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Purgatory Chasm (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Whole Lie (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shotgun Lullaby (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Drive It Like You Stole It (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Steve Ulfelder
Steve Ulfelder is a mystery author who also doubles as a race driver. Ulfelder worked as a technology and business journalist for over two decades before starting his own business. In his journalism career, Ulfelder wrote for Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, and San Francisco Chronicle, to mention but a few. Now co-owner of Flatout Motorsports, a company involved in building race cars, Ulfeder gets more time to indulge in his other hobbies like writing. The author’s list of published works continues to grow, and it is clear that we are going to read more of his flawless writing in the future.

Purgatory Chasm
Purgatory Chasm is the first book in the Conway Sax series. The book stars Conway Sax, an auto mechanic known for his vehicle problems solving skills. Convey has never liked Tander Phigg. He finds the man too obnoxious for his taste. However, Tander is a Barnburner, and Conway had promised to help any member of this unique group that helped him in his time of need. Whenever a Barnburner has a problem, Conway works day and night to solve it. When Tander approaches him to get his vintage Mercedes from a shady motor shop, Conway is tempted to refuse, but he remembers the promise he made. Additionally, the problem doesn’t seem like anything that would take Conway long to fix. All he has to do is steal the car and return it to its owner.

However, Conway discovers that there is more to the problem that he thought. To make matters worse, Tander turns up dead, and with Conway as the last person he talked to, the talented mechanic now has to worry about the police on his trail. Conway has a record, so the police are going to keep him at the top of their suspects unless he can find the person responsible for killing Tander. All Conway remembers is the attack by Canadian mobsters. When he comes to, Tander is already dead, and while the police initially label this a suicide, Conway knows this is not the truth.

As Conway works to unravel this mystery, he stills wants to fulfill the promise he made to Tander. After all, he is a man who keeps his promises even when the person he made a promise to is dead. Will Conway manage to take back Tander’s car with the police always on his watch? What more will he uncover about Tander and this vintage car? Conway is a likable character. Despite his colorful past and numerous flaws, he is still determined to keep a promise and do what is right, even when it will have dire consequences.

This is a gritty crime fiction story featuring a blue-collar man who puts family and loyalty before everything else. At a personal level, there is a lot Conway is dealing with. The ex-race car driver is also a recovering alcoholic, and because of the nature of his job, he has rubbed a few law enforcement officers the wrong way. Most of the people he extends his favors to are former alcoholics with enough baggage. Despite all these, he still shines when it comes to his job and showing up for those in need. Purgatory Chasm is packed with action, and the story will have you hooked from the first page. The tension escalates as the story continues, and the pace rises to exhilarating levels towards the end—definitely an excellent pick for thriller lovers.

The Whole Lies
The Whole Lie is the second book in the Conway Sax series. Yet again, you get to meet emotionally scared yet talented Conway in his element. Conway’s parole is now in sight. He is opening a new garage with the help of his girlfriend, Charlene, and the two lovebirds have finally moved in together. Life seems to be returning to normalcy, but the entry of one blast from the past will change everything and end up putting Conway’s relationship, life, and freedom in Jeopardy. Why does Conway keep on placing the needs of people who only hurt him before his own?

Savannah Cane is part of Conway’s past. Years ago, Conway helped Savannah disappear, but this is not before they enjoyed a sizzling affair. Now Savannah is in town with a shocking revelation, she has a son, six-year-old, and his father is Bert Saginaw, a billionaire looking to become the next Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts. Savvy claims that she only wants to get paid, but Conway is sure she wants more. How does he escape from this smoky and smart woman who knows just the right buttons to push in a man? What will happen in Conway gets involved in the case between Savvy and her billionaire baby daddy? Since Savvy is no longer a Barnburner, can Conway politely opt-out of her plan?

Well, Conway is clear that he wants nothing to do with either Savvy or Saginaw. However, when Savvy is brutally murdered, he is left with no choice but to pursue the truth. Could Saginaw have killed Conway because she threatened his political ambitions? Follow Conway on this heart-wrenching and thrilling journey where everything is put on the line. The blackmail and backstabbing associated with the current political climate is unimaginable, and some of the events that follow Conway’s investigations will leave you in shock. In bits, the author also reveals Conway’s troubled past and the events that led to his current situation. Will this dedicated mechanic ever get away from the shadows from his past?

The Whole Lies is an intriguing read. The tension, pacing, and action will leave you gasping for air as you dive deeper into Conway and Savvy’s lives. It seems that Conway can never catch a break, and however much he tries, he always finds himself in some kind of trouble. By the end of this story, Conway will have gone to hell and back, but at least he will have exposed those responsible for murdering his friend. This book is about 320 pages, but the story is so interesting you may find yourself reading it all in one sitting.

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