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An American writer, as well as a producer and television reporter, Steven Cooper is well regarded for his incisive style of writing. With a number of awards, both for his work in the media, as well as in print, he has a strong brand behind him too. Showing a clear visual style, he has a strong eye for character too, as he really allows his readers to get into the minds of his protagonists.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Massachusetts, the writer to be Steven Cooper would hold a lifelong fascination in literature and the written word. This would progress throughout the years, as he would seek to find his own voice and make his own mark on the industry. Over time he would also go on to become a lot more adept at writing mystery and thriller novels, something that would become a primary focus for him.

With an academic background he would continue to refine and hone his voice throughout the following years to come. This would evolve over the years as he’d manage to make more of a name for himself, constantly taking in inspiration from the world around him. Eventually he’d become a reporter in his own right following his education, something which would also give him more experience.

Working previously as an investigative reporter he would get a lot of material to work with, as well as learning how to construct stories. This would give him the insight needed to continue, allowing him to become a more versatile and adept author of fiction. He also worked at Rollins College situated in Winter Park, Florida, whereby he would teach English for five years.

Currently still working to this present day, he still puts out work on a regular basis for an ever increasing audience. Having also undertaken television gigs in the past, he’s traveled all over the globe, reporting on various different stories. With plenty more books planned on the horizon there’s a lot more to come yet, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book back in 2003, he has come a long way over the years, leaving large gaps in-between many of his releases. Publishing ‘With You in Spirit’ he’d make his debut with a stand-alone title combining wit and elements of the supernatural. Whilst this was well received at the time, he release another two books shortly after, followed by a ten year wait till his next one in 2017.

This has all lead to him writing his ‘Desert Remains’ story, which would go on to become the first in his ‘Gus Parker and Alex Mills’ series of books. Following the detective and medium, it brings in an element of the paranormal, but not too much to overbear its thriller underpinnings. Setting the pair up for the books to come, it creates a partnership that really will stand the test of time in the years to follow.

Receiving awards for his work, he is also a much celebrated author by both his many peers and contemporaries alike. Winning numerous Emmy awards as well as the ‘Edward R. Murrow’ award, he also gained a number of honors from the Associated Press. This has all lead to him becoming one of the most sought after names currently working within the industry to this day.

Teaching English as well, he’s always passed his skill on to others, continually looking to help new aspiring writers. Speaking about his craft, he also manages to gain a deeper insight into his own work too, giving it a new level of understanding. This has allowed him to become highly proficient in his own craft, developing a highly visual style, largely thanks to his background in media too.

As a writer Steven Cooper really is in his element, as he continues to progress both as an author and as a writer. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, this is something that will carry on into the foreseeable future. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon either, it appears that more and more are discovering his work every day, something that shall continue for a long time yet.


Released through the ‘Alyson Books’ publishing house, this was an early entry into Cooper’s career as an author. Published in 2005 on the 15th of July it tells a mystery in a witty and fun manner, using good humor and warmth to convey the story. Being a self-contained story it manages to provide a complete mystery that is both fun and engaging, right until the final conclusion.

With an exciting new case underway, Damon Fitzgerald is an investigative reporter embarking on what appears to be the story of his career. That’s when he is abruptly strangled to death inside his own apartment, stopping short his career and his entire life. Not letting that stop him though, he proceeds to spend the afterlife attempting to track down his killer and find the truth behind the story. Will he succeed? Who killed him? Can he ever reach the deadline?

Desert Remains

Brought out through the ‘Seventh Street Books’ publishing label, this came out almost ten years after Cooper’s prior novels. Setting up the ‘Gus Parker and Alex Mills’ series of books, it manages to establish the principle characters, as well as providing an engrossing self-contained mystery. Released on the 10th of October, it was initially published in 2017 on the 10th of October to much acclaim, with his many readers having eagerly awaited its release.

There’s a killer on the loose just outside the city of Phoenix, as a madman is living a trail of bodies in desert caves with a record of his crimes left behind in the stone. This has lead to Detective Alex Mills undertaking the case, as city leaders are hoping to see an end to this, whilst a fellow detective sees him as competition. Now, teaming up with Gus Parker, an ‘intuitive medium’, the two of them hope to make sense of a case that’s confounding everyone. Will they find the killer? Do they really have what it takes to find them? Can they discover who’s behind the desert remains?

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