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Struggle For A Crown Books In Order

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Publication Order of Struggle For A Crown Books

Blood on the Crown (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Murder a King (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Throne (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King Henry IV (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Road to Agincourt (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
St Crispin's Day (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Battle for France (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Knight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen's Knight (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Knight's Tale (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Griff Hosker is a successful English author of fictional novels, mainly in the historical fiction genre.

The author was born in Lancashire, St. Helen’s, in 1950. He attended Cowley Grammar School when younger, a grammar school for boys. When he became an adult, he qualified to be a teacher and started teaching drama and English in the North East section of England. He would go on to teach for thirty-five years.

During this time, he penned a lot of musicals and plays for the students to put on. One of them was Shakespeare the Musical, while another was The Journey, performed in 2000 at the Millennium Dome. He took a break from teaching to establish his own consultancy firm. He continued to work as an advisor at colleges and schools. The line of work eventually ended to what the author attributed to the conservative new government. He then found that he had more time on his hands than he had originally bargained for and needed to make some use out of it.

He had worked since the young age of fifteen years old, so Griff was not accustomed to wasting time. With all of this time available to him, he wanted to do something useful and productive with it. He ended up actively researching history with the intentions of writing a book influenced and based on what he had found. He looked into the period of history where the Romans had invaded Britain and began turning what he had found out into a novel. This would become his acclaimed novel, The Sword of Carmandua.

The author still writes historical fiction to this day and also likes to read other authors’ books in the genre. His stories that take place in certain times of history are all carefully researched. The author also makes a point of having the characters be true to the time and not act and speak like a modern man or woman would. Griff is thrilled with his choice to become an author and does not regret making the jump to writing fiction in any way!

When he is not busy writing, Hosker likes to learn more about history, read books, and even visit castles. He writes for adults but has also written for younger audiences, as with his book Great Granny’s Ghost. The book is intended for children, and he goes to schools that have bought the books to speak to the children and let them get to know a real-life author! He has been a featured speaker at a variety of award ceremonies. He plans on doing more public speaking in the future.

Griff Hosker is the creator and the author of the Struggle for a Crown series of fictional novels. The series got started with the publication of the first novel, Blood on the Crown. The second novel came out shortly after and is called To Murder a King. That was followed by the release of the third novel, titled The Throne. The fourth novel came after and is titled King Henry IV. The fifth novel is called The Road to Agincourt, and the sixth novel is titled St. Crispin’s Day.

Blood on the Crown is the first book in the Struggle for a Crown series by Griff Hosker. If you want to read something new and love historical fiction, give this book a try!

The story is set in the second half of the fourteenth century. Will, whose father is Harry, is on the verge of joining one of the mercenary groups that serve the Black Prince in Spain and Gascony. They are soldiers of fortune and the reward for their fighting is being paid and getting loot. Through circumstances, Will comes to the attention of Prince Edward.

Prince Edward is the heir to the English throne and picks Will as a bodyguard for sons Edward and Richard. Then the Black Prince dies, and Richard’s older brother Edward dies too. Now Richard of Bordeaux will be heir to the throne at a very young age. Will has even more responsibility than he anticipated. He is king at ten years old.

Attempted murder, intrigue, and a revolt by the Kent, Essex and London peasants mean that the young King as well as his bodyguard are in significant danger. They must take precautions to make sure that they are safe with so many threats out there. Can Will protect Richard and make sure that they survive this? Read this book based on the real-life events of 1367 to 1382 to find out more and follow along as the fight for the crown begins!

To Murder a King is the second book in the Struggle for a Crown series by Griff Hosker. If you liked the events of the first novel, be sure to check out the engaging sequel for yourself.

Main character Will Strongstaff has been able to accomplish far more in life than he ever thought that he could. For one thing, he is a gentleman. He also happens to own land which is not something everyone can say, and he is married with a wife and children. Despite having a family, he is still a warrior.

This means that he has taken an oath and he has to honor it. King Richard is now being influenced by the evil Earl of Oxford, one Robert de Vere. Then Henry Bolingbroke, cousin of the King, calls and sends for Will to go and fight in Galicia for John of Gaunt, his father. Will then has to go back to the same world where he grew up, the world where the hired sword is a way of life.

But when it comes to this time around, Will Strongstaff has enemies waiting for him on the battlefield but also more enemies close by. When killers try to murder his new lord Henry Bolingbroke, he knows that he has got to take them on. Will he be able to handle these murderers and send them off packing? Read this exciting historical fiction novel to find out!

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