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Stina Lindenblatt is a contemporary romance writer that was born in Brighton England, that has lived in England, Finland, the US, and finally Canada. She has always loved books ever since she was a child, and was addicted to Edith Blyton’s Famous Five series of novels. Nonetheless, even as she always dreamt of one day becoming an author, it was not until many years later as a stay at home mum did she achieve her dream. Even though she was never any good at history and social studies, she always loved historical romance, though she knew her deficiencies would never allow her to write good books in the genre. Her first attempt at writing were novels aimed at middle graders, even as her characters were more interested in sex and romance than they should have been at that age. She would switch to Young Adult and eventually end up an accomplished adult romance writer before long.

Stina graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology specializing in energy metabolism from the University of Alberta, and a Bachelor in Physical Education that she attained from the University of Calgary. During her time as a physical education and physiology expert, she had the chance to work at several elite sport-training facilities, where she worked with the country’s top athletes. In fact, the many references to athletes in her novels are derived from her experiences working with such sportsmen in her earlier years. During her undergraduate years, she was based in Helsinki for one summer where she worked cleaning saunas and bathrooms at a center for the elderly. She would move on from the demeaning job of cleaning bathrooms to become a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. She never loved any of these jobs and hence when she got her first child, she quit to take care of her children and become a full time writer. She currently lives in Calgary, Canada with her family consisting of her husband and three children. During her free time she loves to play photographer, and has asserted that her many and impromptu photography session often leave her children exasperated.

The lead characters in Stina Lindenblatt’s novels are persons who have had some of the most terrible of upbringings. The career oriented Holly Whittaker has had the honor of being brought up by thirty nannies, which has messed up her personality. With such terrible upbringing most of her lead protagonists such as Amber, Marcus, Josh, and Holly have no use for loving relationships. Neither of them have room in their lives for the usual steady boyfriend or girlfriend or even a family to speak of. Their careers come first, and they will do anything to excel at it even at the expense of never having to experience love and romance. However, from time to time they look to blow off steam with some one-night stand, that they typically forget by the following day. For the male and female protagonists, there is nothing better than running into a man or woman who does not want any commitment, just like themselves. Nonetheless, even though they have engaged in casual sex for years, they eventually run into that one person that they just cannot forget. Married to their careers and having no desire to get married and settle down, they find themselves in a situation that recalls their terrible childhoods.

Stina Lindenblatt novels are happily ever after novels about wounded young women dealing with a myriad of issues in their pasts and present that make their lives a nightmare. These beautiful and smart women have decided that they do not want anything to do with relationships. They hide behind friends, careers, and clothes so that everyone else can just leave them alone. On the other hand, the men are gorgeous and irresistible characters who get blown away upon setting their eyes on the female protagonists. Given that they are used to having their way with the women of their choice in their philandering ways, they are irresistibly drawn to the strong and independent minded women, who are not interested in their wiles. The novels come with a good balance of pure suspense and emotion as they tell the background stories of the characters. Over the course of the novel, they release bits and pieces of the backstories of the characters making for intense emotional moments and sumptuous romance. In addition to the well written happily ever plot, the author incorporates a range of secondary characters who are excellent complements to the two leads making for highly satisfying stories.

“Tell Me When” the first novel in the Lost in You series of novels is one of Lindenblatt’s best novels. Amber Scott needs to be enjoying her college days and working hard to become a veterinarian. However, she keeps reliving her worst three weeks of last year, and wakes up her college roommate with her terrors almost every night. To make matters even more complicated, she is spending a lot of time with Marcus Reid, a sexy engineering student helping her with her mathematics course. Reid is the ultimate philanderer, but she has to spend time with him if she is to pass her mathematics course. However, she never expected that he would open up about his painful past, and that she would end up trusting him so much to tell him much of her secrets too. Now that she has trusted and opened up to him, she finds herself the victim of a stalker and Marcus will do anything to protect her, and she him.

“Let Me Know” is the delightful second novel in the Lost In You series of novels. The stalker that had been causing her nightmares has just been locked up, and Amber thinks that she can now breathe a sigh of relief. But the open-and-shut case against the man is falling apart and her terror is coming back with a vengeance. She gets an explicit letter accusing her of being responsible for the attacks on her person, and that she had been more than a willing victim. The only person she can lean on or feel safe with is Marcus her boyfriend. But Marcus’s dirty past comes back to haunt him, leaving him with one option. If he is to keep Amber safe and her reputation intact, he has to end their relationship and face his past alone. Amber now needs to do what she never thought she had the strength to do. She has to stand up and be counted for the many voiceless who have been convicted on the court of public opinion, even as they were innocent. Will their relationship survive the endless speculation and attention and will she have the courage to face her kidnapper?

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