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Summoner is a series of fantasy adventure novels written by Taran Matharu, a British author. The books follow the exploits of a young man who discovers that he has magical powers.

+The Story

The Summoner Series began publication in 2015 with ‘The Novice’. The first book in the series, ‘The Novice’ introduces readers to Fletcher, an orphan boy from a village called Pelt.

Fletcher has always been a bit of a mystery. He was discovered in the snow where he was abandoned as a baby. He grew up under the care of the village blacksmith. By the time the Summoner series kicks off, Fletcher is a fifteen-year-old boy with a curious mind and a nose for trouble.

The teen’s life changes on his sixteenth birthday when he encounters a soldier that leaves him with an ancient scroll. Fletcher gives into his curiosity, reads the scroll and inadvertently summons a demon.

The occurrence shocks Fletcher’s entire world, opening his eyes to a world he had heard of but never knew he could touch. The Hominum Empire is engaged in a great war against an orc menace and it has always been the responsibility of boys like Fletcher to use their gifts to keep the homeland safe.

So Fletcher wastes little time in running off to the Hominum Capital and enrolling at the adept military academy. It is there that he will be taught to master his powers alongside other gifted boys and girls.

The times are so dire that the Academy will accept anyone with the gift of summoning, whether they are noble born or commoner, human or magical creature. For all his excitement over his new abilities, it doesn’t take the young man long to realize just how dangerous the Adept Military Academy can be.

Just because Fletcher has powers doesn’t mean his fellow students at the academy will accept him. This is especially true for the noble-born summoners, spoiled, privileged boys and girls who look down on commoners like Fletcher.

Fletcher must maneuver carefully, proving himself with might where the need arises but also showing the mental acuity necessary to play the political games that are afoot.

The Summoner series is Fletcher’s story as he attempts to survive the madness of the Adept Military Academy, after which he has to find his place in the world as a battlemage.

The Summoner series has been described as a cross between Harry Potter and Pokemon, and that description is quite accurate. The series tells the story of a boy who, on his birthday, learns that he has magical powers.

He then abandons his troubled home, joins an academy for the magically gifted, makes friends and fights evil. The Pokemon aspect emanates from the fact that the characters of the Summoner series have the power to summon demons.

However, these creatures are not the malevolent entities typically portrayed in literature but, rather, tiny, adorable monsters that can be used to do battle. Demons in the Summoner series are an extension of the battle mage.

And they are essential for any individual looking to battle another summoner. The Summoner series is written with young readers in mind. The writing is pretty simple and straightforward. Though, some audiences have called the author’s dialog stilted and his teenage characters childish.

A lot of focus is placed on the friendships between the characters. The overall plot comes down to an epic battle between good and evil. Taran Matharu allows no room for morally grey considerations.

Everything is plainly black or white. The heroes and villains are stereotypically good and evil. And that contributes to a stereotypically linear storytelling structure that has been well-received by young and adult readers alike.

Whenever the series is heavily criticized, it is normally because it has been compared with other literary works, not only Harry Potter and Pokemon but also the Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings comparison emanates from the fact that Fletcher is a human with a dwarf and an elf for companions. The author has admitted to being influenced by a multitude of fantasy authors and it shows in some of the novels.

A critical aspect of the Summoner story is Fletcher’s true origin. Taran also emphasizes the growth and evolution of Ignatius, Fletcher’s demon, not to mention their relationship.

+The Author

Taran Matharu was born in London in 1990. His passion for reading and writing was ignited when he was a child. And even when he studied Business Administration in college, Taran never stopped thinking about his first book which he wrote when he was nine.

After an internship at Penguin Random House and a bit of traveling, Taran sat down to write the first book in the Summoner series. He wrote it on Wattpad and it generated so much interest that Taran was featured on the news, this setting him on the path to writing success.

+The Novice

Fletcher was just a blacksmith’s apprentice. Nothing special set him apart, except for the fact that he was an orphan discovered in the snow as a baby. It began to occur to Fletcher than there might be more to him than meets the eye when he turned sixteen, read a special scroll and summoned a demon.

Now Fletcher knows the truth. He is a summoner, a battlemage in the making. And if he wants to carve out a future for himself, he must go to the Hominum Capital and enroll at a special Academy.

It is there that he will be trained to hone his abilities alongside other children with special powers. Unfortunately for Fletcher, a lot of the noble-born kids are hell-bent on tripping him up.

+The Inquisition

Fletcher was a blacksmith apprentice. Then he accidentally summoned a demon, realized his potential and went to the Adept Military Academy to hone his abilities.

Now Fletcher is in prison alongside his demon Ignatius. His time in Pelt’s dungeons ends when he is called upon by the Inquisition to stand trial.

Fletcher knows that the institution is run by people who would like to see him fail. But he refuses to despair even in light of the ghosts that deliver a shocking revelation about his origins.

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