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Publication Order of The Summerhouse Books

The Summerhouse (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return to Summerhouse (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
As You Wish (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Summerhouse book series is a famous series of romance, time travel, contemporary, and science fiction stories. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2001 and 2018. This series is written by a NY Times bestselling and reputed American novelist, Jude Deveraux. All the books in this series feature the chief character in the role of a mysterious woman named Madame Zoya. Author Jude has done the setting of all the stories in Maine, New York, United States. The stories typically take place in a summerhouse in Maine, where Jude has shown that magic resides. Besides Madame Zoya, the other important characters mentioned by author Jude in this series include Primrose, Zoe Faith, Amy Baker, Kathy, Olivia, Elise, Leslie Hendrick, Madison Appleby, Ellie Abbott, and several others. This series became a huge hit among the fans of romance and time travel books. They liked the books very much and gave good reviews on various platforms. This series was able to become a grand success mainly because of the enchanting and exquisite writing style of author Jude. The adventurous settings and exciting set of characters that she has mentioned in her books of this series managed to get the attention of numerous readers from across the world. Overall, the series is quite exciting and enjoyable to read.

Jude Deveraux is known to be a very popular American novelist, who has many successful written works to her name. She has worked very hard over the years of her career and has found an enormous amount of success. Jude’s hard work and determination towards her work can be understood from the fact that she has made it to the top of the best selling list of the NY Times. She considers it as a great achievement and feels proud in knowing that she is now counted among the prominent authors of the romance genre. Jude Deveraux’s real name is Jude Gilliam and she had taken birth on 20th September, 1947. Her hometown is Fairdale, Kentucky, which Jude is very fond of and likes to visit every now and then. Author Jude has earned a graduate degree in the stream of Arts from the State University of Murray. Prior to her marriage in 1967, Jude had an extended family that comprised of 4 younger brothers and her parents. After marrying at a very young age, she took the last name of her husband, White. However, she got divorced after four years and took the name Jude Deveraux. For many years after her divorce, author Jude worked as a fifth grade teacher. The idea of trying her hand at writing romance stories struck Jude for the first time in 1976. Soon, she came up with her first story in the form of The Enchanted Land. This book is also the first one to feature the author’s name as Jude Deveraux. When Jude saw that she has the potential to make it big in the writing field, which was quite evident from the success of her first novel, she decided to quit teaching and began writing full time. To this day, Jude Deveraux has successfully penned 31 bestselling novels, which are sold and read in almost all parts of the world. It was with the release of the Velvet series that the readers began liking her as a writer. Jude’s earlier novels have the settings of England during the 16th century. Many of Jude’s impassioned and fierce protagonists are described amidst wars & blood feuds. Her heroines are mostly smart and beautiful. They have equally enriching characters as their male counterparts. Author Jude has tried writing different genres of stories. Through her various projects, Jude attempts to produce convincing & strong atmospheres that the readers can enjoy. After establishing a successful writing career, author Jude got married again. But, this marriage too ended soon.

The debut book of The Summerhouse series written by Jude Deveraux is given the title ‘The Summerhouse’. It was released by the Pockets Books publishers in the year 2002, after its first release in 2001. The main characters of this book include Ellie Abbott, Madame Zoya, Madison Appleby, and Leslie Hendrick. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Leslie, Ellie, and Madison are about to turn forty years old. As their birthdays fall on the same day, they decide to reunite and celebrate together. When the women were in DMV at 21 years of age. A gross man working there had kept them there and so they ended up becoming friends. And 19 years later, one of them is advised by her therapist to reach out to the other two. After the meeting, the women start inquiring about each other’s personal lives and see what they are up to nowadays. Leslie appears to have a pretty good life, however, she suspects her husbands has an affair, and is ill-treated by her kids. Ellie faced a tragic divorce in which she his made to look after her former husband and support him for as long as he lives. Madison Appley had an opportunity to become a model, but she gave it up in order to be with her boyfriend. But, he leaves her for someone else. Jude has described men as an important of this book’s story as they cause heartbreaks of women and ruin their lives. After their reunion at the mysterious summerhouse, the women come across Madame Zoya, who grants them a wish to travel back into their lives and relive any three weeks of their choice. They take up this opportunity with both hands and go on to examine what went wrong for them and which decisions of theirs deprived them of their happiness.

The second book of the series is called ‘Return to Summerhouse’. This book was published by the Thordike Press in 2008. The leading characters are described as Amy Baker, Madame Zoya, and Zoe Faith. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Madame continues to grant wishes to all the visitors coming to the magical summer house in Maine. Once again, 3 women visit the special place with each one having lived a painful life in the past and wanting to change it if they could. Amy suffers a heartbreak even though she seems to have a perfect marriage and a happy family. Faith is in her early thirties and a widow, who longs for a man from her past. And Zoe is a professional artist whose hometown has shunned her unknown reasons as she has lost her memory because of a small accident. Madame Zoya is joined by her sister named Primrose to help the women undergo time travel and change the course of their individual pasts. They come across many surprises during their travel to the past. This gives them a good chance to bring happy endings for themselves that they desperately seek.

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