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Steve Wilson is a well known American novelist, who is famous for writing science fiction novels and children’s books. He is particularly popular for writing the Jack the Dealer Mystery series, the Hedgebugs series, and several standalone novels. Over the course of his career, Wilson has collaborated with many writers and illustrators such as Geoff Wilson, Lucy Tapper, Gerry Swan, Hughie Hancox, Rebecca Mitchell, Natalie Wortley, Tony Storey, Randy Clark, Sally Wilson, Luke Feck, etc. Wilson’s books have fared very well and have entertained a large number of readers in different parts of the world.

The success of his books has helped him to establish himself among the ranks of the prominent writers of the children’s books and science fiction genres. Wilson is grateful to his supporters and fans for liking his work and appreciating his efforts in developing the stories. He had penned his first book series, Jack the Dealer, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Recently, he wrote his latest series, Hedgehugs, after over three decades. Wilson hopes to keep writing interesting novels in the years to come and entertain his fans with his excellent writing skills.

A very promising book series written by author Steve Wilson is known as the Hedgehugs series. It is comprised of a total of 4 books released between 2014 and 2016. The essential characters mentioned in this children’s book series include Horace, Harrie, and several others. This series’ debut book is entitled ‘Hedgehugs’. It was released by the Maverick Arts publication in 2014. Initially, the book opens by showing that Hattie and Horace are hedgehogs. They are best friends and often indulge in making daisy chains, organizing tea parties, and splashing in puddles. There are many things that they love to do, but one thing that they are not able to do is to hug each other. Both Horace and Hattie seem to be too spiky to do that. In order to succeed in their attempt to hugging each other, the two hedgehogs try different ways throughout the seasons. They wonder if they are ever going to succeed in having a hug that makes them feel just right.

In their desperation to find a way to hug one another, Horace & Hattie try too many things as a solution. But, the main thing that makes hug impossible for them is their poky quills. Horace tries to cover his quills with anything that he finds suitable, such as snow, strawberries, leaves, hollow logs, etc. One day, he comes across a sock and wears it over his body. Though the sock helps to cover all his quills, it makes him look too silly, yet adorable. Hattie doesn’t see Horace as silly because she is happy to know that now they can hug easily. Hattie also sees a business opportunity in Horace’s solution. She decides to sell socks to all the other hedgehogs and become rich by fulfilling their hugging needs just like theirs. But first, she needs to find a sock for herself. And when she succeeds in finding one, wonderful things will begin to happen in their lives, such as giving birth to tiny fairies and making delightful hugs. This novel also explains why a matching pair of socks of people go missing, thereby solving the age-old mystery.

Author Wilson has described a sweet story in this book that feels even sweeter due to the soft look of the book’s pages and the sweetness shines much brighter. Illustrator Lucy Tatter has filled the story with butterflies, hearts, pink cheeks, and flowers. Every detail in the book is filled with sweetness and warmth. An example of this is the adorable look on the face of Horace when he splashes in puddles. A number of readers have found this book adorable to read. Most of them became delighted and overjoyed when they learned that the book was available in bookstores. They grabbed a copy immediately and finished reading it in just one sitting. The critics have spoken highly of this novel. They have praised the character depictions, plot settings, and the overall storyline. Also, numerous fellow writers of Wilson have appreciated the story and his unique writing skills. Even the readers have given positive reviews to the novel on various literary platforms. All these factors led to the immense success of the book. It also helped to set the stage for the books that followed in the series later.

The sequel to the first novel of this series is entitled ‘Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar’. It was released in 2016 by the Henry Holt and Co. publication. This novel describes another story about the sweet friendship of Hattie & Horace. The novel opens by mentioning that it is spring time and the hedgehogs find everything colorful around them. They see colorful rainbows in the open sky and also flowers blossoming on the trees. One day, Horace & Hattie Hedgehog witness a caterpillar transform into a butterfly and start flying. Seeing this beautiful transformation makes them want to undergo a transformation of their kind. They decide to try and succeed in the transformation. It appears to be a big problem for them, but they know it very well that if they make up their mind to do something, then no problems big enough to bother them.

The fun-filled, short narrative of this novel combines very well with the cartoonish and colorful illustrations provided by Lucy Tapper and comes out as an entertaining tale for small children. The way author Wilson has written this story, it appears to be very cute and sweet. The illustrations add a new glow to the storytelling and narration. This novel entertained the readers just like the previous volume and made them fall in love with the characters once again. The stand out point of this sweet novel is its gorgeous illustrations. They make the readers get attracted to the story instantly and proceed to complete reading the rest of the story without putting down the book. Author Wilson felt too happy to know that his cute novel worked wonders for him by becoming equally successful as its prequel novel. He received a great deal of motivation to move ahead and write the remaining two books of the series, which also performed very well upon their release.

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