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Publication Order of Studs in Spurs Books

Studs in Spurs is a series that tells the story of sexy cowboys who know what to do and what to say. When the country boys encounter a city chick, everyone’s in for the ride of their life. Mustang Jackson and Slade Bower are enjoying the good life as professional bull riders. The bulls are musty, and the girls are willing and there is a lot of money to be won as prize money. But then there’s something missing, and for Slade, sleeping with different women in different cities appears to be less appealing. Try as he might, Mustang can’t be successful in shaking things up, which is a bit frustrating.

But the scene changes when an author from the big city comes to town, and she is like nothing that the country boys have ever encountered. There’s something about her that makes Slade notice her, and you know that Mustang is ever willing to try something new. Jenna Block is a romance writer but she has a bit of a problem. Her agent thinks that a cowboy novel can revive her career. Having been born in New York, Jenna is not interested in cowboys, whether as a writer or in her real life.
But luck is on her side because there are two cowboys who are ready and willing to take her to the wild side in every manner that counts, and in some ways that she didn’t count on. Jenna’s agent had told her that writing romance stories had become a bit boring, and that she needed to make her love scenes spicier. So her agent asks her to think about writing a cowboy romance because it is currently the hottest trend. Jenna figures that since she is on her way to Tulsa for a romance writers meeting, she can do a bit of research while she’s in town, and study cowboys at the bull riding circuit.
At the event, she meets two best friends in the shape of Mustang, a blonde charmer and Slade, a dark and intense man. These two men had never met any woman that they could not conquer, usually together. As Jenna begins to ask for their help about putting a bull rider’s perspective into her novel, the guys are very critical about her lame sex scenes. Things start to become personal but Jenna doesn’t have any intentions of becoming physical with the two persistent Romeos.

But then it’s her birthday and she is felling a bit down because her career has stalled, and she thinks that these two studs may be able to bring some cheer into her life as well as her writing proficiency. However, Jenna is concerned that the physical chemistry might turn emotional. Jenna and the two sexy men might need to be prepared for the events that happen next. This book somehow contrives to be comical, cute and steaming hot. Some ménage scenes are also thrown in for good measure. Jenna is a heroine who comes out as a loveable and relatable character while the two men turn out to be really sweet.

The second book in the Studs in Spurs series is called ‘Buck’, and it tells the story of a cowboy who’s looking to find more than an 8-second ride. If there are two things that Mustang Jackson can do well, it is to ride the bulls and adore women. So when he gets injured and can’t participate at the bull riding arena, he’s left with just one way of making a living. The unfortunate thing is that getting paid as a sexy stud on camera is not as fun compared to private conquests.

So when he happens to catch a sight of Sage Beckett, without her glasses, pigtails and braces that he remembers, chilling in his town becomes more interesting. The thing is that Sage used to have an infatuation for Michael a long time before he began using his ridiculous nickname of Mustang. However, after hearing about his sexual conquests, the man actually lived up to his nickname. In times past, the man often ignored her but now that he is back to his hometown, Sage is intent on capturing and taming this untamed stallion, by any means necessary.

Satisfying her curiosity is at the top of Sage’s agenda, but with his every touch, she is less convinced that she can purge him out of her system. And once nestled in her loving arms, Mustang starts to think that domestication could be a good thing for him. However, what will happen when she discovers his side hustle? Will she stick around or run for the hills? Even though Mustang has some attraction towards Sage, he’s not interested in starting something that he can’t finish. He has his sights set on getting back to the bull riding circuit and Sage is a young woman with her entire life in front of her.

No matter how beautiful Sage is, Mustang feels that it’s not the right thing to become involved with the girl, but the fact that she appears to know him so well only makes things harder. When Mustang naively takes up a job as a “model”, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. He soon discovers that the gig is actually nude modeling, and Mustang soon finds himself participating in porn movies. Mustang is not a very sharp person and he can at times be immature. But he has a heart of gold and he can also be charming and sexy.

Even though he has some flaws, Mustang is a likeable character and he is often finding himself in very tricky situations. You want to root for the guy but his decision making is not quite up to scratch. Plus he has to be honest with Sage about the things that he has been doing behind the scenes, which is not an easy thing to do. So will Mustang and Sage finally fall in love or will their everyday struggles wither any semblance of a relationship? If you want to find out what happens next, grab yourself a copy of Bucked, an inspirational love story by Cat Johnson.

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