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Chronological Order of Summer Books

C.J Duggan is an International Best-selling writer and Author best known for the Boys of Onslow series. She resides in New South Wales town, Australia with her husband. When she is not writing novels or books, she usually spends her free time renovating her styling Victorian homestead or infuriating her local travel agent while looking for a place to get away from the chaos.

The Boys of Summer

As the first book in this series, The Boys of summer is a young adult romance novel by C.J Duggan. It follows the life of a 17 year old lady, Tess who has reluctantly taken a summer job. When the schools are closed for the summer, she begins working at a local hotel, the Onslow hotel. According to Tess Summer is the time when everything happens; watching the fireworks, riding bikes towards the lake and finally water bomb fights at the local lake. How did her friends talk her into working? After nthe first shift disasters and a mocking ex-boyfriend and rude and wealthy tourists Tess becomes more convinced that nothing good is going to come out of summer. While working there she meets with the Onslow boys. The Onslow Boys are a group of young adults who are in their twenties and are regulars at the hotel. The Onslow boys are old enough to drink beers, drive cars and also not worry about curfews.

Her working experience expands her day to day world with a series of forbidden love, new friends and heart breaking chaos. Tess had always had a crush on Toby for so many years even before he had graduated from high school. Now that he is a regular at her workplace it is extremely hard for Tess not to fall for him. This is going to be a summer that Tess will not forget.

An Endless Sumer

Endless summer picks where the first book of the series left off. It is now four years later and everyone has moved forth to other things. Amy is now back from school. As a new character Amy is strong and super independent lady who knows how to get things done. Chris has moved in the city and Adam has now joined the army. Sean is now a successful tradesman. However, the Onslow hotel has now taken a worse turn. When Amy needed help, Sean comes forth and decides to help her. While assisting Amy, he eventually falls for her. But Amy is very stubborn and many at times she flies off the handle. Nonetheless this makes her a very interesting character to read. The chit chat between Sean and Amy is quite interesting and will have you the reader engaged.

Amy makes up her mind to take the Onslow hotel with the hope of making it what it once was. Sean decides to help her. Sean even goes an extra mile and tries to get the help of the Onslow boys. Adam decides to come back and repair his broken relationship with his former two best friends. While trying to mend the broken relationship, he begins to show signs for Ellie which are more than friendship for Ellie. Toby and Tess are deeply in love while Stan is sweet and pleasant. As Amy and Sean continue to spend time together, she begins to fall for Sean. At times she even gets jealous when she sees him with other women. As the hotel begins to recover, her dad develops a health complication. Once her parents see the hotel picking up, they decide to sell it.

That One Summer

That one summer is the third installment in the Boys of Summer book series by C.J Duggan. As the countdown begins, there is one thing that all the characters agree on in the book, none of them wants to be in Town for the New Year’s Eve. This in turn means that they should get ready for a road trip. At this point, Tammy is no longer the shy and little girl that she once was. She is now wild and is more than ready to make up for the summers that she had lost. A brand new year in turn means a new set of friends for her. Tammy likes all her new friends, but she surreptitiously feels out of place. After having a last minute change of heart, Tammy decides to head for the Onslow hotel to see whether she has missed her very last chance for a ride. The very last thing that she had expected to meet was an Onslow boy. At this time the countdown has already begun, Tammy is in the car with an infuriating Henderson. Tammy cannot help but notice that this is a disastrous start to a journey that would be adventurous. But it does not take long before Tammy discovers that the way she feels about Chris is going to be the greatest catastrophe of all.

The Summer Book series is so addictive. The characters are well developed and the summery feel of all the books in this series is amazing. Of all the characters in the book, Tammy is one character you can’t miss. Unlike any character, Tammy is exceedingly awkward and also is not very sociable. From the word go you might not like her but as time goes by, you will begin to understand why she is exceedingly different from all the other characters. Apart from being Awkward, Tammy is also very shy and many at times she is usually stressed out. At times she can be very endearing and caring. Her work friends tend to bring out her wild side. Whenever they bring out her wild side it is usually worth it. Chris is also another character who also stands out in the book. He is very responsible, which in turn means that there are no fun time.

Additionally Chris is usually very quiet. He is ever in a perpetual mood, though there were instances in the book where we saw his light side. All in all, the Summer Book series is an exceptional read that will unquestionably blow away your mind.

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