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Storm For All Seasons Books In Order

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Publication Order of Storm For All Seasons Books

Storm For All Seasons is a series of erotic romance novels written by Jaci Burton which follow the romantic exploits of a group of supernaturally gifted siblings.

+The Story

The Storm for all seasons series takes place in New Orleans. It focuses on the adventures of the Storm family, a clan of men and women who run a hotel. The series began publication in 2004 with ‘Summer Heat’.

The first book in the series, ‘Summer Heat’ introduced readers to Kaitlin, Aidan, Logan, Shannon and their mother Angelina. The Storm children learned early on that they came from magical roots.

Each of them is associated with a particular season of the year and that grants them access to a specific set of powers. Their powers have always been tied to their emotions.

By the time ‘Summer Heat’ kicks the story of the Storm For All Seasons series into gear, the siblings have been told that they each have a special destiny, one that will see them find their soul mate, fall in love and live happily ever after.

Aiden Storm takes center stage in the first novel. Associated with summer and all the powers associated with the season, Aiden came to terms with his gifts a long time ago. But he never took his mother’s talk of destiny and soul mates seriously.

To Aiden, his magic was just another tool that he could use to make life that much more convenient. And the fact that it simplified the process of getting women into bed and giving them the best sexual encounter they could ever hope for only encouraged his philandering ways.

Aiden’s life changes when he meets Melissa Cross. A liaison from the Casino with which Aiden’s hotel wants to partner, Melissa is everything Aiden has been looking for in a woman but did not know.

She’s strong, sophisticated, and confident. And she challenges him on everything. Melissa brings Aiden to a point where he must decide whether or not he is ready to give into destiny.

‘Summer Heat’ is erotic romance through and through. The concept definitely has an urban fantasy vibe to it. And there’s plenty of magic on display. But at its core, ‘Summer Heat’ is an erotic romance novel, and so are the rest of the books in this series.

The magical aspect is merely a tool through which the author brings her characters together. Each book focuses on the challenges and trials of a particular Storm sibling. All the siblings are involved in the running of the family hotel.

And it is typically in the process of executing their duties for the hotel that the siblings meet their lovers. The goal of each book is to help a particular Storm sibling find his soul mate.

When destiny finally puts them on a collision course with the man or woman they were meant to love, the attraction is always instantaneous. However, as is often the case, the heroes and heroines are never honest with themselves or the object of their love.

The majority of the heroines are reluctant to give into their love for the hero because they have been hurt in the past. A man that they deeply loved betrayed them and they have since closed their hearts off to the idea of love.

It takes a lot of poking and prodding on the part of the hero for the walls around the heroine to break and for them to eventually give the hero a chance.

When it comes to the heroes, they are driven to reject their feelings for the heroine because they do not like the idea of committing to a relationship. They are happy to simply accrue one night stands.

It takes a lot of interaction and engagement and flirting with the heroine for the hero to finally realize that they are ready to cast their womanizing ways aside and commit to their soul mate.

Jaci Burton has a tendency to chock her books with sex scenes. However, that isn’t the case for the Storm For All Seasons series. In these books, the sex scenes are few and far between.

Jaci prefers to spend each book building up the tension between her protagonists. And when she finally delivers the sex scenes, she tends to make them long, and steamy, and detailed.

The Storm For All Seasons books can be enjoyed if they are read out of order. However, they are best read in the order that they were published because characters from all the stories make appearances in one another’s books and it will add to your enjoyment if you understand their history.

Jaci Burton has been praised for having a simple and straightforward writing style. She has been criticized for being predictable. Her books utilize a lot of clichéd romance genre tropes.

+The Author

Jaci Burton has always wanted to be a writer. As a teenager, she used to write scripts based on popular television shows and exchange them with her friends. Her passion eventually took a backseat when she grew up, got a job and started a family.

It wasn’t until her kids grew up and she started a second marriage that Jaci rediscovered her love for writing.

+Summer Heat

The Storm siblings run a hotel in New Orleans. They also have magical powers related to the seasons. Aiden’s powers are connected to summer and he has always been a bit of a free spirit, using his gifts to charm beautiful women into his bed.

Aiden never thought he would ever settle down. It didn’t matter that his mother told him he was destined to live happily ever after with his soul mate. Aiden knew what he wanted and it wasn’t a soul mate.

Of course, all that changed when he met Melissa Cross and she ignited a fiery spark of passion in his soul.

+Fall Fury

Shannon Storm runs her family hotel’s PR wing. When a public relationships expert from Boston rolls into town, Shannon initially butts heads with him. This is despite the fact that they are supposed to be collaborating on the hotel’s new project.

She cannot deny her attraction to him, but she has been hurt before. She doesn’t care if her mother thinks she’s destined to fall in love. Shannon has closed her heart off, or so she tells herself. Max Devlin is slowly but surely proving to her that he might be the one man she’s been looking for.

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