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Publication Order of Sue Barton Books

Sue Barton, Student Nurse (1936)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Senior Nurse (1937)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse (1938)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Rural Nurse (1939)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Superintendent of Nurses (1940)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Neighborhood Nurse (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sue Barton, Staff Nurse (1952)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sue Barton is the protagonist and lead character in the seven series novel penned down by Helen Dore Boylston. The book series was written by the year 1936 and 1952 by Little, Brown, and Company. After the initial publication, several imprints followed. The Sue Barton book series follows the life of one, Sue Barton, through her training as a nurse and her work life as well. Sue begins her training as a student nurse. Eventually, she meets with her friends Kit and Connie as well as her husband to be. Sue manages to have several adventures as she trains, including saving a feverish patient from trying to jump through a window, while he was recovering from an appendix surgery to falling down a laundry shaft. In the installment, Senior Nurse, Sue completes her training that includes obstetrics and psychiatric nursing. Sue also becomes engaged to one Bill towards the end of the book.

With the publisher’s note, Boylston stated that all the events that happened in the first book were based on real events. The Connie, Kit and Bill characters were as well based on real people. There were instances that the author used real identities of the characters, while there were other instances where the author, Helen Dore Boylston used pseudonyms. The author, Hellen Dore Boylston denied the fact that the Sue Barton series was her autobiography. The author, Helen Dore Boylston claims that Sue Barton was the kind of person that she wished she was and she had lots of fun creating Sue Barton. Visiting Nurse, another highly entertaining installment in the Sue Barton book series, the story follows Sue and Kit as they venture New York city so that they can join Henry Street Settlement Nurses that was created by one Lillian Wald. In this book, Connie eventually gets married and Bill, on the other hand, pressures Sue Barton to marry him. Sue turns down Bill’s advances since she wants to repay the training that she had received while she was at the Settlement House.

At one instance, Sue assists an elderly patient by making her dream of travel a reality, by giving her the money that she was to use to buy her wedding clothes. Rural Nurse is another installment in the Sue Barton book series. In this installment Sue leaves the Visiting Nurses and returns home, only to find out that a tragic accident has, in turn, left Bill under the care of a disabled brother. Until things are settled, Bill cannot marry Sue. Sue decides to settle herself as a visiting rural nurse home in Springfield and eventually finds herself at the center of a typhoid breakout. In the initial pages of Superintendent Nurse, Bill eventually gets married to Bill. She even serves as the head of the nursing school, which is located at New Hospital in Springfield. However, as time goes by, Sue discovers that her marriage with Bill is not all that and also she begins to question her ability to deliver as the head nurse.

Student Nurse

Student Nurse is the first book in the Sue Barton book series. As the first book in the series, Student Nurse introduces the readers to Sue Barton. This installment was penned down in the year 1936, by the critically acclaimed author, Sue Barton. In Student Nurse, Sue Barton is in her first year as a student nurse and as a probationer. Sue attends schools that are far away from her hometown. She also can make new friends and also catch the eyes of one, Dr. Barry, one of the most eligible interns. Sue also gets the chance of having all kinds of experiences, which will leave the reader crying, laughing and even wishing intensely that they were present as all these things happen. Along with her two closest friends, Connie and Kit, Sue Barton learns the discipline as well as the hard work that normally comes with being a nurse at one of the biggest hospitals in the United States.

Along the way, Sue also gets to learn many life lessons as well. With that said, Student Nurse is an exceedingly fascinating portrayal of nursing. The writing is not only great, but it also feels sophisticated and amazingly well.

Senior Nurse

Senior Nurse is the second book in the second book in the Sue Barton book series. In Senior Nurse, we meet Sue and her gang Kit and Connie back in the wards. Connie is exceedingly scared as it is her turn to serve as an operating nurse. During the first operation, it is Bill’s intervention that stops her from fainting. Connie struggles to stay sober while she is still on the job and finds it exceedingly boring when she is away from the patients. George, on the other hand, appears to drive a wedge between Sue and Bill. There is lots of humor in Senior Nurse. Having Tony causing trouble in the ward led to an exceedingly funny scene. There were instances when the operating nurses began to play a trick on some of the new girls, thereby putting Willie in a foul mood. Sue and Bill’s relationship develops further. However, Sue is not exceedingly smart about the relationship.

Sue is blinded by the fact that Bill is in love with her and also by the fact that Bill wants to have a rather serious relationship with her. She has no option but to face her confused feelings and to stay in touch with Bill; Sue chooses to use a letter.

Visiting Nurses

In this book, Sue and Kit are more than excited, to be accepted in the exceedingly famous Henry Street Nursing Home that is located in New York City. The two are going to become visiting nurses. However, their joy is short lived when they learn that Connie is not going to join them since she will be giving up on the opportunity so that she can prepare for her upcoming wedding. Furthermore, they will be staying in a haunted house; thereby things are going to be exceedingly exciting. Serving as visiting nurses, the two girls are educated families on how to take care of the sick, teach them about hygiene and health as well as getting employment and financial aid as well.

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