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Publication Order of The Strain Trilogy Books

By: Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan

The strain is a novel series authored by Guillermo Del Toro; a Mexican producer, screenwriter and novelist born on October 9th, 1964. The novel series contains three books that form a trilogy. The books are based on modern vampire science fiction and flow in a chronological manner providing definite guidelines and vivid descriptions. The first installment of the series that is ‘The strain’ was released in 2009. Initially, Guillermo had intended the story line to be cast as a TV series but after disappoints in finding a buyer, he was advised to turn the story into a novel series. It was during this period that he partnered with Chuck Hogan who is an American author and also a screenwriter.

The events in the novel take place in modern America where a certain unknown strain of a disease is affecting the American citizens. At first very few people are aware of the misfortune that has befallen the American soil. At the center of it all is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which assigns a team to investigate the on-going infection. The team is headed by Doctor Ephraim Good weather and his counterpart Doctor Nora Martinez. The duo and their team soon discover the cause of the infection but their investigations are frustrated when they are ordered not to disclose their findings following pressure from unknown sources. Anarchy soon spreads in the streets of New York as more and more people are infected and turned into vampires.

The writer introduces and retains several characters throughout the series. There is, however, five characters that stand out and are mentioned in almost all the scenes. The first character is Doctor Ephraim Goodweather. The doctor heads the Canary project that is a department of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which is charged with the responsibility of handling biological threats. Goodweather is introduced as having problems with his marriage and later loses his wife to the plague. He remains with his son, Zack and vows to protect him by joining the fight against the Master.

Doctor Nora Martinez is another character having a lot of Impact in the novel series. She is a counterpart of Doctor Goodweather at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and also his lover. Martinez supports Goodweather and the two are engaged in a romantic affair after Goodweather separates with his wife. Doctor Martinez vows to join the fight against the pandemic after losing her mother early in the story.

Professor Abraham Setrakian is Jew in his late years; that has had past experience with the pandemic that face Americans. He is introduced as being paranoid and delirious when he tries to warn the Center for Disease control and Prevention of the impending danger. In his youthful days, his grandmother used to tell him of tales of an evil creature that devoured the human race. Following his encounter with the Master during his days as a prisoner and subsequent loss of his wife, Abraham dedicated his life to finding and destroying the master.

The Master. He an ancient creature and the face of the malicious attacks on the innocent American citizens He is of the seven ancients; creatures known to be propagating the vampire race all over the world. He seeks to control the human race and to do so; he breaks the truce made among the seven ancients. He is described as possessing extraordinary powers such as immense strength and speed, the power to read thoughts and healing powers among others.

Vasiliy Fet. He is an exterminator working in New York City for the Bureau of Pest control. He learns of the peculiar events taking place in the city during his normal duty routines. He links up with doctor Goodweather and Professor Setrakian in the fight against the Master. He is described as being physically strong, and he uses this strength together with his hunting instincts to slay and destroy the vampires.

There are other characters that appear severally in the cause of the novel. One of them is Eldritch Palmer. He is one of the richest men in the world and has entered into a truce with the Master. Another character is Augustine Elizalde, who finds himself in the middle of the fight against the Master after his mother falls victim to him.

The first book of the trilogy is ‘The Strain’. It begins at the JFK International Airport. A Boeing 777 lands at the airport and everything goes silent aboard the plane. Following an investigation by the airport authorities, everyone if found dead with no signs of physical struggle. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is contacted, and a team lead by Doctor Goodweather arrives at the scene to instigate a potential biological threat. A quick examination by the team reveals no traces of viral or bacterial infection on any of the bodies. In a baffling turn of events, four people thought to have died on the plane survive. These include three passengers and the captain of the plane. The plain’s arrival is prior to an impending total solar eclipse that is predicted to occur in New York in a half-days’ time. A peculiar cargo in the plane manages to escape the airport’s vicinity and is ferried across the East River by Augustine, who is ignorant of the cargo. Abraham is notified of the events occurring at the airport through the media, and he is immediately alerted that the Master has arrived. He immediately sets to meet Doctor Goodweather and his team and urges them to destroy the bodies immediately. Oblivious to the warnings, Goodweather dismisses the Abraham’s please viewing him as paranoid and unsettle. Dramatic events take place in the next twenty-four hours. The so thought dead passengers transform into vampires and escape the morgue returning to their families where they spread the infection. From the families of the’dead passengers,’ the infection is spread to the neighborhoods, and it covers ground very quickly. Amidst the confusion, Setrakian manages to convince Goodweather and Martinez to kill the Master so as to contain the spread. Apparently Killing the Master destroys all the other vampires. In the process, Good weather’s ex-wife is infected, and she is on a mission to find her son and infect him too.

‘The fall,’ which is the second book of the series picks up from the events occurring at the end of the first book. At this stage, the infection has covered much ground. The Master enters into a truce with Eldritch Palmer. The Master promises him eternal life in exchange for his help in the spread of the infections. Eldritch, who is considered to be among the richest man in the world, uses his resources and influence to break down the communication systems. This move ensures that the spread of the infection is smooth and without resistance. Having tried to destroy the master and failed, Abraham places his hope on a long lost book that is purported to contain information on how the Master can be destroyed. The trail of the book that goes by the name Occido Lumen has gone cold, and he has to start from scratch in retracing its steps. The Ancients are also in a quest to destroy the Master, who broke their ancient truce and have trained Augustine to be a foot soldier since they cannot walk in the sunlight.

The novel series is currently being aired on Fx having made its premiere on July 13th, 2014. The TV series which goes by the name ‘The Strain’ is directed by Carlton Cuse.

The writer combines science fiction and creative writing to keep the reader captivated throughout the novel series. The Clear and precise flow of events taking place in the novels allows the readers to follow the story line smoothly without any incidences of confusion. If you are a modern vampire science fiction lover, then this is the book for you.

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