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Stormborn Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Stormborn Saga Books

Stormborn Saga by J. T. Williams
Author J. T. Williams writes the “Stormborn Saga” series of fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “Stormborn” was released.

For the first three books, the series stars someone born from the sea, named Valrin. This is what he has always been told, anyway. He was orphaned on some desolate island. He returns in the seventh story

Books four through six, Fadis the Ranger is the star of his own story.

“Stormborn” is the first novel in the “Stormborn Saga” series, which was released in the year 2017. Valrin does not know a whole lot about his real past, and wonders quite a bit about his future. Until a mysterious ship’s unexpected arrival changes everything for him.

For one small moment, he feels that he may just have an answer to it all and then his whole life is quickly ripped to shreds. The only person that loved him is killed trying to keep him safe and a wanted sea captain and his crew of misfits are Valrin’s only hope. Valrin is going to have to learn who he really is, if he really would like to stay alive through the coming darkness.

There is someone that is going to hunt him. Somebody that is going to want to see him dead to keep him from becoming what he could. Slight though that chance may be. Valrin has his destiny to unlock, but is he going to get there before somebody finally destroys him?

This story is a great way to start off the series. Right from the start, the book has a lot of action and it never lets up. Williams did an excellent job writing this one, and he explains things in vivid detail to take to the reader right into the action along with the other characters.

“Mage Soul” is the second novel in the “Stormborn Saga” series, which was released in the year 2017. Will Valrin be able to save the one that saved him? Valrin secured the sailing ship of the ancients, he escaped from ruthless dwarven pirates, and is currently trying to embrace what it means to be Stormborn. The captain that guided him to his fate was struck by a poisonous bolt during their escape. The magic that attempted to heal him failed. The poison is something a whole lot worse.

They are tossed into an island because of a storm, they narrowly escape monstrous beasts attacking them when many strangers using magic like no other on the seas. It quickly becomes clear that the only help they can get is from these strangers, but it is not going to be that easy.

They have to travel deep inside of dwarven waters, looking for an Ice Mage’s friend. This is before they get to a cannibalistic user of earth magic shows how dangerous this quest really is. Valrin is going to learn of evil that goes beyond just pirates. But is he going to be able to have enough skill to save a whole entire race before time runs out?

J.T. Williams does a superb job of expanding on the world he created in the first book. He has written yet another stellar read that makes you ready to dive right into the next story in the series.

“Elf Bane” is the third novel in the “Stormborn Saga” series, which was released in the year 2017. Valrin and his crew are able to narrowly survive and make it east. Due to chance, they have learned about a gaseous poison the dwarves have that is capable of killing thousands. How is the Stormborn, with the ancients’ power at Valrin’s command, going to find a way to stop them?

He has to trust his shadow elf in searching for the Ice Mage’s mysterious daughter. She might prove to be a powerful ally, with sorcery and elemental magic unlike any before. Is her own dark secret make his own task tougher as Stormborn?

He fights to trust the very person they put their lives on the line to save while shadows descend down on the crew. Valrin calls on all of his courage to make it through the coming fight, he might have no choice to head to the very place that might ensure everyone’s death. Is courage going to be enough?

This book is an excellent conclusion to this fantastic fantasy trilogy. The entire trilogy has a great plot, characters that keep you engaged on everything going on, and superb world building. J.T. Williams pens stories that are tough to put down, and this is just the most recent example.

“Ranger’s Fury” is the fourth novel in the “Stormborn Saga” series, which was released in the year 2018. Fadis the Ranger left his boy with the elves many moons back. They were his only chance at the time, despite being his enemy at one time. He is now a changed man part of a crew under a sacred descendant’s command, he goes back to find the only member of his family still alive. The lands are much more dangerous than they were when he departed and his son doesn’t even know who he is now.

A chance encounter with a lethal rogue, her dad, and an ill dwarf who cannot be healed by any magic push them towards elven lands, where they will be safe. The way is shut to them. Darkness has descended upon the woodland. These elves have locked up their borders to most of the travelers. Part of their crew is allowed through, yet old prejudices still remain. This, as Fadis and Evurn (the shadow elf) are denied entry.

After being separated from their crew, Evurn and Fadis find out about a horrible plot that threatens all of the Western lands. Men, elves, and dwarves are about to be at each others throats, but their true enemy is awakening in the twilight realm. The pair have to warn their friends as well as the elves who could be the only ones who are able to stop the tragedy. Who will believe them, though?

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