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You Only Live Once (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Open Road (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where the Sun Never Sets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stuti Changle contemporary fiction and self-help Indian author that is best known for her debut novel “On the Open Road.”

Stuti Changle hails from Indore, India, and completed her schooling at several schools across the country.

For college, she got a degree in Technology and Computer Science. She would then attend the International Management Institute in New Delhi where she earned a postgraduate degree in management.

In 2016 as a twenty-three-year-old, she packed her bags and left Mumbai to find herself. On her minimalist journey, she met all manner of people from saints, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and artists that inspired her to take a new direction in her life.

Writing is something that Stuti has always wanted to do ever since she was a child. She published Her debut novel “On the Open Road” in 2018 and the work went on to become an Amazon Kindle bestselling title.

Her novel has been nominated for several literary awards including the Gurgaon literature festival.

In 2018, she founded “Spotlight” her first startup, which is what she works on during the day.

For an author, Stuti Changle is very unusual, given that she got a degree in the sciences and worked in management before she became a writer.
During her days working the 9-5, she had the usual comfortable and boring life with the corporate perks. After she got home from work, she used to walk around her middle-class neighborhood and sometimes get into cafes to type her experiences on her iPad or scribble notes in her diary.

While she had a very good job, she often used to wonder what her life purpose was. Changle always wondered why she felt a lot more comfortable when she was writing than when she was doing anything else.

Working the 9-5 was chasing after security but she started questioning her existence and it soon became an obsession. She had an existential crisis yet she was so young.

She felt she was not the person she was meant to be and had to take action to become the person destiny had decreed for her. Storytelling was something she wanted to do even if there was a lot of uncertainty and she was not so sure that she could make it.

Stuti Changle penned the manuscript for her debut novel “The Open Road” while she was working at a major corporation. She was sipping a cappuccino and wondering about her next move then.

Feeling empty inside, she felt it was time to pursue the dream of becoming an author. She came to realize that far too many millennials including her colleagues and friends were struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

From then on, she started taking time in the evenings to develop her plot lines and characters. Since she uses her work experiences to pen most of her stories, they usually come across as very relatable. She has said that she writes to inspire readers to follow their hearts and live their dreams.

As a traveler at heart, Stuti is often moving away from material possessions and often travels. This provides her with a lot of real-life experiences that she uses in her novels.

“On the Open Road” by Stuti Changle is a beautiful literary fiction novel that tells the story of Sandy, Kabir, and Myra.
Myra is a software engineer who needs to leave her 9 to 5 and establish her own startup company.

Kabir is the CEO of his father’s company and is a shrewd businessman who would love to strike out on his own.

Sandy is Kabir’s best friend since childhood and is a part-time developer who would jump at the start of working on a startup with his friend.

The three of them have in common their big dreams and desire to leave behind their regular and normal routine to find something very different and forge a new country. They have quite the struggle trying to find some clients and an investor and they almost run out of patience and are persistent.

Myra leaves Mumbai to go find herself and some new ideas and the three meet at a trek stop. Kabir had left Delhi and all the wealth he had and took sandy with him ending at the same pit stop with Myra where they form a three-man partnership.

From there they combine their ideas to make for an exceptional partnership that causes ripples in their world.

Stuti Changle’s novel “You Only Live Once” introduces the queen of hearts and pop sensation Elisha. The Goa native had gotten married to a rich Czech businessman but went missing a few years later.

Alara is convinced Elisha is her mother and is heading to Goa to find her, believing she is still alive and living under an assumed identity.
Another important character is Goan student Aarav who is working as an intern at a local bank so that he can support his family. He usually works as a standup comedian working at tiny venues during the evenings.

After hearing the story of Elisha he is also interested in meeting the woman.

But the crazy old guy named Ricky who runs a ramshackle business and knew Elisha from when they were children wishes he never met her. It does seem there is a dark secret to Elisha that could change everything for the three if it came out.

At the center of it is Alara, who is looking for Elisha and in the process, she meets Ricky and Aarav among several other characters from Goa. After several weeks they all realize they have higher goals than searching for a missing person.

“On the Open Road Three Lives. Five Cities. One Dream” by Stuti Changle opens to Myra looking to quit her job, Sandy dropping out of college, and Kabir resigning from the board.

They are restless twenty-something-year-olds who are on the cusp of life-changing decisions. They battle societal taboos and inner demons as they seek to live a life of no regrets.

But on their journey, they have to deal with an unending fear, devastating loss ad many other challenges.

Will they be able to achieve their shared dream of starting a revolutionary business or will they give up due to the many challenges they face on the road to freedom.

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