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Steve Dunne is a British published author.

The author attended Rhodesway School located in Bradford, Yorkshire. He would leave the school in 1976 once done taking his A-levels. He attended Kent University and graduated in 1979. Then he took a year to undergo a post graduate certification in the subject of education in Twickenham at St. Mary’s College. He followed that by taking on different jobs based in London. These included being a public relations consultant, a supply teacher, and a freelance journalist.

The author would write articles occasionally for different publications such as The Times, The Guardian, and The Independent. While doing so, he would work on different writing projects. He also went and tried doing stand up comedy for a while.

Around that same time period, Steve attempted to co-write something for Channel 4, a comedy pilot that had the title “Not Enough Poodles”. While he did get it done, the pilot never got picked up, falling at the last commissioning hurdle. He would go on to write the Book for the 1989 Latchmere Theatre Christmas Hansel and Gretel pantomime, which ended up winning awards.

He would teach English in 1988 in Croydon. He then decided to move to Derby in 1996. It was there that he first started seriously contemplating writing his own novel. He had already been a fan of thriller novels thanks to books like The Silence of the Lambs. Thinking about the genre, Dunne realized that when it comes to thrillers, many of them just did not end up delivering the excitement level that was promised.

In 2007 he had tried to market his own novel to various publishers in the industry without success and had been doing it for two years. Tired of getting the run around, he decided that he would self publish his book instead. That is how Reaper reached an audience, an exciting thriller that is all about a serial killer that is claiming victims in Derby. The book did very well and sold over a thousand copies in one area, getting some good reviews. Harper Collins would end up buying the rights to it, publishing it internationally shortly after in 2009. The Disciple, its sequel, came out in 2010. The books were highly regarded and received critical acclaim. After that, Steve signed with Headline in a publishing deal to release a thriller in his DI Brook series titled Deity.

Steven Dunne is the creator and the author of the fictional Damen Brook series. The series first started in 2007 with the publication of the first novel, The Reaper. This was followed by the publication of the second book in 2010, which is titled The Disciple. The third novel came out in 2012 and is titled Deity. This is followed by the fourth novel, The Unquiet Grave, the fifth novel A Killing Moon and the sixth novel, Death Do Us Part.

The Reaper is the thrilling first novel to kick off the Damen Brook series of fictional novels written by author Steve Dunne. If you’ve been searching for a good action series to try, check out this one and see what you think.

Main character Damen Brook is a Detective Inspector. He’s been damaged, but he’s been trying to leave the demons behind. Right now he believes that his past is officially behind him, left for good in the city of London. The last thing that he anticipates is trying to forget a case and being blocked from doing so by a killer.

Damen doesn’t want to believe it, but it appears that a serial killer is tracking him and has shadowed him up north. The truth is that Brook is just looking for a sanctuary. He’s been marked by the time that he’s spent in the MET. It’s had such an effect on him that he has made his way to Derby. In the process of making a new life, he has left his marriage and his daughter behind.

He also nearly lost his sanity, and gave all of this up so that he could bring his career slowly to an end in the Peak District without any distractions. The only problem is that the universe may have other plans. In the middle of a winter night, Damen ends up being confronted by a man that he knows from the past. The serial killer was his primary target all those years ago. He was known for killing entire families in their own homes and then fleeing the scene, vanishing without leaving any trace of himself.

Brook plans to find a killer. But to do so, he’s going to have to find out what the Reaper is up to. If it is him, why would he be in Derby? Has he begun killing people again and what is the connection between the families that are being killed? The detective inspector is becoming further drawn into a game where he’s not sure who is the cat and who is the mouse.

Can he face the demons by choosing to confront his own past? It nearly cost him everything, his life and his family. Can he handle what he has been through, or will it all prove to be too much? Read this thriller and find out!

The Disciple is the second novel in the Damen Brook series written by Steve Dunne. In the first book, readers met the character of DI Damen Brook, a man haunted by his past.

This time he thinks that the nightmare is finally ended, but instead discovers that the serial killer has left something far more damaging behind to serve as his legacy.

A drowning ends up being a murder, but Damen’s relationship to the victim leads him to be pointed to as the main suspect. Things become even worse when the DI gets a message that wants him to continue doing what The Reaper did, a serial killer that struck fear into the hearts of the U.K. when he was active.

Then a Derby estate is host to a copycat killing. The DI must reopen this case and try to pin down a killer that he is certain is dead. As he goes deeper, he starts to find secrets related to murders that go decades back. Could The Reaper have inspired others to follow in his footsteps? Read this thriller to find out!

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