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Stone Creek Books In Order

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Publication Order of Stone Creek Books

The Man From Stone Creek (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wanted Man (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rustler (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Stone Creek Christmas (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bridegroom (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Home In Stone Creek (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holiday in Stone Creek (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

About the Stone Creek Book Series:

This series has six books.

1.The Man from Stone Creek

“The Man From Stone Creek” is the man who started it all for author Linda Lael Miller’s “Stone Creek” series. Set in Arizona in the early 1900’s, it’s an entertaining western romance written by the unique and vivid storytelling style of the author.

It all starts when the ranger Sam O’Ballivan arrives in Haven, Arizona as an undercover, posing the role of the new schoolteacher. He is full of determination and he strongly believes that he can handle everything or everyone that get in his way.

But when he needs to call the local postmistress, Maddie Chancelor, because her younger brother needed a strong discipline, things got out of his control. He was prepared for everything but her.


Sam O’Ballivan is a truly determined ranger that has to play the role of the new schoolteacher. His true objective is to put an end at the activity of a group of outlaws.

Things get more complicated when he meets Maddie Chancelor, a really attractive and intelligent postmistress with a sharp tongue. His attraction for her is instant, and she can tell from his strong looks that he is not just a normal schoolteacher.

Maddie feels also a strong attraction towards Sam but she is really afraid because of a bad relationship she had in the past. At the same time there seems to be another woman in the life of the determined ranger.

Is their mutual attraction enough for them to be together? Will the ranger be able to stop this group of outlaws without hurting the people he cares the most?

A high recommended read.

2. A Wanted Man

“A wanted man” is the second book of this series.

Rowdy Rhodes is the main character in this book. He is hired from the hero of the previous book, Sam O’Ballivan, as a marshal in Stone Creek, Arizona.

One of the first people Rowdy will meet will be a beautiful woman, Lark Morgan. The only thing they have in common, is that they both have secrets and they both are running from their past.

But as the past and present troubles collide, they have to put away their stubborn pride to the greatest power of all-the feelings they have for each other.


Rowdy Rhodes is the main hero in this second book. He has been hired by Sam O’Ballivan in order to stop a group of train robbers. Rowdy seems like the guy for the job because of his past experience in robbing trains.

When he will meet Lark Morgan, a really pleasant distraction for him, things will get more complicated. They are both running from their past and they are afraid opening to each other.

Things get even more complicated when Lark’s ex-husband, an owner of the railroad, that tries to stop the robbers by himself.

After a smooth development in their relationship there will be a time when truth must be told, no matter how much will shock one another.

If you have read the first one, it’s a must read.

3. The Rustler

“The Rustler” is the third book of this series. This book features Wyatt Yarbo, who is the brother of the second of the hero from the second book of the series, Rowdy Rhodes.

After doing two years in jail he goes back to his outlaw activities. But after job gone wrong, he decided that this is not the life that he wants from himself. So he accepts his brother’s offer and go to Stone Creek to live.

Soon enough he will meet Sarah Tamlin, daughter of the local banker. Only this meeting was enough for him to feel an irresistible attraction towards her.

But Sarah has secrets that she believes will chase away any man who wants her. Although she feels insecure because of what happened to her in the past, attraction is not a choice, and she can’t deny to herself that she has already feelings for this ex outlaw man.

Circumstances are throwing them together and other circumstances keep throwing them apart. At the end they need to find the inner strength to let go of the past and become their masters of their fate from now on. How they will be able to do it? What are these secrets that are frightening Sarah? A must read western.

4. A Stone Creek Christmas

“A Stone Creek Christmas” is the fourth book in this series. This book features veterinarian Olivia O’Ballivan who is the descendant of Sam O’Ballivan, the ranger hero from the first book of this series.

Olivia has this unique ability to communicate with animals. It’s like she can sense when they are in danger and when they need help.

Tanner Quinn’s, the hero in this book, he is not sure if he believes that, but he can overlook this fact, especially when he has the opportunity to get to know the beautiful and attractive Olivia.

But Tanner had his heart broken already once in his past, when his wife died. So he is frightened to open up to Olivia because he doesn’t want to feel this amount of pain ever again in his life.

But with the holidays coming soon, Tanner will get the chance to re-evaluate this belief. Maybe he had run long enough, maybe it’s about time to fight the skeletons in his closet and just let go.

5. The Bridegroom

“The Bridegroom” is the fifth book in this series. This book features Gideo Yarbro, youngest brother of Rowdy(hero of the second book of this series,” A wanted man”) and Wyatt(hero from the book “The Rustler”).

When Gideon was just a teenager, he met young Lydia Fairmont who had just lost her father and she was about to live with an aunt she had never met. Gideon gave her a letter with a note that if she ever needed help, he would be there for her.

Years have passed and Lydia is in really difficult financial situation. She is forced to marry the rich bank owner of her city, or else her family would lose everything. In a moment of panic, she mailed Gideon’s letter. The same letter he wrote for her years ago.

Gideo receives the letter just before he was ready for an undercover assignment. Remembering his promise, he is determined to keep his promise and help Lydia whatever it takes. The problem is that he arrives just a few days before her wedding and she feels really confused with his present there.

Hidden emotions start to sneak out as the story evolves and at the same time external threats are reaching the main characters. Truly an exciting read.

6. At Home In Stone Creek

The last book of this series is about Ashley O’Ballivan who has watched everyone in her family getting married, having a happy life.

Her heart had been broken in the past by Jack McCall that now mysteriously appeared again in her life.

Jack is the hero who tries to protect the people he cares the most from the enemies he has because of his job. He thinks that the less Ashley knows about him and why he left in the past, the safer she is. He is really trying to keep his distances from her although he has feelings for her.

Ashley is torn apart, because she gets to know even better Jack but he keeps pushing her away. Now she has to decide. She will fight for the man she loves or she will give up on him and on all her dreams of having a family together.

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