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Sullivan’s Crossing Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sullivan's Crossing Books

What We Find (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Day Now (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Family Gathering (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Best of Us (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Country Guesthouse (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robyn Carr is an author of fiction. She once studied to be a nurse but tried writing while married and has not looked back since! She enjoys traveling around the world along with her husband, who is happily retired. She resides in Las Vegas in the heart of Nevada along with her husband. They have children and grandchildren to spend time with when Carr is not busy writing!

Robyn’s books are best sellers and with over 60 books in her roster, she has left quite a legacy. She has won many awards and received honors over the course of her career. Readers may know her from the many fictional series with many novels within that she has penned over the years such as the Virgin River series.

Robyn Carr is known for the rustic and popular Sullivan’s Crossing series. The series kicked off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel. It was quickly followed by a sequel and the third book came out in 2018 and is titled The Family Gathering.

What We Find is the first novel in Robyn Carr’s intriguing fictional series, Sullivan’s Crossing. If you like stories that are set out in nature and full of twists and turns, then check out this book!

The story opens up with the introduction of Maggie Sullivan, the main character. She has a very tough job; every day she goes to work and operates on people as a neurosurgeon. The pressure that is on her on a regular basis is a lot, and Maggie is starting to get indications that she needs to take a break. If she doesn’t, the burn out may be too great to combat.

In an effort to save her career and maintain her sanity, Maggie decides that it’s time for her to take a break. She has to make a conscientious effort to slow the way that she lives all the way down before it truly takes her out and she has to put aside more time off of work than she can realistically afford. She decides that the ideal location to go and rest and recover would be Sullivan’s Crossing.

The place is named after her great grandfather and is rural Colorado at it’s finest. Her father, Sully, owns the general store and the land there, and Maggie is looking forward to the chance to get some rest away from the stresses of the big city. Maybe going back to the land here is just the thing that she needs to recharge her batteries.

Maggie’s looking forward to spending some time in the outdoors and living a simple way of life for a time. But things are destined to get a little bit crazy in ways that she never anticipated on her road to healing. It’s up to Maggie to take on the Crossing for the time being, even if she isn’t sure that she wants to.

Maggie could use some help and she finds it in the form of Cal Jones, a quiet guy who likes hiking. She isn’t sure that she can trust him, but she quickly finds out that the hiker may be living on his own and isolated for a reason. When she finds out why he’s on his own, will she be able to trust him or find out that she’s made a huge mistake?

Each of these characters has their own struggle with their terminal loneliness. Maggie and Cal both have something in common in that they are very isolated. When they come together, the surgeon is happier than she can recall being in years. With hope coming on to the near horizon, can Maggie find a reason to belong to someone for the first time in years?

On her own quest for healing, the neurosurgeon has to choose whether she will be open to love or continue in her old ways. What will happen? Read the gripping debut novel from Robyn Carr in this series to find out!

Any Day Now is the second novel in the Sullivan’s Crossing series. If you picked up the first novel from your local library or bookstore or even ordered it online, you might very well be interested in checking out the exciting sequel to that book for yourself! If not, check out the first book beforehand if you’re interested in checking out the series in chronological order.

The second book brings readers all the way back to that place set in the heart of Colorado country known as Sullivan’s Crossing. We first saw this magical place through the eyes of Maggie Sullivan. Her family has been in this area for a long time and she was taking some much-needed time off of her career in order to try and recharge.

She always intended to get back to her career, but there’s just something about this rustic place that calls to her. The campground there situated in the crossroads is open to everyone, whether you want to try and find a new lifestyle or just want to camp there for the weekend with your family.

This place is where people have been able to get through the issues of their past and fight their demons with a dignity and a restored sense of vigor and humor that allows them to channel their inner strength. Readers get to meet Sierra Jones, who is just looking for a quick place to rest before moving on.

She intended her stop here to be just a brief one. Sierra’s trying to get beyond her past, but can she prevail when the way forward is just too difficult to see? She’s happy to visit Cal and his wife Maggie and thinks her brother seems happy. Perhaps a new friendship with Maggie may help her figure out what she’s looking for.

Sierra is quickly finding that this place is actually pretty nice. She’s already bonding with people and making friends. Maggie and her brother have invited her into their lives. But she’s worried that her past will find her before long. Can she find the inner strength to face the world head on? Check out this book to find out for yourself!

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