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Sunset Warrior Cycle Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sunset Warrior Cycle Books

The Sunset Warrior (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shallows of Night (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dai-San (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath an Opal Moon (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragons on the Sea of Night (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in 1946 Eric Van Lustbader is a famous writer who has written a number of fantasy and thriller novels. All his books have been published in the pen name Eric Lustbader, Eric V. Lustbader and Eric Van Lustbader. He did is graduation from the New York’s Stuyvesant High School and he also studies in Columbia College. He has obtained a degree in sociology and additionally he also practices Reiki and has a second level degree in it. His wife is Victoria Lustbader who also is writer in her own right. He was raised in a small village by the name Grenwich and he developed an interest and fascination for writing and arts when he was a child. He has written a number of famous books and the Pearl Saga consisting of five books are quite famous. Additionally he also has written two books under The China Maroc Series apart from penning eight books under The Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle. His Alli Carson Series consisting of five books including the famous Last Snow is also worth mention. It also would be pertinent to mention here that after taking permission from Robert Ludlum’s estate, he continued to write a number of Jason Bourne novels. Ludlum had left off with The Bourne Ultimatum and Lustbader has penned another 10 book under the Bourne series.

However, it would be pertinent to mention that The Sunset Warrior Cycle (Series by Eric Van Lustbader) is the one which propelled him to fame and made him a big fan amongst thousands of his fans. There are five books under this series and they were written during the period 1977 to 1997. Each one of the five books is unique and different in their own ways and they have certainly set him apart from other writers. It would be interesting to have a look at a few of the books written under The Sunset Warrior Cycle. All the five books center around the main character Ronin who is a famous warrior fighting to establish truthfulness and fair play in a world where deceit, dishonesty and stabbing behind the back is common. Ronin is a character based on a Japanese person and his tryst with destiny. We will look at two books closely The Sunset Warrior -1977 and Beneath an Opal Moon – 1980.

The Sunset Warrior

Ronin is often referred to as the no man master. There is hardly any doubt that he was arguably the finest swordsman of the Freehold. His intelligence, wit and his ability to see through the good and the bad were as superb as the blade or sword which he wielded. He saw the city crumbling in front of him and it was slowly but steadily being taken over by underground world at various levels. There were many hundreds who literally surrendered their ego and self-esteemed to the Saardin but Ronin was perhaps made of different stuff. He refused vehemently to toe the line set by these underground warlords. However, things were not going to be easy in the least for Ronin.

There was dark magic let loose all over the place. Almost true to the doomsday soothsayers, Ronin along with his lover and sexy and sensual K’reen found themselves in all sorts of problems. They were well and truly caught in a whirlpool of violence, treachery and sudden death. They are all but fighting a losing battle. Their only hope lies in some ancient scrolls. Ronin has no other option but to find out desperately what the scrolls are mentioning. As he moves to find out what is mentioned in the scrolls he certainly has to travel quite a distance and come across quite a few things. It takes him to the extremely bowels of the earth and to the place where perhaps the endless ice began. It is well and truly makes extremely enjoyable reading and is well and truly exciting and gripping almost throughout the entire book.

Shallows Of Night

Ronin was one of those who never ever believed that there could be life on the surface of the earth. Being a top class Bladesman of the Freehold, he perhaps had that sixth sense which others perhaps might have lacked. For those who may not be aware Freehold is a subterranean city which was built quite a few centuries ago. The main objective of building this city was to protect the civilization of the world from various types of ecological and other dangers and catastrophes. These happenings have coated the world with a thick sheet of ice, threatening its very existence and the millions of forms of life that is dependent on it. The rulers of the Freehold are up in arms against Ronin and he has to find a way out and escape from certain death. What does he do? He has to move up the frozen surface though he believes that there is no life on the surface of the earth.

He is accompanied by Borros, who is called as the Magic Man. Ronin in his bid to save himself from the rulers takes shelter beside the frozen sea. As they move along they come across is the amazing and beautiful port city of Sha’angh’sei. Here he meets Kiri and it well and truly is a fascinating experience for him. He has everything which he has aspired for. He is perhaps in a world of paradise. He is in a dream world actually? It may not be so because even this port city is not free from various types of problems and dangers. Makkon which are dangerous and mythical creatures are out there to wreak havoc and destruction all around. Kiri and Ronin have their task cut out as they try whatever is in their arsenal to not only save themselves but also fight to finish the new found adversary.


The above are just two examples of the fantasy stories penned by Eric Van Lustbader. His fantasies have a distinct style and take the readers to a strange yet interesting world where everything but status quo can be expected. It also would be pertinent to mention here that none of his books so far have made it to TV shows or have been made into movies.

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