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Publication Order of Storm Runners Books

The “Storm Runners” series written by Roland Smith is meant for middle school aged readers looking for novels that have both action and adventure.

Chase Masters and his father go across the country looking for storms (floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes) also called storm runners. Wherever a storm is, you can be sure that these two will not be very far behind one, and they are always searching for a storm. Chase’s mother and sister were killed in a crash and his father was struck by lightning shortly before the start of the first novel. This is what Chase is getting for an education, and he seems to be learning more than if he was sitting in a classroom all of the time. He is thirteen years old.

“Storm Runners” by Roland Smith is the first novel in the “Storm Runners” series and was released in 2010. When the storm of the century hits, amateur storm runner Chase Masters will be in for the biggest storm of his life and be tested more than he could ever imagine. Everything he has been taught by his father to do when something like this is about to happen is about to come in very handy right about now for Chase. The storm that is coming is Hurricane Emily and it is set to hit Florida, and it will be a category five.

Fans of the novel like the way that Roland Smith makes you, the reader, a part of everything and involves you in the action of things. There is a quick pace to things that brings both suspense and excitement to those who read it. Readers found themselves wanting to read more and more of the novel, so that they could know what happened next. Some find that even though there is a cliffhanger at the end, they will find the next installment and continue to read these novels.

Some did not like the way the novel ends in the middle of the story and forces the reader to buy more books to find out what is next. There is no resolution to anything that happens, and does not tell the readers that it is a part of a series. This does not give some closure and it means that the novel does not tell a filling story but one that leaves the reader wanting more.

“The Surge” by Roland Smith is the second novel in the “Storm Runners” series and was released in 2011. Chase, along with both of his friends (Rashawn and Nicole) have just survived a major hurricane, Hurricane Emily. They would think now would be the time to rest, but they are wrong, now is when the trouble starts. They make it to Nicole’s barn, but need to get to higher ground because flood waters are rising. The barn is the winter home to a circus, and some of the animals (lions and and a leopard) have gotten loose.

Fans of the novel like this novel more than the first novel in the series. The suspense was more intense than the first novel had, and shows what the aftermath of a hurricane is like. Fans were riveted as to what would happen next for these people and how they would survive everything that Roland Smith was throwing at them. This one seemed like there was more development for the characters and even more action throughout the novel. Some feel that any novels about these characters that come out will be sought out and read as fast as this one was. These characters do a great job of developing real relationships with one another that make you care about everyone and it feels like these are people you know.

Some did not like this novel, finding that all it does is wrap up the first novel’s ending and sets up part three in the series. It does not stand on its own very well. Some felt that they had no interest, by the end of this book, to read part three as a result. Some found this novel to be on the cheesy side to it. Some felt that both this novel and the first book should have been done as one, as it would have made a complete story.

“Eruption” by Roland Smith is the third novel in the “Storm Runners” series and was released in 2012. Chase, his friend Nicole, and his dad go to Mexico because a massive earthquake has hit. This earthquake is about to cause a volcanic eruption. It will cause a massive threat to the survival of Chase. The animals get out of the truck that they were in, and they need to find them and the people who take care of them.

Fans of the novel found that this was a fun read, that had humorous and scary moments throughout. This novel, like the others in this fun series, has great pacing, lots of action, and it makes you wonder how Chase and everyone will make it out alive. You really enjoy reading about Chase due to the fact that he is a great character with awesome skills; these skills are realistic due to the way that he was brought up. Some found themselves wanting to read more from Roland Smith after reading this series, he is that good in writing these books. Some feel that these books are easier to enjoy when you have all three books handy so that you can plow through every single one right in a row.

Some did not like the way that things were nicely wrapped up in this novel. Some found the novel to be confusing and boring. Some believe that the author does a lot to make it feel that you need to read the first two in order for this one to make more sense. Some found that this novel has too many bizarre things going on for it to be realistic. It feels like you will have to suspend your disbelief a lot with these books to enjoy them. Some felt that all of the novels are very short, slimmer than most of Smith’s work.

“Storm Runners”, the first novel, won 2011-2012 Gate City Book Award and made it onto Wyoming’s 2011-2012 Indian Paintbrush Book Award List.

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