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Publication Order of Summoner School Books

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Summoner School Series

Eric Vall is a popular author of HaremLit fantasy, a genre of fiction that combines elements of romantic fantasy, science fiction, and mythology. His works often feature strong characters and protagonists, and his stories are known for their engaging narratives. These elements combine to make Eric Vall’s books entertaining and compelling for readers.

Not only that, Eric Vall’s HaremLit fantasy books are known for their inspiring themes and positive messages. His stories encourage readers to think, while also providing them with an enjoyable escape. With each new book he releases, Eric Vall continues to captivate his readers and bring them back for more.

Eric Vall’s Summoner School series is a popular fantasy series that follows the character of Andrew as he attends a school for Summoners in a different dimension. As HaremLit, the series is intended for adults and features some intense scenes and highly charged passionate moments.

Andrew’s journey through the Summoner School is full of action, adventure, and suspense. From daring battles to powerful magic, the series is full of exciting moments that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Eric Vall also manages to mix in some lighthearted moments to keep the story entertaining.

Eric Vall’s Summoner School series is a perfect example of his ability to craft engaging stories with compelling characters and powerful narratives. His unique style has kept readers captivated, and it is clear why this series has run for five books and counting.

Summoner School

Eric Vall’s fantasy novel ‘Summoner School’ was released on May 13, 2022, through the Kindle platform. The novel is part of a series, introducing readers to a brand new fantasy world. Readers enjoyed an immersive experience as they joined the characters on their journey. This novel served as the perfect starting point for a thrilling adventure.

Andrew wasn’t born into power, money, or success with women, but he was determined to work hard and be successful. His grandmother, however, had other plans, giving him an ancient amulet that allowed him to be transported to another world. There, he was trained as a battle mage to summon monsters, eventually reaching the top of his class and achieving the success he dreamed of. Not only did he find success in this new world, but he also found it back on Earth.

Summoner School 2

On July 15, 2022, the Kindle platform released the second installment of the popular fantasy series, ‘Summoner School.’ This book, titled ‘Summoner School 2: A Reverse Portal Fantasy’ continued to explore the world and premise from the first novel, taking readers on a new adventure. Fans of the series were able to dive back into the fantasy world, once again joining their favorite characters on their next journey.

Andrew is a freshman at Magia Schola, a school of magic, and he’s quickly becoming one of the top students. But with a war looming between magical factions, he’s soon thrown into the front lines of battle. Andrew must prove himself as a summoner, relying on his skills to capture powerful creatures to fight for him. If he succeeds, he could reap the rewards of fame, fortune, and the admiration of beautiful women.

Summoner School 3

On October 21, 2022, the third installment of the popular fantasy series, Summoner School, was made available on the Kindle platform. Fans of the series were eager to read Summoner School 3: A Reverse Portal Fantasy, which had been anticipated with great excitement and expectation. The novel, set in the same world of magic and mystery from before, would delight readers once again with its unique blend of fantasy and adventure.

Andrew is a student at a magic academy and is living the best of both worlds – classes, house, car and girlfriends. But soon he and his friends are thrown into the middle of a battle between shadow magic and the nine realms. To make matters worse, the Technomages have their own agenda of eliminating both the shadow creatures and the arcane mages, leading Andrew to realise that something bigger is afoot. He and his friends must join forces to protect the realms and save their own lives.

Summoner School 4

On January 6, 2023, the fourth installment in the popular ‘Summoner School Series’ was released on the Kindle platform. ‘Summoner School 4: A Reverse Portal Fantasy’ was a much-anticipated book, with readers excited to experience more of the imaginative and immersive world-building from the previous three novels. Fans of the series were thrilled with the newest release and couldn’t wait to find out what happens next.

Andrew and his classmates at the Magia Schola found themselves embroiled in a three-sided conflict against the threat of Shadow Magic, the technomages who wielded mechanical mayhem, and the corrupted Arcane Council. Andrew and his companions, along with some unexpected allies, had to face the headmaster, the most powerful mage of the realm, in order to save the realms from destruction. Despite the immense power the headmaster had at his disposal, they had to take the risk and fight. If they didn’t do their utmost to win, the consequences may be too dire to contemplate.

Summoner School 5

On March 3, 2023, Kindle platform released the fifth installment of the popular Summoner School series, titled Summoner School 5: A Reverse Portal Fantasy. The series is best known for its unique world-building and imaginative premise, and this new volume promises to continue the tradition.

The magical realms were in disarray after the headmaster’s passing, and the arcane council was not acting quickly enough to confront the technomages and their mana-hungry shadow creatures, who threatened the human realm. Andrew and his cohorts were Earth’s only hope of survival. They had grown in magical aptitude and were determined to summon beasts of unparalleled power, a feat no summoner had ever attempted before, regardless of the risk it posed to their lives. Andrew and his allies were determined to save not only Earth, but all the realms in peril.

The Summoner School Series

The series is full of suspense, action, and adventure, and Eric Vall has managed to create a compelling and believable world that readers can’t help but get invested in. With the sixth book in the series on the way, readers can be sure that this series will continue to entertain and inspire for a long time to come.

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