled with gangsters. Thayer also writes about a fictional woman who had paid baby Lindbergh, a visit before his kidnapping. Through the experiences of another journalist during the 1930’s, the readers get to see St. Paul’s colorful past, the media frenzy that was caused by baby Lindbergh’s kidnapping, which may have initiated the unending coverage that is common today.

Furthermore, through the reporter, the readers get to see a sharp contrast between how the crimes were being solved during the 1930’s and today. The past eventually comes to hunt Rick Beanblossom and his wife, who happens to be a celebrity figure. Rick and his wife not only look into the past, but they look into the secrets and the mysteries from the 1930’s as they try to find their abducted son. With that said, it is clear that author Steve Thayer had a fantastic time writing the Silent Snow and throwing in bits of the Lindbergh story into the mix. In Silent Snow, we meet with a German soldier, within the trenches of World War One. The plot is not only clear but has been laid out with precision. In Silent Snow, author Steve Thayer gives the readers numerous plausible suspects and several unbelievable complications and coincidences.

The overall pacing of Silent Snow is quite sophisticated, and any reader who comes from Minnesota will enjoy the numerous shout-outs to St. Paul’s history and locations. By shifting the narrative back and forth, between the present and the past, the readers have the chance of following two kidnappings simultaneously. In the year 1938, the case was officially closed when one Bruno was proven guilty and prosecuted. Nonetheless, because of the uniformity between the two crimes, was placed upon the prosecution of Bruno and whether he committed the abduction.

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