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Sunny Hostin
Sunny Hostin was born on October 20, 1968 in New York City to William Cummings, an African American dad, and a Puerto Rican mom, Rosa Beza.

She was raised in The Bronx, New York City, and attended the all-girls Dominican Academy, and she’s bilingual in Spanish and English. She got her Bachelor of Arts in English and Rhetoric from Binghamton University, and her Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School.

She started her career as a law clerk to retired Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals Robert M. Bell and later became a trial attorney in the US Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. She left the Antitrust Division in order to become a federal prosecutor, specializing in child sex crimes. She was awarded a Special Achievement Award for her successful prosecution of sex offenders.

She also was a Managing Director of Business Intelligence and Investigations at Kroll, the world’s leading risk-consulting company, where she led groups of investigators all around the world to investigate and uncover fraud.

She started her TV career as a commentator for CourtTV and was then offered a spot on the Fox News The O’Reilly Factor, appearing on the show’s “Is It Legal?” segments.

Sunny’s married to Emmanuel Hostin, an orthopedic surgeon, and they have two kids, Paloma and Gabriel.

“Summer on the Bluffs” is the first novel in the “Summer Beach” series and was released in the year 2021. A life changing summer along the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.

Oak Bluffs is the most exclusive Black beach community in the country. Known for its gingerbread Victorian style houses and modern architectural marvels. It is a picturesque town that hugs the sea and is a mecca for the crème de la crème of Black society. A place where Meghan Markle has shopped for a house for her mother and Barack and Michelle Obama vacation. Black people have been living in this pretty slip of the Vineyard since the 1600s and started buying up property during the 1800s, making this posh town the embodiment of “old money”.

Amelia Vaux Tanner and her husband built their house high up on the bluffs, and is a cottage they dubbed Chateau Laveau some thirty years ago now. For decades “Ama” has played host to Wall Street titans, American presidents, and all around cultural icons.

However her favorite guests have always been her three “goddaughters:” Olivia Jones, who is a gifted Wall Street analyst that has Ama’s brilliant and logical mind; Esperanza “Perry” Soto, a talented and beautiful Afro-Latina attorney with Ama’s strong but guarded personality; and Billie Hayden, who is a gifted marine biologist and a rule-breaker that has Ama’s brave free spirit.

While growing up, these three goddaughters all from different backgrounds came together every summer at Chateau Laveau. While adults, the cottage becomes a place that this trio of successful but very different women come to in order to escape, spend private time with Ama, slow down from rather hectic lives, and enjoy the gorgeous weather, cool waters, and stunning views that Oak Bluffs offers.

This summer, though, will be a different one on the Bluffs. There’s an era ending, as Ama, who is now close to seventy-one, is moving to the south of France to reunite with her college sweetheart. She’s invited Billie, Perry, and Olivia to spend a final golden summer together with her the way that they did while they were kids. And when the fall does come around, she is going to give the house to one of them.

They each want the house desperately, while they each grapple with a secret she fears is going to hurt both her and the chances she’s got. By the summer’s end, old ties are going to fray, new bonds are going to be created, and these three found sisters are going to learn that they are not the only ones that have something to hide. Ama has got a few secrets of her own. What she has to offer them is a lot more than just property. Between Labor Day and Memorial, she’ll tell these surrogate daughters she loves fiercely and protects everything that they never realized they needed to know.

“Summer on Sag Harbor” is the second novel in the “Summer Beach” series and was released in the year 2022. In this hidden enclave in the Sag Harbor that is affectionately known as SANS: Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest and Nineveh—there is this close-knit community made up of African American elites that escape from the city and just enjoy the warm weather and beaches at their vacation homes. Very few even know anything about this section of the Hamptons on Long Island, and all the residents prefer it that way.

Olivia Jones, against the odds, has blazed an enviable career for herself and built her own name in the finance world. However hidden behind the facade of her success, there’s a gaping hole. Mourning both the betrayal and loss of Oscar, a surrogate dad to her and her two godsisters, she is driven to figure out more about her biological dad, a cop that got killed when she was just a little girl, and to solve the mystery behind what happened to her mom.

Olivia, feeling untethered from her life in New York City, buys and redecorates a home in Sag Harbor and starts forging a whole new community in SAN. Friendships start to blossom with Whitney, the wife of an ex-basketball player and current president of the Sag Harbor Homeowners Association; Addy, who is a wealthy part time sommelier; and Kara, an ambitious art curator. She also takes to an older and kind gentleman called Mr. Whittingham, however soon learns that he too isn’t without troubles of his own.

While the summer continues to stretch on, each relationship teaches her even more about who she truly is. Even though not without cost, her search for her true identity in the secret history of her family of origin is going to lead her to redefine the meaning of friendship, joy, love, culture, family, and society—and then restore her faith in her relationships, her chosen path, herself, and her blackness.

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