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Stevens & Windermere Books In Order

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Publication Order of Stevens & Windermere Books

The Professionals (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Criminal Enterprise (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill Fee (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stolen Ones (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watcher in the Wall (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forgotten Girls (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stevens & Windermere are two characters that have their lives built deep within law enforcement. Kirk Stevens has been working with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. He is one of the top agents, and all of his piers consider him a veteran. He does his best to follow the law and promote justice at all times.
Carla Windermere presently works for the FBI. She is doing her best to get up in the ranks. She looks up to Stevens, and she hopes to be on his level one day. Windermere will immediately take any case that is put before her. She is not scared of anything except lowing her potential. These characters live in the heart of Minnesota. This city can be very rough at times, and there are things that go on in this city that people would never believe.
These two characters are best known for the most recent books: Kill Free and The Stolen Ones.

Kill Free takes place on a nice sunny day in Minnesota. Stevens and Windermere are minding their business and enjoying the day. Out of nowhere, the richest man in the state of Minnesota is gunned down in front of everyone. The killer gets away but not before Stevens and Windermere get a look at him. The killer looks like an average man. However, his eyes draw the most attention. There is just something about his eyes that gives the two officers a weird feeling. They have never seen nothing like it.

Stevens and Windermere begin their search, and they are willing to go the distance in order to find this killer. With that being said, Stevens and Windermere travel all over the country as they trace the steps of the killer. They end up running into a group of people who are running a website where people can hire killers. This killer is ready to strike again, but Stevens and Windermere do not know who will die. Worse, these officers do not know who has hired this killer and what was the reason. They seek for more answers, but they continue to twirl into a mystery that seems impossible to solve.

The Stolen Ones begins in the summertime. It is a rainy night, and a sheriff just got done eating at a diner. He waves bye to everyone in the diner before leaving the diner. Fives minutes outside and the sheriff is lying dead, and no one knows anything. Local law enforcement agencies cannot find any suspects, so they send a call to higher authorities. On to the scene comes Kirk Stevens. Kirk cannot believe there is not one single suspect. Due to this, Kirk contacts Carla Windermere. Stevens and Windermere end up joining their government agencies together.

What these audiences find is very terrible. It’s possible that the sheriff’s killer is the leader of a drug and prostitution organization. These government agencies uncover a lot more than just the murderer. Though the sheriff died, hopefully these agencies can save the lives of future victims.
These two characters also appear in two early books. However, these characters still promote the same mystery and integrity. These books include: The Professionals and Criminal Enterprise.

In The Professionals starts out with four friends that have college degrees but cannot find good jobs. Here and there they joke about becoming rich with a kidnapping scheme. After not having any success, their joking becomes a reality. For two years straight these individuals make money from a kidnapping scheme. Everything looks wonderful. However, this all changes when these postgraduates kidnap the wrong person.

Due to the wrong person being kidnapped, young Carla Windermere and Kirk Stevens go after the kidnappers. Stevens and Windermere end up traveling further they they have ever imagined, but the further they travel the more they uncover. They soon see how the kidnapping scheme leads to so much more. Windermere and Steven must create a plan to stop the bad guys, free the victims, and make their name known throughout the FBI and other anti-organized crime agencies.
All characters, including the officers, are extremely complex. They all have skeletons in their closet, and they are all ready to put their lives on the line.
Criminal Enterprise is another thriller. In this story, a man named Carter Tomlin had the life of every person’s dream. This included a big and beautiful home, beautiful wife, great job, and amazing children. This all changes when Carter loses his job. He does not know which way to turn, and he does not want his family to know the truth. With that being said, Carter decides to rob a bank. Not satisfied with the amount of money stolen, Carter continues to rob bank after bank.

This information comes to the ears of FBI agent Carla Windermere. Using a certain strategy, she begins to go after Carter. What she does not know is that Kirk Stevens is already looking into Carter. Stevens and Windermere have broken contact because of how disgusted they were from their previous case. However, they are now forced to have contact with each other if they want to get Carter.

Things also get worse. Carter has not only developed love for robbing banks, but he has also developed a love of being violent, and he is not afraid to kill a cop. This makes Stevens and Windermere more cautious. They must watch every single step they take. One wrong move and they can both end up dead, and one right move and they will have Carter. The question is what move will they make…

Throughout all the books, these characters will fascinate all readers. These characters immediately make people fall in love with them. They not only let people in on their actions, but they also let people inside of their minds. This helps reads fall more in love with the story because they know more about it. All readers will not be able to put the book down once they pick it up; this has been proven over and over again.

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