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Publication Order of Storage Ghost Mysteries Books

Gillian Larkin has been a great fan of mystery stories. She started reading the Agatha Christie books at a very early age. Her favorite fiction detective in these novels is Poirot. Grace loves his fussy ways as well as his attention to every detail. Gillian Larkin also loves ‘Murder She Wrote’ TV series and she has watched each and every episode. She likes working out the clues in the series and who the killer is. Gillian lives near Leeds, Yorkshire, in the Northern parts of England. She lives together with her two daughters and they all understanding her passion for these mystery shows!

For several years, Gillian Larkin has always wanted to write her own mystery stories- and now she finally has achieved her dream. One of her best-selling series is the Storage Ghost Mysteries Series. This is a short cozy mystery series that revolves about a certain ghost that requires some help. The main character in the series is Grace Abrahams. She started experiencing ghosts after being involved in a car accident. Following a sudden death of their parents, Grace Abrahams and Frankie are left with a lot of debts and an empty antique shop.

Frankie has been watching countless TV programmes on storage locker auctions. As such, he is very much convinced that he has all that it takes to be successful in the business. Frankie drags Grace into a nearby auction. He is so much excited about the thought of making his first ever bid. However, he does not know that Grace can actually see the ghosts in lockers.

Jacob’s Coins

This is the first book in Storage Ghost Mysteries Series by Gillian Larkin. It’s an interesting story with great character development between 2 siblings who are attempting to save their antique shop. This novel features a very interesting premise which is well developed, more so considering the relatively short length.

Grace and Frankie, her brother, recently lost their parents in a gory car accident. They are left deeply into a debt to Eddie Tominski, a very ruthless loan shark. Grace and Frankie turn to the idea of bidding on the storage unit auction as a way of putting stock back onto the shelves of their antique store. By doing so, they hope to dig a way out of Eddie’s demand for his payment.

After the death or her parents, Grace starts seeing glimpses and shadows on some insubstantial things that aren’t there in reality. Gradually, the shadows start to take on a rather more substantial “form.” She can now see and even talk to the dead.

In their first experience in storage locker auction, Grace meets and even talks to her first ghost: teenager Jacob. Jacob also died from a car accident. Together, the 2 figure out that she can actually help Jacob determine the reason why he has not moved to a pleasant afterlife and why he remains anchored to contents of the abandoned storage locker.

The characters traits of Frankie and Grace share a classic brother-sister relationship on sibling love as well as antagonism. It’s fun to watch the 2 interacting, caring for one another, and even the way they tease. However, the premise of ghosts in storage lockers, which is unable to free from their past experiences, can be somehow poignant. Nonetheless, this was resolved satisfactorily in this first novel of this growing mystery series.

What’s there not to love concerning this book? Absolutely nothing! The paranormal storage units combine together to create an ideal setting for ghost stories. This novel is made for an entertaining read. As a matter of fact, it’s not long thus making it a perfect short story that can be read even in one sitting.

This one is a short, quick and fun novel that lays a very entertaining foundation for upcoming additions. I highly recommend this first book in Storage Ghost Mysteries to readers who like their mysteries cozy. To make things even better, you can get the whole plot in a space of one hour or so. Jacob’s Coins is a highly recommended book if you’re looking out for a quick fun novel that involves the paranormal.

Lost And Found

This is the second book in Storage Ghost Mysteries Series by Gillian Larkin. It’s another great entry in this mystery series by Gillian – this time, Grace is helping a couple to find peace. The couple had been separated by time and a past secret.

In this second book of Storage Ghost Mysteries, Grace Abrahams and her brother, Frankie, decide to attend yet another storage lockers auction so as to find more marketable goods for their antique shop. Grace Abraham later runs across another ghost named Clive Arthur. Clive needs her help so as to move on peacefully to the life after death. In life, Clive Arthur was a much-admired photographer who used to travel all over the world just because of his unique art. However, in death, Clive is attached to some unknown items in abandoned storage lockers. This item keeps him from exiting the earthly existence. The item later turns out to be two undeveloped film rolls. After being developed, the photographs then lead Clive and Grace back to the one and only woman that Clive ever loved before he died. They also discover the bittersweet secret that has been keeping them apart all through his life.

Lost and Found novel furthers the character development and story of Grace, Frankie, along with some recurring, supporting characters– the evil loans shark Eddie Tominski, Sylvester Sylver the auctioneer, and kindly Big Bob, a family friend. Grace Abraham is finally able to find out the unfinished business that has been tying Clive Arthur to his past life as well as the contents of storage locker which prove to be the hidden treasures.

This is a gentle and cozy mystery book that is certain to keep you entertained. Eddie is somehow EVIL and his group of thugs are tough, rough and relentless in the way they harass the Abrahams siblings. I highly recommend this novel to readers who like their mysteries cozy. It’s a quick, short and a completely satisfying book anytime. This is a really interesting book that will keep you entertained throughout the read.

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