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Steven Becker is an American author that writes action-adventure novels. Steven is most commonly associated with the Mac Travis Adventure series. Steven always had a taste for books.

He wasn’t quite certain that he would become a writer down the line, but publishing definitely entered into the conversation at some point. The author initially busied himself with construction.

And he doesn’t think those years were wasted either. Back then, even though he had a construction company, Steven Becker preferred to call himself a builder rather than a contractor.

That was because he was always so hands-on with the work of construction. And that built discipline. The author knows what it means to toil away for years before you finally garner results.

He was more than prepared to undertake the rigors of publishing when the time came for him to finally achieve his dream of producing fiction. Though, the path to indie publishing success wasn’t without its challenges.

Like many an author, Steven Becker became serious about writing fairly early on but life just kept getting in the way. And it wasn’t like the author was new to writing, to begin with.

Steven had carved out quite the career for himself as a technical writer. He participated in the creation of manuals for restaurant chains and he even produced numerous nonfiction books.

Once his heart finally turned to fiction production, his daughter came into the picture. Steven has said in interviews that he had a story ready to be written as early as 1995. He actually began to write his first book.

When his daughter was born, though, he had little choice but to discard everything else in favor of prioritizing his family. Many an author has shown the uncanny ability to not only manage their family and career but to sneak a few books out in the process.

Steven isn’t afraid to admit that such accomplishments were beyond him at the time. So he did the best he could to raise his daughter. But he never let his publishing dream die. And once his daughter grew old enough to get her driver’s license, Steven Becker knew it was time to get back to business. By that time, the author’s construction company had attained a level of success where it could operate without his direct involvement.

So 15 years later, Steven took that idea that had captivated him in the early 1990s and turned it into ‘Wood’s Reef’, his first book. Steven was a little hesitant to call himself an author at the start.

Even with the modicum of success his books had garnered, he wasn’t so certain that his publishing dream had come to fruition. He had to write another dozen books before the truth of his success in publishing stuck and he gained the confidence to introduce himself as an author.

Steven Becker loves working within the indie publishing arena. He admits that it produces a lot of garbage and that tends to create a negative bias against authors like him who produce quality stories.

But he also appreciates the level of cooperation he encounters in the field. Additionally, the fact that indie publishing permits him to tell his stories exactly as he wishes to makes the whole arena invaluable to him.

Steven believes that indie publishing forces authors to shed their egos because they know they are facing such stiff competition; there is little choice but to cooperate with other like-minded authors. That is the only way to surface above the negativity that surrounds self-publishing.

Steven believes that his books typically stand out from the crowd on their own because they are based on his personal experiences. The author loves the water and you shouldn’t be surprised to find him scuba diving, fly fishing or trolling.

Steven sees a lot of things when he is out in, on or under the water. Some of his best books start with scenarios that mirror events that actually occurred to him. Because Steven Becker is writing from experiences, he believes that his books manifest an added spark of realism.

Steven counts authors like Clive Cussler, Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell amongst his favorites.

The author does his best to write at least two thousand words a day. Even when he is unable to hit that target, Steven still finds a way to spend at least two hours of his day writing.

It isn’t easy, even with his daughter no longer being a factor because Steven still has a construction business to run and it consumes a lot of his time. Steven endeavors to get up early to get his writing done first before life gets in the way.

The biggest hurdle for Steven Becker has always been starting a book. If he can just sit down and get those first few paragraphs and chapters down, then he knows he’s more or less succeeded with the writing project at hand.

+Wood’s Relic

Mac Travis is a commercial diver in the Florida Keys. The job has its perks but Mac took it primarily to disappear. However, his plans are dashed when Indian Chiefs hell-bent on building a casino clash with a Jersey mobster over an artifact discovered on a bridge pier.

If that wasn’t enough trouble for Mac, his less than sane ex-girlfriend has tracked him down.

The first book in the Mac Travis Adventures series finds Mac fleeing a toxic relationship in Texas. Woodson is an alcoholic who, despite being a genius at repairing and rebuilding bridges, has lost his ability to get insured for bridge projects.

Mac and Wood realize that they might be able to help one another.

+Wood’s Reef

Mac Travis was determined to stay invisible. And he knew the Florida Keys was the perfect place for him to do just that, especially with the diving and salvage work coming his way.

Mac’s luck turns when he discovers something while spearfishing. Mac wants to keep the discovery hidden but it doesn’t take his drunken crewman long to let the cat out of the bag.

Now Mac must deal with a corrupt presidential candidate, a drug-dealing terrorist in exile and a shady local conman. Mac must join forces with his injured mentor’s daughter to hide a secret that could change the pristine Keys forever.

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