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Summoner (Eric Vail) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Summoner Books

Summoner Series

Summoner is a fantasy series by Eric Vall. The series stars Gryff the summoner, a magician who manages to save his village with no other help. As an orphan who was grouped with the lowest in society, this accomplishment changes Gryff’s life overnight.

Within no time, he is enrolled in a magic academy where his powers will be refined. Gryff’s success also earns him loads of attention from the females, something he doesn’t mind at all. The Summoner series is characterized by magic, sex, and fighting. You will also get to see the characters grow and learn how to overcome the different challenges they encounter in their lives’ journeys.


Summoner comes first in the Summoner series. The book introduces Gryff, a summoner in a world where his kind has been looked down upon for ages. As a summoner, Gryff’s primary responsibility is using his magic powers to summon creatures to help with work. This means that in his community, Gryff and others like him are only viewed as laborers. Gryff didn’t know that he had special powers until a rogue monster attacked his village. Through his summoning powers, he managed to singlehandedly fight the monster and save his village. After he is done, the headmaster in a top magic academy invites him to join his school.

Gryff’s brave act earned him respect amongst his villagers and attention he never thought possible. Suddenly, girls are breaking down his dorm door, and the summers are getting the respect they deserve. Gryff knows that he can change the fortune of others like him, and the magic academy would be a great place to start. The only problem is that a powerful fire mage doesn’t want the status quo to change. The fire mage will do anything to stop Gryff, which can only mean that he will have to fight a powerful enemy to accomplish his goal. Can Gryff manage to change how the magic community views the summoners? How can he use his power to make life better for others like him?

This is an intriguing story that will take you deep into a world ruled by magic. The war between humanity and monsters has been going on since portals to another plane were opened. The good thing is that those with magic powers are finally winning. However, the war is far from over, and the magicians have to be ready for the next invasion. Gryff’s attitude at school is not as great initially, but this is understandable given how others have been treating the summoners for generations. However, it is admirable that in the end, he realized that thinking that he was better than the rest didn’t make him any better. He had to stop judging others if he expected them to respect him and the other summoners.

Summoner is a great start to an exciting series. Things are a bit slow in the beginning as the author introduces all the characters, but once the pace picks up, the tension doesn’t ease up to the end. Gryff gets into a few friends-with-benefits arrangements, but the main focus is on the other activities to go to his new school. So, will Gryff accomplish his goal in the university? What skills does he learn, and which of his magical powers will be put to the test? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

Summoner 2

Summoner 2 comes second in the Summoner series. Gryff is busy with his studies in the academy and his duties as part of the monster response team. Thanks to his abilities, he will find himself fighting thieves, bandits, and the local street gangs. These are all tasks Gryff is happy to accomplish, and Varle Academy seems to be treating his very well. After winning his last duel with Gawain, Gryff has now become one of the most popular magicians in school. No one talks down on him anymore, and Gryff is well respected among his peers. The fighting has also gone down, but there are a few enemies in his village now and then.
Aside from school and work, Gryff is also juggling three girlfriends. Well, life used to be easier since he is not committed to either of them, but things start getting thicker when a fourth girl is added to the mix. Given his growing talents, it is normal that women want to sleep with him. The cover may be misleading with all the girls surrounding Gryff. You may think that the guy is in different women’s beds every night, but this is not the case. Sure, he does have sex with several women, but there is a lot more going on in this story.

Gryff continues to grow as an individual, and it is admirable that he takes time to reflect on his behavior and attitude. He is still confident and may come off as arrogant, but his interactions with friends show that he also has a deep respect for others. His friends are an interesting bunch, and you will love reading about what is going on in their lives. All characters are well-fleshed out, and it is amazing getting to know them better and seeing how their relationships with Gryff change over time. There is also some fighting in the story, and while nothing monumental happens, a day in magic school is packed with many interesting occurrences.

Summoner 2 is a well-written young adult mystery story with a lovable character and a great storyline. This book is mostly about the relationships going on in the character’s lives, and these range from casual hook-ups to genuine friendships. Gryff now has friends he can depend on, and he is still quite popular among the ladies. The author also lets us into the characters’ unique problems, making it easy to understand their decisions. There is also the well-written fight scenes that add a lot to the story. If you are into polyamorous stories, there is no doubt that you are going to love this book.

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