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Publication Order of Stillhouse Lake Books

By: Rachel Caine, Carrie Ryan
Stillhouse Lake (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killman Creek (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolfhunter River (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bitter Falls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heartbreak Bay (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trapper Road (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Stillhouse Lake novel series is an amazing series of crime fiction, mystery, suspense, contemporary, thriller, and horror novels. It was written by a renowned American writer named Roxanna Longstreet Conrad under the pseudonym of Rachel Caine. The series began in 2017 and Rachel came up with its first novel in the same year. She published it to great success and then went on to add a few more titles. Some of the extraordinary characters created by her in the books of this series include Sam Cade, Lancel Graham, Gina Royal, Javier Esparza, Detective Prester, Gwen Proctor, Kezia Claremont, Melvin Royal, Marlene Crockett, Ruth Landry, and several others. Rachel Caine has set most of the plots of the series in Tennessee, United States; and also in several other places of the country.

Every novel in this series has fared very well. They have succeeded in achieving a wide range of successes in all the places of their release. The individual successes of the novels have helped the series to become a worldwide success as a whole. It also helped in lifting the writing career of Rachel Caine to great heights. She was noticed by the noteworthy personnel of the publishing world and received much appreciation from one and all. Immediately after the first book’s worldwide success, she started getting offers from publishing houses, both national and international, to let them publish her future books. Rachel Caine could not believe she was getting so much love and appreciation.

With the second book onwards, some noteworthy critics also started taking her work seriously. They could not help but get amused by the storylines, characters, and plots she described in her novels. And when they started giving honest reviews and positive comments, the subsequent books received a lot more followers. They were sought after by a huge audience in many cities and thereby, Rachel Caine succeeded in becoming an established writer of the crime fiction/mystery genre. She gives the credit of her success to her fans, who have supported her wholeheartedly and loved her work. Rachel also expressed her gratitude to all those fellow writers, who motivated her through their praise and comments on various literary platforms. Until the release of her next book, she hopes that readers will continue reading her published novels and help to make them more successful.

The debut book of the Stillhouse Lake series written by author Rachel Caine is entitled ‘Stillhouse Lake’. It was released by Thomas & Mercer in 2017. This novel opens by introducing Gina Royal as a shy, average, normal Midwestern housewife. She is happily married and has 2 lovely kids. But, Gina doesn’t know that her husband is a serial killer. This secret is revealed later due to a car accident. Not knowing how to deal with the shocking revelation, Gina decides to become the ultimate warrior mother to her children by remaking herself and taking the new identity of Gwen Proctor. As her ex lands in prison, she goes on to take refuge far away from her usual residence.

Gwen her children come to live in a remote house on Stillhouse Lake. However, internet trolls and stalkers continue to target her for the ill deeds of her serial killer husband, thinking that she was also involved in her husband’s crimes. The remote location provides Gwen the much-needed respite from all the trolls. She begins to think that she and her kids can now live in peace. But, the peace is only short-lived as she discovers a dead body in the lake. Soon after, Gwen starts getting letters with threatening messages from familiar people. Gwen is not ready to let her children pay for the crimes of their father. She is determined to keep her enemies as far away as possible. Gwen cannot let her new identity get exposed or else her children might become targets of a brutal killer. One thing that Gwen has learned by now is how to fight for the safety of her family and keep them away from harm.

The second volume of this intriguing series is known as ‘Killman Creek’. It was also published in 2017 by Thomas and Mercer publication. This book opens by mentioning that Gwen Proctor succeeded in saving her children from her former husband, a serial killer named Melvin Royal. But, she knows that the war is not over yet. Her fear takes a new form when she comes to know that Melvin has broken out of jail. Gwen becomes more shocked when a letter arrives at her door that contains nothing but threats. Upon realizing that the safety of her new home has been compromised, she sends her kids in the protective custody of a well-armed, fortified neighbor and teams up with Sam Cade.

Sam is the brother of a victim who was killed by Melvin. Gwen and Sam decide to go for a hunt and put an end to all their suffering. But, Gwen doesn’t realize that she is involved in a savage and sophisticated mind game and the player at the other end is determined to completely destroy her. With trust from her small group of friends starts to vanish one by one, she is left with vengeance and fury as her weapons to defeat the one who is hunting her. Gwen knows that one of them is going to die for sure and she is not in the mood to leave the world so soon.

Rachel Caine is a reputed author of paranormal fiction, mystery, thriller, and horror stories, hailing from The United States. Her books have been listed as bestsellers in a number of literary journals, including USA Today, NYT, and Wall Street Journal. Altogether, Caine has published over 50 books in different genres and categories. They include adult thrillers, urban fantasy books, science fiction novels, and young adult books for readers between ages twelve and eighteen. Rachel Caine’s real name is Roxanne Longstreet Conrad. She writes her books using multiple pen names, including Julie Fortune, Roxanne Longstreet, Ian Hammell, Roxanne Conrad, and Rachel Caine. Her widely popular novels have helped her to win a few national awards and nominations. Most recently, her book, Stillhouse Lake, helped her to be a finalist for the Killer Nashville and International Thriller Writers awards. In addition to spending her time writing novels, Caine makes appearances for libraries and schools. She has also appeared in several conventions and professional conferences.

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