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Supper Club Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Supper Club Mystery Books

Carbs & Cadavers (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fit to Die (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chili Con Corpses (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stiffs and Swine (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Battered Body (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Beans and Vice (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pasta Mortem (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

James Henry is the exciting character that makes up many of the Supper Club Mysteries. You will want to read all the stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Learn more about James Henry, his lady fairs, and the mysteries that they solve. James Henry stories takes place in Quincy Gap, Virginia amongst the rolling hills and beautiful valleys but sparing no mystery in the acts that are designed to keep you entertained.

Fit to Die Supper Club Mystery #2

James Henry a mild manner librarian delighted when his best friend Lucy would appear. You have to venture back to Quincy Gap, Virginia to get deeply involved with the low-carb diet club. This group of diet hogs once again plan on visiting the new ice cream shop that dare come to town to upset their Fitness weight loss center. “Fit to Die”, A Supper Club Mystery presents this mystery starring James Henry one of the main characters. James Henry knows that Veronica has the attitude of “take no prisoners” approach so he is destined to lose weight. The plate being full between diet and a cranky dad in the second book of the series leads to some awesome events like fire and murder. Read more about James Henry in this second of the series in the Supper Club Mysteries.

Chili Con Corpses Supper Club Mystery #3

We find James Henry mast in a closet full of new clothes with a much trimmer waistline ready to attack any mystery that might be abound in his beautiful city of Quincy Gap. He is ready for action from head to toe but now Lucy has started to lose interest in him. That won’t do for his love for her is a flame. What must he do to get her attention once again and stir up her feelings. James Henry knows that once the flame burns out it will be too late. A mystery is what he needs to stir up her emotions. There is no mystery yet but his dear friend Lindy a school teacher suggests that they join a Mexican cooking class. This is an exciting idea and will surely turn into some sort of mystery James Henry thought. This new adventure will begin over credenzas and black bean dip. Excitement is in the making when people turn up dead and Lindy is in the center of it all. James Henry is getting hotter than Jalapeno Peppers to solve this mystery. Spice up the story add a couple of twin sisters with supermodel bodies join the group.

Stiffs and Swine Supper Club Mystery #4

We find James Henry with a very strained relationship with his sweetheart Lucy and he deeply wants to get things back too normal. He is not sure what to do but when the barbecue festival is about to begin things will change. Lucy is finger-licking good and so is the barbecue. Just as James thinks he has an in with Lucy one of their friends ends up in jail making life even more miserable. Now the relationship becomes even more strained. Family recipes will be given out that lead to clues about this murder mystery. More is revealed about our sleuth. A little bit of fun along with the usual gore to make a savory mystery. James Henry has become a stable when it comes to the cast of characters used by the Supper Club.

The Battered Body Supper Club Mystery #5

Let’s get James Henry back into the dough of things with the arrival of the “Diva of Dough” in Quincy Gap. One of the most famous chef on television has agreed to make the wedding cake for Mila and Jacksons Christmas Eve wedding. This little gal makes friends quicker than she can make dough. James Henry not sure how to handle this mess wanting the wedding and all to go off without a hitch. Perhaps he might be able to get a bit of romance going with his sweet little Lucy. A thought anyway coming from his mind but not to happen. It seems that the Diva body found covered in cake batter changes the whole realm of life in their cozy little town. James Henry warms up to the idea that just about anyone in town could be a suspect. Foodies will love James in this novel with delicious recipes adding to the savory mystery.

Black Beans and Vice Supper Club Mystery #6

James Henry really out does his self with this mystery. He come up with an idea on how to lay off of donuts. Now he has an adorable son Eliot whom he loves very much and plans on rekindling the romance between himself and his ex-wife. Star struck readers need to read this one to find out about his ex-wife and past life. The team once again must join forces to solve a murder mystery when an animal rights group shows up in Quincy Gap and two dead bodies leads to them as suspects. This is a real food filled mystery that will delight the pallet and the mind. The sixth story about James Henry and his Supper Club friends is filled with recipes for the vegetarian. Who is Jane? Need to read to learn more about the characters in the story and of course James Henry.

James Henry

The main character in the Supper Club Mysteries is James Henry who takes on mysteries as he takes on his quest to lose weight. A problem that most super sleuths usually do not have to bare. Through the telling of his stories the readers get delicious recipes and magnificent mysteries. James starts out as a bit chubby but by dieting and exercise he is able to lose weight and solve murder mysteries. Remember that he is a librarian and they do tend to muddle on about things exaggerating at times. James Henry the character is he living real life or pretend adventures. You will enjoy reading about him no matter what you believe about his life stories.

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