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Publication Order of Sunset Cove Books

The Inn at Ocean's Edge (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mermaid Moon (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colleen Coble is a published author of fiction and a pen name used by Colleen Rhoads. She also happens to be the best seller and at this point has over two million of her novels in print and counting.

She was born in 1952 and first became a published author when contributing to an anthology. Her first full length book came out in 2001 and is titled Without a Trace. It is the first book in the Rock Harbor series of fiction. She is the author of several series that include the Lonestar and Hope Beach series among many others. She resides in Indiana in the United States along with Dave, her husband.

Colleen Coble is the creator as well as the author of the Sunset Cove series of novels. This series kicked off for the first time in 2015 with the release of the first novel in print. The sequel would come out the next year and is titled Mermaid Moon. The third book came out in 2016 to make the series a trilogy.

The Inn At Sunset’s Edge is t e first book in the Sunset Cove series. In this initial story of the series, readers are introduced to Claire Dellamare.

Claire has gone to Maine to stay in a luxury hotel. It was supposed to be a visit that would be relaxing, but instead the stay proves to be anything but. Being in that hotel wakes up memories that had been repressed, and their new emergence may threaten everything that Claire values in her life.

The year was 1989, and that was when a four year old went missing from their birthday party in Maine. The birthday party was for Claire, and it was held in Folly Shoals at Hotel Tourmaline. The island was supposed to be the setting for a celebration, but the birthday girl ended up going missing at her own party.

No one knew what happened and Claire was gone for a year. When she shows up at the very hotel that she disappeared from one year later at five years old, it’s a relief. There is no explanation for what happened to her and Claire has a note on her dress that has been pinned there that does not go into detail about where she has been.

Nobody has any idea where the little girl was for the duration of the year. While they were glad to have her back, Claire never had any idea that she had gone missing. That is, until her Maine hotel stay starts bringing back memories that she never even knew existed.

Claire originally had no idea that going to a hotel would bring up this kind of turmoil. She originally went to the hotel to attend a business meeting, set up by her father. She’s doing it as a favor to him, but the CEO visit changes the second that the memories start popping up.

With flashbacks coming back from the past, memories are coming back really quickly. Her parents have made a good effort to keep the truth about what happened away from her, but it appears that their work may have been in vain.

When Claire went missing, it was around the same time that another individual lost someone as well. Luke Rocco’s mother disappeared under circumstances that were shrouded in mystery. Luke has no idea that Claire went through this until a random encounter between the two of them shows them the link that they have in common.

The two start to put the pieces together and wonder if the events that they experienced could be connected after all. Luke goes out with Claire and the pair set out to discover just what did happen that year. They’re on a search for the truth, but what they don’t know is that sometimes you should be careful what you ask for– you just might get it.

Claire is constantly getting memories and bits of the past coming back to her. The flashbacks are happening more often and they’re just brewing in the undercurrent of her mind. Now there might just be a killer out there to deal with on top of it.

Claire has never been more certain that she is going to need to take on the past in order to preserve her future. She’s less safe than ever in her adult life, and sorting through her memories and finding out what really happened is going to be key to surviving.

Her family isn’t helping out much, but she’s determined to get some answers. She knows someone is hiding the truth from her. Now she just has to figure out who’s with her and who’s against her finding out anything about the past. Claire is about to find out the truth, but will the cost be too great a price to pay for her? Read this first book in the series to find out!

Mermaid Moon is the second novel in the Sunset Cove series. Meet Mallory. She’s a young woman whose mother passed away over a decade ago. Even though her mother is dead, the last words that her father ever said to her were over the phone and about her mother. He wanted Mallory to find her. How can you find someone who is supposed to be dead?

Mallory has been away from home for fifteen years, due to confusion and shame. When her father passes away while tending to his mail route, she finally has a reason to return to her home town. Mallory comes back to Mermaid Point on a mission.

She doesn’t think that her father’s death was natural. Could it be that he was killed? Mallory talks to Kevin O’Connor, an old friend. He’s a game warden now in Maine and he agrees with her theory. Even though he’d like to help her, he also is cautious. He still remembers how his heart was broken when she left.

Kevin gets involved when Mallory and her daughter start getting threatened. Can they find out who killed Mallory’s father and catch a murderer before it’s too late? Can Kevin and Mallory find love once more? Read this book to find out!

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