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Publication Order of System Universe Books

SunriseCV, or Dakota, writes GameLit/RPG novels. Dakota’s always been intrigued with writing. During college, Dakota attempted to take just as many elective writing courses as was possible. It was around that time that the ‘disease that shall not be named’ hit, and decided to actually give it a shot. It was then that Dakota started writing webnovels.

“System Change” is the first novel in the “System Universe” series and was released in 2022. Survive, fight, and adapt. Only rely on yourselves. This is Derek’s credo, and it is what has gotten him through the System Integration on Earth. It all changed when the System showed up. Beautiful butterflies and cute bunnies became these brutal savage killing machines. It was then that the invaders showed up with just one goal: to gain ownership of this newly habitable planet. War has raged on ever since then.

None of this mattered too much to Derek, aside from it making his life just a little more perilous. He mainly kept to himself anyway. He was just the weird guy that owned a cabin and would come into town for a drink and some light conversation on occasion. Post System Integration, that did not change all that much, he just got stronger.

After years of battling Invaders and monsters all alone, he has become quite adept at surviving. Who needs anyone else to worry about or get in the way? That ends when Derek goes against his better judgment. Derek decides to lend a bit of help on this mission that didn’t seem all that hard. He should have just stuck to being alone.

Do not miss the beginning of this new LitRPG series that begins on Earth just a few years after System Integration. However the adventure does not stop there. This overpowered protagonist is soon going to find himself on a brand new world, with a new System, which provides a unique combo of the Isekai, LitRPG Apocalypse, and Slice of Life genres. It’s possible that he will make just a few friends along the way.

The book goes in a unique direction after starting off a bit generic, for this genre. Readers found this novel to be an interesting twist on the LitRPG/isekai genres. This is a fast paced read with just a little bit of everything. There’s a cool training montage, an interesting secondary cast of characters, an OP lead character that demolishes everything in his path, some badass fights, legendary classes and skills, a ton of monster hunting, and a cool training montage. Dakota’s writing and the pacing holds your interest from the start until the very end.

Derek grows on you over the course of the novel, after starting out being a bit of a jerk in the beginning, as he truly comes to care about the people that are following him, which is pretty endearing. Readers cannot wait to see what adventures and shenanigans Derek gets up to in any sequels that follow this one.

“Torith” is the second novel in the “System Universe” series and was released in 2023. Companions? Check. New System? Check. One accidental soulbound murder bunny with aspirations of becoming a chef? Check.

It is not easy being a System Traveler. Well the traveling part is hard, at least. However once Derek got his feet planted under him, he hit the ground running, saved a whole region from this massive dungeon overflow in the process. He even found a few companions to help him ease that huge hole inside of him that formed from the decades he spent all alone in the void.

Now it is high time he moved on to another adventure, from small villages and on to a city. His one and only experience with a noble left a horrible taste in his mouth, and cities are chock full of them. Hopefully, this experience was just an outlier and an anomaly. Surely his view of nobles is only swayed by tropes that have been beaten to death in popular fiction, right?

Well, that is what he is soon going to find out while he takes a step into his very first city in Cydaria, Torith.

Do not miss the continuation of Derek’s adventure with a new System, that is complete with this unique combo of Isekai, LitRPG, and Slice of Life genres. Exactly what can an overpowered protagonist do with a foreign System in this foreign land? Anything that he wants to.

Fans of the novel found themselves laughing out loud numerous times while reading this one. There’s still a ton of action in this one, while Derek keeps track of the people that he feels close to as he also learns new ways of doing things, learns new skills, and eats at some fancy new restaurants.

Some found that the heavy investment in character interactions and relationships to be the most enjoyable part about this book. You get to see Derek interact with some of the heavy hitters of the new world and he comes on the radar of even more. This story delves into social networking, rather than wander off its story path and dive into a training grind or crafting experimentation.

Derek calms down some of his raging jerkishness found in the first book, and begins to realize that Thomas should really behave like a normal teenage boy rather the insane expectations that Derek had been holding for him.

Readers enjoyed this one right to the last page. There is still a lot going on, with a healthy dose of fuck around and find out scenes that are always a good time, plenty of action sequences, and some training scenes. The editing is quite good, and the stat sheets are there for those that want to follow along.

“Savannah” is the third novel in the “System Universe” series and was released in 2023. Do not miss Derek’s third adventure with a new System, complete with the unique combo of Slice of Life, LitRPG, and Isekai. Exactly what is an overpowered protagonist to do with a foreign system in some foreign land? As it turns out, whatever he feels like.

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