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Publication Order of Stormwatch Books

Debra Webb is a best-selling author who has penned over one hundred and fifty books during the course of her career. She has also received several awards for her writing, including a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times, Reviewers Choice Awards, the L.A. Banks Warrior Woman Award, and the Centennial Award.

She has had over four million of her books put into print and sold all over the world. Debra has always loved storytelling ever since she was a child, so much so that her mother bought her a typewriter to use from a tag sale. She grew up in Alabama, exploring the world around her farm and coming up with her stories, writing her first at nine. She worked in Berlin for three years and five years for NASA until she realized that she really wanted to pursue writing, and eventually took the leap– and never looked back!

Vicki Hinze is a best-selling author who has won several awards. She has written articles, nonfiction, and fiction. She is an educator and worked as a columnist for years as well as a radio talk show host before that. Vicki was a Vice President for International Thriller Writers, a group she belongs to along with the Mystery Writers of America, ALLi, Novelists, Inc., and the Southern Independent Booksellers Association. She also is a consultant for the RWA Board of Directors and several other writing organizations.

Cindy Gerard has been addicted to writing ever since she sold her first book. Now she’s written several books and won awards to match. She can’t really remember life before writing, but knows she had one. Cindy works full-time as a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services, which she finds rewarding and challenging. It’s taught her a lot about the human condition as well.

Cindy’s writing has made her a best-selling author with many nominations and awards. She has won a National Reader’s Choice Ward and the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence. She’s also been nominated for the RITA Awards several times. In addition to working and writing, Cindy is married and likes spending time with her husband, who is a cowboy. She has a passion for collecting pink depression glass and gardening, and maintains a perennial garden with Tom, her husband. They have horses, two dogs, and a son Kyle.

Regan Black is a best-selling author who writes romance novels with heroines that are confident and capable and the attractive heroes that fall for them. She shares her house with her husband as well as two cats in South Carolina. There, romance, legend and history help to aid her imagination.

Peggy Webb is a best-selling author from Mississippi. She has written several novels, humorous magazine columns, and two screenplays. She writes romantic comedies as herself but uses the pen names of Elaine Hussey and Anna Michaels. Her work has been very well received and she is not just a writer but a musician and an actress. She has acted in several local community stage plays. Peggy enjoys playing piano, gardening, singing in the choir at church, hanging with friends on the front porch and spending time with her dogs. She loves her children and her adorable grandchildren.

Rita Herron is a best-selling and award-winning author. She has loved books ever since eight years old when she read a Trixie Belden mystery book. She became a teacher instead of writing but eventually gave it up to write full time. She’s now penned over ninety books and loves it.

The Stormwatch series is created and written by Debra Webb, Vicki Hinze, Cindy Gerard, Regan Black, Peggy Webb, and Rita Herron. The first book in the series is Frozen Ground. The second novel to come out is Deep Freeze. Then came the third novel, Wind Chill. The fourth novel is titled Black Ice, followed by the fifth novel Snow Brides, and the sixth novel Snow Blind.

Frozen Ground is the first book in the Stormwatch series by Debra Webb, Vicki Hinze, Cindy Gerard, Regan Black, Peggy Webb & Rita Herron. This is an interesting thriller so check it out!

The storm comes in the night like a thief. Winter Storm Holly is bringing winds, below zero temperatures, and feet of snowfall, the worst storm in eighty years. The weather is a huge threat, paralyzing all it comes across.

Abbey Gray is a woman who is burned out. The best-selling suspense author needs some time away from it all, the busy life in New York, the deadlines, the personal appearances. Abbey is going back to her hometown in Montana to hide, she tries to start writing her next novel. She’s hoping that she’ll feel more creative thanks to the time alone, but then there’s a murder next door.

It reminds her of the memories she has of her mother, who was also murdered. The details are similar, but can they help her recall the truth about the past? Is she a potential next victim? Meanwhile, the storm is heading for the town, and no one will escape what is coming.

Then there’s Sheriff Garrett Gilmore, who has been waiting for Abbey to return for some time and has known her family all his life. But Garrett has to focus on solving a homicide and catching a killer. With a gigantic storm coming to Montana, will they survive? Can the Sheriff catch the murderer? Read this book to find out!

Deep Freeze is the second book in the Stormwatch series by Debra Webb, Vicki Hinze, Cindy Gerard, Regan Black, Peggy Webb & Rita Herron. If you liked the first book in this series, check this one out too!

Emma Miller is pretending to be a reporter but is a probationary security consultant. But with a huge storm hitting, she’s stuck at Portal International Airport. She has been reassigned to help protect a Containment Lab that is top-secret in the airport that has some of the most deadly bio-contaminate diseases in the world. The lab is also about to be attacked by terrorists that want to sell pathogens on the black market.

Dr. Gregory Mason Martin runs the lab as a bio-containment specialist. He knows Emma, having grown up together and gone to school together. She has always fascinated him, but she’s also dated many men, so he’s stayed away. He can’t bring himself to trust her. Now, years later, they have to work together to guard the lab and prevent the terrorists from getting the pathogens they want.

They also have to protect the pathogens from Storm Holly, which is coming their way. The pathogens being stolen will mean the terrorists have a way to hold the world hostage or send it into a terrible pandemic if the microbes get out that could take out nations. Emma and Gregory are putting their lives on the line for this, but still reluctant to be vulnerable with each other. Will they find courage through the challenges that come their way and can they save the country? Read this book to find out!

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