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Publication Order of Sunrise Books

The Sunrise series is a popular series of Christian fiction and general fiction stories. It is written by a well-known American writer named Karen Kingsbury. Each book of this series is widely popular. Karen Kingsbury has described the way of living of the Christian community in this series. She has set all the stories in Bloomington, Indiana, United States. Some of the essential characters created by Karen Kingsbury for this series include Katy Hart, Cody Coleman, Dayne Matthews, Bailey Flannigan, Jim Flannigan, Elaine Denning, John Baxter, Kari Baxter, Ashley Baxter, Luke Baxter, Brooke Baxter, Jenny Flannigan, Bryan Smythe, Tanner Williams, Erin, Sam, Wilma Waters, Peter West, and several others. This is the third series written by Karen that features the members of the Baxter family. The success of each of the books and the series as a whole proved quite beneficial for the career of Karen Kingsbury. It increased her popularity and fame to a much greater extent. The success also motivated Karen Kingsbury to go on to write many more interesting novels and series in her career. Many critics and fellow writers have spoken highly about the novels of this series and give rave reviews on various literary platforms.

The debut novel of the Sunrise series written by author Karen Kingsbury is entitled ‘Sunrise’. It was released by the Tyndale House Publishers in 2007. The book opens by introducing Dayne Matthews as a Hollywood actor. He prepares for his long-awaited marriage with Katy Hart and is determined to keep it a less-crowded affair. Katy and Dayne are also determined to keep their secret wedding ceremony away from the paparazzi. As they spend time together and plan the things for the upcoming event, their relationship grows stronger and closer. Whey they realize that only the two of them won’t be enough to succeed in their plans, they decide to take the help of several Christian Kids Theater program’s kids and the Baxter family. The involvement of these people will give Katy Hart and Dayne Matthews a better chance at keeping the ceremony a private affair.

On the other hand, John Baxter is happy to know that his eldest son is going to settle down just a few miles away from him. However, he is not sure how his kids are going to handle the situation when they will come to know about his growing closeness with Elaine. He is also not sure if his children will accept Elaine as their mother when he decides to marry her. The Flannigan family members are struggling with problems of their own and don’t how to control their young son Cody Coleman. He consumes too much alcohol and finds his life hanging on the deathbed. The Flannigans pray to God to save their child and bring him back into their lives spiritually and physically.

The second volume of this series is known as ‘Summer’. It was also published by Tyndale House publication in 2007. Initially, it is mentioned that Dayne and Katy are married and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives in Bloomington, Indiana. Being an actor, Dayne is used to indulging in love scenes with different actresses for the camera, which bothers Katy a lot. So, Dayne comes up with a solution to this problem by asking Katy to act in his next movie. After several rounds of trials, Katy succeeds in winning the role of the female lead and is paired with her superstar husband. When the press comes to know about this, they couldn’t resist covering the story of the dream of a girl from a small town coming true. So, to appease them, Katy & Dayne agree for a twelve-episode show. This decision appears to be a perfect compromise, but with the shooting of the film coming to an end, the couple feels cracks erupting in their marriage. They begin to worry about the uncertainty of their future and the possible end all the things that matter to them the most.

The Baxters become very much happy after learning about the pregnancy of their girls, Kari and Ashley. But, their happiness comes to a halt when the ultrasound reveals a medical shortcoming in one of the babies. With the progress of the summer, the sisters pray that a miracle takes place and both the babies turn out to be healthy. Also, they try to make themselves strong enough to face whatever comes their way. In the end, the ladies learn the most important lesson that God is always in control and He will look after them in all situations.

The Flanigans try to guide their only daughter, Bailey, on the right path, but she tends to get distracted and struggles with her adolescence. In the past, Bailey has taken good decisions in life, but recently she has started to lose track of herself in the wake of exploring life. Her friendship with Cody Coleman blossoms during the summer as he stays with her family after graduation. When Cody reveals that he has decided to get enlisted in the army, Bailey doesn’t know how to react. Cody wonders how he will part ways with the family and the girl he has started to love.

Karen Kingsbury is a bestselling American novelist hailing from Fairfax, Virginia and a popular inspirational storyteller. Over 25 million copies of her books have been sold out and a number of them have won prestigious awards. Karen’s books have topped bestseller lists all over the world and several of them are in talks to be made into movies. The Baxter family novels have been optioned for a TV series adaptation by Roma Downey and Lightworkers Media. Karen Kingsbury is the eldest among five siblings. She completed her graduation from California State University, Northridge in journalism in 1986. Following her graduation, Karen worked as a sportswriter for the LA Times for some time. Karen got married to Don Russell in 1989 and gave birth to three children. In addition to writing novels, Karen also takes up public speaking and gives motivational lectures. Her national events reach out to over 100,000 people every year. Karen is also employed at Liberty University as an adjunct writing professor. In 2001, she added 3 adopted boys to her family after already having 3 kids from her marriage. As of today, Karen resides in Tennessee along with her husband at a distance of a few miles from her adult children.

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