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Publication Order of Stormwalker Books

Stormwalker is a series of novels written by American bestselling author of romance, science fiction, and fantasy genres. Each novel in the series is a whole story that features a different beginning and an ending. However, the plot of each book heavily relies on the prior books in the series and thus it is recommended that you read the novels in order of their publication. The first book in Stormwalker series is Stormwalker published in 2010 while the second book is Firewalker released the same year as the first.


This is the first book in the series; it is a fantastic urban fiction. The novel introduces Janet Begay, a stormwater capable of harnessing power from a storm that she often uses it for protection. On the other hand, her mother is one pissed off goddess who wants Janet to open the vortexes around Magellan, AZ and set free the old creatures and gods. Janet has moved to Magellan to renovate a hotel and also assist the police chief in search for his daughter who apparently went missing while planning her wedding. The sheriff was her lover and also is a suspect. Janet Begay does absolutely nothing but to piss Sheriff Nash Jones for some reasons, but he also transforms her life into a living hell so does her mother who keeps on possessing women and trying to get them pregnant just like she did to Janet birth mother. Unfortunately, Janet is not that easy to manipulate, so her goddess mother keeps on trying for a new child however her magic is too powerful such that it only ends up killing the other women.

Soon enough, bodies start piling up left and right, and Janet finds herself being hunted by Skinwalkers Nightwalkers and the law. In the meantime, he lover, Mick who left five years ago is back, and he, a friend named Jamison and a god named Coyote are the only real allies to Janet.


This is the second book in Stormwalker series by Allyson James featuring Janet Begay as the lead character. It starts after the end of the debut novel. We met Janet, a Native American stormwalker who possesses the power of beneath from her goddess mother. She has settled in Magellan and runs a hotel that she was renovating in the first book of the series. She has also hired a witch by the name Cassandra to manage her hotel, and the business is good. Mick has been missing for three weeks now, and even though he has been open with Janet since the day, he found out that he is a dragon, but isn’t odd for him to be gone without notice.

Janet is capable of controlling storms, heal herself and spin some magic. Her beneath powers are getting stronger day by day and keep on informing her that she can be more strong if she were to embrace her dark side and unleash the stormwalker part of her. At times she finds herself conflicted but always tries hard to stick to what she believes is right. She realizes that her mother is one evil goddess and that she is also a Navajo and possesses powers to do good from her father’s and her grandmother’s blood. She understands well that the powers she possesses can be used to do good, help people and fights for whatever she believes is right regardless of who may disagree with her.

On the other hand, Coyote, Mick, and the dragons threaten to kill Janet if she dares use her beneath powers for any given reason. The dragons want to kill her not only because she opened the vortexes and tried to release her evil goddess mother but also because she is becoming powerful each and every day. This is the centerpiece of this novel as well as the decisions that Janet makes during her course that will either break or make her character eventually.

On the other hand, Mick is in big trouble with the dragon council for not killing Janet when he had the chance half a decade ago. Instead of putting an end to her life, he fell in love with her, saved her and ran away with her to keep her away from the vortexes and Magellan. Now that he has made Janet his lover, and caused a series of problems, he is forced to show up and be tried for the crimes he is committed and the penalty for this offense death.

Reading the novel, you will encounter, Sheriff Nash, the one character that you will hate when you read the debut book in this series. However, in this second installment, you will find him coming close to redeeming himself for his previous evil acts against Janet and for his bad behavior for blaming her for everything that happened in Magellan.

In Firewalker, you will find Sheriff Nash protecting her against several serious attacks. He somehow has mature and understands the role that he is expected to play in this second novel. He has transformed and no longer the nonbeliever that the author first introduced. He has met changers, demons, nightwalkers, and dragons.

The author also introduces other new characters along the way. For instance, you will find a new character by the name Colby (dragon). Apparently, it appears that he and Mick have had a rocky past together, but Mick seems to trust him as far as he can toss him. He claims that he has no any hidden agenda but only to make sure that Mick gets a just trial from the dragon council whom he believes is corrupt. However, he seems to be interested in taking Janet to bed. In other words, Colby can be said to be an arrogant prick, rebel rouser, sexual deviant, however, in the end; it is only the results that matter.

You will find Coyote a difficult character to understand. One moment you find her wanting to take Janet to bed and telling her how much he loves her. Then the next minute you find him telling her that he is going to kill her because of using her beneath powers to help others. You will find a budding relationship between Cassandra and a newly introduced character who is a changer.

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