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Publication Order of Another Kind Books

Child Of Another Kind (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Earth Of Another Kind (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gods Of Another Kind (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Genesis of Another Kind (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Time Travel Books

Time Chain (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Balance of Time (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Addicted to Time (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Distant Finish (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Projector for Sale (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Walking Into Dreams (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Steven Decker is a best-selling science fiction novelist best known for his time travel and nonfiction works.

Decker made his debut as an author when he published the novel “Distant Finish” in 2021. He has since then gone on to achieve a lot more success with the works that followed.

According to the author, he got passionate about writing when he was in the 5th grade and threw a spitball at one of his classmates. Instead of punishing him, Mrs. Brewer his wise teacher summoned Steven and gave him a book of poetry.
She ordered him to commit to memory Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” She also told him that he would have to recite the poem to the entire class the following morning.

While it was some sort of punishment, what Mrs. Brewqer did not know was that she had unleashed a beast.

Decker got inspired by Frost’s ability to use the written word to generate deep emotion and paint a picture and soon enough, he fell in love with storytelling, writing, and reading.

When he was in the eighth grade, he had a lot of fun reading the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. When he went to college, there was nothing he could have loved better than penning his final thesis.

When he was living in Appalachia, Steven Decker began to study and practice the art of storytelling in preparation for writing his first novel.

Ever since that time, he has resorted to editing his novels by reading them out aloud as he believes novels at their heart stories that need to be read to determine if they truly sound like a story.

Decker believes that the major aim of fiction readers when they pick up a novel is to find an escape from their mundane and banal lives. As such, he makes it his mission to come up with special and imaginative stories and sometimes spectacular things.
This way he can take his readers into beautiful and thrilling worlds as they leave the ordinary behind. In addition to having a great imagination, he also believes that stories need to be infused with personal experiences to give them life.

Since he has been an avid traveler for most of his life, he has developed an abiding respect for the many cultures he has come into contact with over the years.

For years, he was an active triathlete and he uses those experiences to pen his sports work “Distant Finish.”

Steven Decker remains an avid traveler even though he now travels for the most part for leisure. Every year, he loves to visit Ireland where he enjoys cross-country walks, the breathtaking scenery, and the Irish people with their legendary hospitality.
Decker currently makes his home in a small town in Connecticut in the United States, where he lives with Wilson and Jenny his two dogs.

“Time Chain” by Steven Decker is the story of Dani full name Danielle Peterson who is currently writing a dissertation as an anthropology student. As she is conducting research on Omey Island in Western Ireland, she gets caught up in a storm.
She could not believe how lucky she was when she finds Aideen the only permanent resident on the island. He agrees to answer questions about the history of the island and anything else she might need.

However, Dani never thought Aideen would reveal a journey of a lifetime. When she is promised that she could meet professor Anthropology Charles Burke, Aideen tells her time travel story to Dani.

Trying to reconcile herself with the news of Time Links and a Time Station Aideen sweeps Dani across time. It is a time when Dani falls in love with the younger self that had been Aideen.

From the United Kingdom to Spain, Ireland to Greece, Spain, Egypt, France, and Italy, they develop intense feelings for each other. Ultimately, Aideen tells Aideen that she would like her to become her apprentice.
It is an intriguing work right from the beginning to the end that will keep its readers on the edge of their seats.

Steven Decker’s novel “Projector for Sale” is a work that showcases the importance of dreams. The lead in the work is trauma survivor Emily Noland who just cannot seem to ever remember her dreams.

While she is looking for a job, an ad about a projector that is on sale sparks her lifelong interest in cinema. Things only get more interesting when something mysterious happens and changes the complexion of everything in her life.
She not only gets much of her dream memory back but finds that she can transform her dreams into reality. Soon enough, her life is blossoming and she cannot find an explanation for the change in fortunes.

She traverses the globe looking for answers, experiencing life-changing events and encountering people she had seen in her dreams. She is also forming all manner of relationships that may just last a lifetime.
But she has also been having powerful new dreams that force her to leave the path she wanted to follow. She now needs to face a frightening final question that may determine her destiny.

“Distant Finish” by Steven Decker is the story of Billy Dexter and Michael Stevens that have been athletic rivals for the longest time. They began their rivalry in high school track then in swimming and ultimately in the triathlon.

But then a tragic accident makes them take a long break from their exceptional careers in athletics. However, things take a turn when they meet Allie West and Liza Whitlock, who are also very extraordinary athletes.

It culminates in several thrilling championship races in the triathlon. It makes for a compelling showcase of the beauty of the sport as it merges with life. It is a great book that can be read even by people who are not necessarily athletes.

“Distant Finish” comes with a compelling storyline as it follows two young men in their journey of life as both chief rivals and best friends. If you ever wondered about how top endurance athletes train and live then there is no better read.

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