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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Falling Into the Mob (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Famous (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Don't Have to Be Famous (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
How To Write For The Big Guy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Steve Zousmer is a published author.

Zousmer first became an official author in print with the release of his first book in 2007. It is a guide for those that would like to put the story of their life down on paper and want to have it published for others to enjoy.

He would also follow this up with a more corporate angle to writing. He released this book in 2011 and it is a guide for speech writers in the corporate world for writers as well as their bosses. Zousmer is himself a veteran when it comes to writing speeches and has the experience and the anecdotes to write his own guide– and it’s all contained within the 314 pages of its digital Kindle edition release.

Steve first dabbled in the world of stories and subjects that are made up when his 2017 book was published. It was his first attempt at fiction and was published to great reviews and acclaim! If you enjoyed all of his nonfiction work, then you will definitely want to check out the first creative pursuit and all of the action in his book ‘Falling Into The Mob’.

Steve Zousmer is the talented and experienced author of the book ‘You Don’t Have to Be Famous’. It is intended to serve as a guide to anyone that has the desire to put their life story into a solid recorded form. What better place to find out how to write a book about your life than to read one on how to do it?

If you’ve been wondering whether you might be able to record the story of your life, this book gives you the structure on how to accomplish that. Whether you think you have an interesting story to tell or you like the idea of having it down in print so that people in the present and future can read it, this is a great place to start.

Getting started on writing down your life story is an intimidating prospect, to be sure. The concept of sitting down and outlining an entire book that’s all about you can be daunting as well. Where are you supposed to begin? Steve Zousmer created this book so that whether you have no idea where to begin or you are just trying to put it all together and get more information, you will benefit by reading this book!

This is a story that can be started and finished in one day if you feel motivated enough! Discover all of the most concise and interesting ways to start putting the story that you have lived into words and how you can get through various challenges that might crop up regarding writing.

This author shows other potential authors how they can begin to think in a creative manner and tell their story in the best possible way. Readers will find out how they can create a concise vision that guides and shapes writing, consider structures that will work with your story, developing the story and a gradual sense of progression so that it all goes on smoothly, work on your voice so that it is engaging but also connect with the reader and be authentic, and figure out what details you might want to leave out.

You can also learn about options when it comes to publishing and what readers might want to expect if they try to get their book into print. When it comes to writing a memoir or summary of your life, you don’t always need to have the most glamorous or adventurous life. Everyone’s story is meaningful, and each person’s life story is their own.

If you are thinking about writing down a book about your life, this is the perfect guide to get started with! Check out this awesome educational instruction book from Zousmer and get the inside scoop on how you can truly and at last write your own life story!

Falling Into The Mob is the exciting first fictional story from Steve Zousmer. If you’re looking for a fun action and adventure story, then check out this book for yourself and see what happens!

Main character Phillip Vail has hit a dead end. He is 59 years old and facing down a future that has the potential to be as lonely and as dull as can be. Now he’s looking for a way that he can try and make the most of everything and searching for the way that he can finally inject purpose and a sense of vigor into the years that he has remaining.

Who knows how long he has left, but Phillip is truly lost and in a way looking to start again. That is when he stumbles across the Mafia in a way that is quite unexpected. What happens throughout the course of this book will ensure that Mr. Vail’s life will be full of more spice and variety than he ever anticipated or even planned for.

Phillip is on a train and looking forward to a simple commute. He’s chatting with a young woman who is in the seat next to his own. All of a sudden, their conversation is interrupted by three drunks that are getting violent. Even though he’s terrified, the lady sitting by him appears to be neither scared nor without power in this situation.

He is shocked when she makes a fast call that ends up bringing her brothers over. All three are in the mob and her father is a top guy with a specific crime family in New York. The brothers quickly handle the situation while he remains shocked at the swiftness of everything that has just happened.

Fascinated, Phillip finds that he will run into this woman again. As he falls for her, he finds that he is slowly entering a lifestyle that is totally different from anything he’s used to. When he gets an offer to join a life of crime, it’s something he thinks over seriously.

The last thing he expects is to be recruited as a staff member for the potential president. Which job and life will he choose? Pick up this book to find out!

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