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Steven Price
Author Steven Price is a Canadian novelist and poet. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a BFA in the year 2000, and from the University of Virginia with an MFA in poetry.

He lives in Victoria, British Columbia where he teaches fiction and poetry at the University of Victoria, and is married to Esi Eddugyan, a Canadian novelist. Their first child was born in August of 2011, with a second born in 2014.

“Anatomy of Keys” won Canada’s 2007 Gerald Lampert Award for Best First Collection, and was shortlisted for the BC Poetry Prize, and was named Globe and Mail Book of the Year. His next collection of poetry, “Omens in the Year of the Ox” won the ReLit Award in 2013. “Into That Darkness”, his first novel, was shortlisted for the 2012 BC Fiction Prize.

Steven’s debut novel, called “Into That Darkness”, was released in the year 2011. His work is from the historical mystery genre.

“Into That Darkness” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2011. Steven delivers an astonishing debut that explores what exactly we ask of one another, and just how much we’re ready to give.

This novel, set in Victoria, British Columbia, opens right at the very instant when a massive earthquake hits the whole west coast with some devastating results. Amid all the destruction of the city, the survivors are just left to negotiate the calamity where the bonds of civility get pushed to their limits, if not broken entirely.

Arthur Lear hears the voice that is crying within the rubble, and finds himself descending deep under one collapsed building in a desperate effort to save the young boy and his mom. However what he finds there is going to change him for good, as circumstances lead him across the broken landscape of the city, through chaos of its streets and hospitals, in a harrowing quest to find the mom’s missing daughter.

During the days which follow, Lear’s sense of humanness is going to be compromised and tested, while he faces the limits of himself and his fellow survivors, over the course of his long journey back home.

A book for our age of fear and anxiety, Steven delivers a powerful tale about the physical manifestation of those darker things that lurk both in our culture as well as in ourselves.

This is a disturbing and bleak book about what can happen during a natural disaster, and Price’s work as a poet carries over into this novel as he is able to deliver this heavy subject matter with such skill only a poet could truly harness. Readers found this to be incredibly dark and depressing at different times.

“By Gaslight” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. One detective’s never ending hunt for the elusive criminal.

London in 1885. In a city of darkness and fog, Edward Shade (a notorious thief) exists just like a ghost, as a fabled con and a thief of other men’s futures. A man of smoke. William Pinkerton is famous already, as the son of a brutal detective, when he descends into the underworld of Victorian London tracking a new lead. His dad died without ever tracing Shade, and William, who still reels from his loss, is determined to pull this thief out of the shadows.

Adam Foole is a gentleman without a past of any kind, and haunted by a love affair from ten years back. When he gets a letter from his lost beloved, he goes back to London to find her. What he learns of her fate, and its connection to the guy she knows as Shade, is going to force him to face to confront grief he believed was long-buried.

What follows is a fog-enshrouded hunt through opium dens, séance halls, sewers, and drawing rooms. Above all, this is the tale of the most unlikely of bonds: between Adam Foole (the one guy that might have the key to locating Edward Shade) and William Pinkerton (the best detective of his age).

This is an intense, London-centric read that is threaded through with a melancholy brilliance, and is an extravagant book which takes inspiration from the classics yet still remains entirely itself. This is a finely written and deeply researched and extraordinary novel. Steven brings to his prose a sensibility and a dazzling skill all his own and the eerie and gruesome events which unfold during the search for Charlotte Reckitt are given enthralling life in this novel that is perfectly grounded in the period and rich in image and incident.

“Lampedusa” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. A novel about writing and art in the life of one of the greats.

This novel, set in a sun-drenched Sicily, among the decadent Italian aristocracy in the late 1950s, explores Giuseppe Tomasi’s final years. He was the last prince of Lampedusa, while he struggles on to finish “The Leopard”, his only novel.

In the year 1955, he was diagnosed with advanced emphysema; and right after that, he started working on a book that failed to be published before he died just four years later. When “The Leopard previously showed up, it won Italy’s Strega Prize and became the best Italian novel of the entire century.

“Lampedusa”, adhering strictly to the facts of Tomasi’s life yet still moving deep inside the author’s mind, inhabits the complex interior of a guy that faces down the end of his life and struggles to make something of lasting value with time left.

Price recreates an Italy transitioning from postwar austerity to the start of La Dolce Vita vividly, and juxtaposes crumbling palazzos with supercharged and sleek sports cars. Readers are certain to savor this rather rich look at Italian history. Price paints a sensitive and lyrical portrait of a guy nearing the end of his life. His prose is superbly controlled, rich in texture, and brimming with lyrical and wise insights which make this a worthy heir to its mighty predecessor.

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