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Publication Order of The Stormlight Archive Books

Brandon Sanderson is an American author of fiction. Born in 1975, he is well known for his work on the Stormlight Archive series of fiction. He is also the author of several other series of fiction, including the Elantris series, the Mistborn series, the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, and more. He has appeared on the New York Times list of bestsellers multiple times.

Sanderson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1975. He enjoyed reading as a child but never really enjoyed reading most of the books that were given or recommended to him. By the time that he was in middle school, he rarely read and didn’t open a book if he could avoid it. This did change when his 8th grade teacher handed him a book that he finally did enjoy– Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly.

He has written several novels. He first became a published author with the release of Elantris in 2005. He has written several novellas as well as a short fiction collection called Arcanum Unbounded. This short fiction collection is set in the Cosmere universe. It includes the Mistborn series as well as Stormlight Archive.

His novel Calamity was the finale of the Reckoners trilogy. The series has been a best seller and it began with the novel Steelheart. He has also written an ebook best selling novella called Infinity Blade Awakening for Epic Games. This went along with their iOS video game series, Infinity Blade. Tow more novellas were released in 2012, Legion and The Emperor’s Soul. Two young adult novels came out in 2013, The Rithmatist and Steelheart.

Sanderson is the only author that made the short list six times in a total of four years for the David Gemmell Legend Award. He did eventually win the award for his novel The Way of Kings in 2011. He also won the 2013 Hugo Award for best novella when it comes to his novella, The Emperor’s Soul.

He lives with his wife and children in Utah. He currently teaches creative writing at the nearby Brigham Young University. The Stormlight Archive series kicked off in 2010 with the release of the debut novel in the series, titled The Way of Kings. There are three books in the series. His writing of Dark One is being adapted for television.

The Way of Kings is the first novel in the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. This debut story in the saga kicks off this fantasy epic that will have readers turning the pages to find out what happens next!

This story is set in the world of Roshar. This is a place made of storms that rage and stone on the ground. This hard terrain is the rooted base of the world, which is a good thing because the powerful tempests that sweep through are very common. They shape the entire ecology of the region as well as the way that the civilization there lives.

When the bad weather sweeps through, all of the animals rush to hide. Even the trees and the grass do what they can to try and retract into the ground. Cities can only be constructed in areas where the land shape offers the appropriate shelter.

It has been several hundred years ever since the Knights Radiant fell. However, their mystical weapons and their suits of armor remain. The swords and armor still contain the power to change these men into warriors that are pretty much impossible to defeat. There are 10 of them, and they have untold value so much that people would trade entire kingdoms to get access to them.

There is currently a battle being fought on the Shattered Plains. The plains are a ruined landscape where nothing grows. It is there you can find Kaladin. He traded a valuable apprenticeship with medical professions in exchange for a spear that he could use to help protect his little brother. Now he has been reduced to slavery, fighting in a difficult war that is confusing.

The war makes no sense. A total of ten armies are fighting against just one foe. However, he’s going to do his best to try and save the men that he commands. He’s also trying to understand the thinking of the leaders, who clearly consider all of their lives eligible to be lost without a single thought.

Brightlord Dalinar Kholin is also in charge of some of the other armies. His brother was the late king, and just like his sibling, he has an obsession with an ancient text. The fascination is called The Way of Kings. Now he has begun to start to doubt that he is even sane thanks to visions that he is getting of the ancient times as well as regarding the Knights Radiant.

Meanwhile, a woman named Shallan is working across the ocean to train under Jasnah, Dalinar’s niece. Even though she loves to learn, Shallan is there to try and aid her plan of a daring theft. Now her research is hinting that there is more to the cause of this war and the Knights Radiant than first meets the eye. What will happen? Read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson to find out!

Words of Radiance is the exciting sequel to The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. If you loved the debut story in this series, then check out this story too!

Kaladin survived even though his enemies though that he would die as a military slave. Now he has survived in order to get command of royal bodyguard. That in and of itself was controversial, the first time that a darkeye of low status had been given that honor.

Now it’s his job to protect Dalinar and the king from common perils and the threat of the Assassin. At the same time, he must master new powers that are linked to someone he knows– Syl. As the Assassin grows more active in murder, and one of his targets may next be the Highprince Dalinar, secret power behind Alethi royal power.

Can Shallan try and prevent a legendary return of the Voidbringers and the following Desolation? The Shattered Plains may just hold the answers. Meanwhile, the Parshendi face a tough decision and shrinking numbers and attacks that may convince them to take a huge gamble with magic. What will happen? Read Words of Radiance to find out!

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