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Publication Order of Subtle Lovers Books

Subtle Lovers is a series of erotic romance novels written by Beth Kery. The books explore the love lives of a race of beings called the Watchers.

+The Story

Beth Kery was primarily known for her romance novels before she wrote the Subtle Lovers series. The books began publication in 2008. At the time, the paranormal genre was gaining momentum and it wasn’t unheard of for romance authors to experiment with the field.

In fact, by the late 2000s, the paranormal and romance genres were so commonly blended together that it became rather common to find a heavy dose of romance in any paranormal series you stumbled across.

The pattern never really went away and paranormal romance became more of a genre in its own right rather than an insignificant sub-genre. It came as little surprise when Beth Kery, an author of romance, jumped aboard the paranormal romance train in 2008 and wrote ‘Subtle Magic’.

The book introduces readers to Duse Ammadon, a member of a paranormal race of beings called Watchers. As a Watcher, Duse has a litany of abilities, this including a long life and the power to reincarnate.

Duse lost his mate centuries ago. And he has waited patiently for Skylar to be reincarnated. Duse Ammadon’s pain was engineered by a renegade Watcher called Asmoday who killed his brother’s mate.

Now Asmoday has his sights set on Skylar. But Duse has no intention of letting the love of his life fall prey to Asmoday. There’s a spell of protection that he can cast to protect her from the watcher’s abilities.

However, for it to take effect, Duse has to make love to her. But that is easier said than done. Just because they are life mates don’t mean Skylar knows or even trusts Duse. Under normal circumstances, Duse would take his time to seduce Skylar, introduce her to the ways of the Watchers and slowly but surely bring her under his thrall.

However, Duse does not have that luxury, not with the looming threat of Asmoday. Duse must find a quick and effective way to lure Skylar into his bed.

‘Subtle Magic’ is often the means by which people are either sold or repulsed by this series. Individuals that appreciate the novel typically proceed to finish the series. Individuals that struggle with the ideas introduced in ‘Subtle Magic’ rarely make it past the sequel.

‘Subtle Magic’ is a dense book. The page count suggests otherwise. However, the author crams a lot into the first novel. And that matters because one must understand the concepts in the first book if they are to make sense of the stories in the sequels.

All the books center on the race of beings known as the watchers. Each story has two primary elements to it. The most important of these is the relationships the watchers have with their mates.

As is often the case with paranormal romance, watchers are compelled to find individuals with whom they will bond for life. That bond extends beyond the physical into the mental and spiritual.

So strong is this connection that Watchers whose mates die suffer immeasurably. Fortunately, it is possible for watchers to be reunited with their dead mates when they manifest once more in the bodies of beautiful women.

It takes the women a while to realize what they are. They are initially aware that they are special, primarily because they have awakened unique powers. Over time, they discover their mate, learn that he is no ordinary person, unearth their past life and begin a new journey with the one person with whom they will be bonded for all time.

The vast majority of the stories told within the Subtle Lovers series revolve around the pain that Watchers endure when they lose their mates, the joy they experience when they rediscover them and the seductive dance they initiate to win them back.

In some cases, the mates that have been reincarnated are greatly changed, warped by their encounter with Asmoday. The Watcher of each new novel must find a way to overcome this mental scarring to reach the true soul within.

Asmoday’s importance is only second to the romance between Watchers and their mates. He has a grudge to settle with the Ammadons. He spends the series trying to kill all the beautiful women who could act as their mates, thereby depriving them of an essential aspect of their existence.

Beth Kery’s specialty is sex. Her romance novels are filled with sensual activity and that is especially true for the Subtle Lovers series. in fact, in these books, sex is a weapon, one that is put to good use on numerous and sometimes random occasions throughout the series.

The author goes to great lengths to vary her sex scenes and to add imaginative elements.

The Subtle Lovers series has been criticized for being too complicated. Not only does Beth Kery make a concerted effort to develop a detailed and imaginative world, she also spends a lot of time trying to explain it.

And for some readers, she always ends up confusing them. Her books feature a lot of strange names and terms and concepts and scientific explanations that rarely impact the romance.

Some audiences have also complained that her sex scenes become quite disgusting in some places, especially when she tries to vary them by giving her characters additional body parts.

+Subtle Magic

Duse Ammadon spent over four centuries away from his life mate. But he doesn’t think he can wait another minute, not when she has been reincarnated and the evil watcher Asmoday has set his sights on her.

Duse is determined to keep Skylar safe from Asmoday’s depravity. But the only way to guarantee her safety is to make love to her immediately. That means forgoing all the seduction and finding a way of quickly luring her into his bed even when she doesn’t remember their past together.

+Subtle Touch

Asmoday is back and he won’t stop his scheming until he has made the Ammadons suffer. This time he has decided to attack all those powerful women that could become mates for the Watchers.

Sophia Galanis doesn’t know that she has been targeted by Asmoday or that Che Ammadon has sworn to claim her.

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